Stress – Motivator Or Destroyer


Change, my uncomfortable friend


I want to tell you, that change is easy. Change is good, change is amazing, bliss fuelled, comfortable, supportive, invigorating, but my dear, change, is the unseen rollercoaster, that is felt, deep within, when the mat of you’re daydream is pulled from your feet, and you are either left, standing, or flat on your ass. 

I returned from Cape Town, determined to move and shift, to Fish Hoek.

The wind blows through the House, where furniture, once stood, emptiness. Each day, we have given away, Art, our wooden stove that warmed us, the noisy generator that kept us entertained with Movies, when we were, living, in a cabin. It seems that every year, In August, we are moved, to shift, to pack up and leave, with a focused purpose.

Moving, Shifting, Packing up, our lives comes with sadness. We came to the Midlands in 2010, with a dream, to build a house, we journeyed, with many, but realized, that this dream, was filled with Ownership, possession intentions, and that it did not serve, our Highest good.

So, our shift to Cape Town, is uncomfortable, as we are leaving behind, our naiive selves.

We left Cape town, 11 years ago, stressed, overweight, our of sync with ourselves, now we return, as whole beings, to a city that had pushed us, to our limits, but we are stronger, now. We have both grown, into ourselves and believe this will serve our Highest good and growth.

As I say, my goodbyes, to my clients, who I have grown to love and care for, I assure everyone, I am just a whats app away, I am there. Technology, enables us to connect, to talk, to share, to live beyond time and space. I am available for Distance healings, I am not gone, just relocating.

Embarking on a new journey, to live Lightly, to have less, to live from the heart more. To go deeper within, to breathe in the ocean air, the feel the South easter on my face, to feel the mountains, and to know, this is where I belong. Home.

Home, a space of belonging, knowing, breathing, being.


The path, of the road less travelled

I walk the path, of the road, less travelled. My path, has been filled with Goals, Achieving, Doing, Moving, Accomplishment of having an established healing practise and path. I was set on visiting Che/ Anna and all the amazing people, in the UK, whom I have met on this journey, however, Spirit / Ancestors has a different path for me.

I felt this path, become fulfilled, when I spent time in Cape Town, when I inhaled the ocean, when I felt the sunrise, the wind on my face, I felt a deeper sense of belonging, my hands were on Fire, my Grandfather Ancestors, wants me to return, so we have started packing and giving away belongings. We have set a course into the Unknown.

As you know, by now, I trust the Universe, I trust the flow, even though, I am scared, or fearful, of risking it all, and this is exactly, what Willem and I, are doing as a couple. We are stepping into the Unknown, we are putting things into place to purchase a House, Trusting, that it, will have, all that we need.

This is big for us, as a couple, as individuals, as a partnership. Adulting and Signing on that dotted line, is a huge responsibility, which we embark upon.

I checked in with my Ancestors, and my Grandfather, assured me, we will pay it off, in no time, all I need to do is Keep Focus, on my Life purpose.

Help those that want to Heal. Simple. Not complicated, at all, as this is what I love, doing. 

My partner, Willem has had his own shift, into his Male energy space, he is a shaman, he quit eating red meat and has walking meditations, for 2 hours a day. What you didn’t know, is that he is my support system, and he has supported me for 20 years, being the hard working man, behind pushing me, he has been my voice of reason, my counsellor and my therapist.  I am now, ready, to share his magic, with you.

Willem is a Reiki Master, trained by me, I call his skills, mad skills, because, it is a combination of Reiki, Intuition and amplifying, what one needs to see. He is a skilful Reiki master, and if you feel, your partner, as a male, would like to work with him, as a Counsellor, do whats app him  +27849078744.

I have shifted more into my Sacred Feminine side, I want to empower, teach, train, women, with Reiki, too love and embrace their Empathic abilities, using it to help other woman, do the same. We are in a age, where, women, need to stand up, and take back our Power, and begin to be leaders and not followers. If you would love to journey with me, whats app +27846030604.

When we change, ourselves, we change the world.

When we heal within, our view changes.

When we learn to love and understand, we grow deeper, towards our humanity.

When we include ourselves, we begin to include others and see, that no one is against us.

We have the whole universe rooting for us, just open you’re eyes.


Dead Tree by Claire R


Ten years ago, as newly-weds my husband and I moved into a little outbuilding on a strip of farmland in far-flung rural Kwazulu-Natal. Our new home was a little rectangle of bag-washed blocks and a tin roof. We had electricity but no kitchen, bathroom, or water. The farm manager and his wife and two kids lived nearby. Civilization, in the form of cellphone reception and shops, were an hour’s drive away. A river encircled us, and a mountain stood at our backs, so in summer’s flood, we were often corralled onto our bit of land for days at a time. We were blissfully happy. Through our little aluminum windows, we looked on a village of mud huts on the other side of the river, thorn trees scattered across the horizon. Framing this bucolic view were the boughs of a scraggly bark-bare orange tree, just outside our little home.
We knew it was an orange tree because the farm manager had told us so. The few leaves it had were identifiably citrus, but its naked and gnarled state made it look more like a grumpy pensioner than a bearer of bounty.

‘It’s dead,’ said the farm manager’s wife. ‘It’s diseased, see? It’ll never put out any fruit.’

Across the river lived a man who had known the tree for far longer than she had. ‘Water it,’ he told us. ‘Give it a little something to eat. Why would it make any fruit while it stands there dry and unloved? Give it a chance.’

My husband found a discarded sink in the weeds behind our building. He knocked up a stand for it out of old fence posts, and set it up outside our front door. We dragged over a hose from the main house and stuck a bucket underneath to catch the water. After washing our dishes, we began emptying the collected water on the orange tree. We visited the village, and gathered up cow pats from the scrawny cattle that meandered between the houses. We broke it up with our fingers and sprinkled it on the invisible roots of our single-tree orchard. The months unwound. We built a garden and painted our house. We watched kids play in the river and women bring down their zinc tubs of laundry. We slowly used up the savings from our expat teaching days, and carefully mounded fresh soil over the tender roots of our marriage and young adulthood. The land turned from green to brown to green again. As the flush of life crept across our view, that frame of dead branches put out pale green buds. The tree was alive.

A decade later, that tree is still with me. I remember how patiently it waited until its cup was full before revealing its true nature. I remember the intoxicating fragrance of its blossoms as it drifted in my open window. Its beauty, and later its fruit, wasn’t given to me because I was deserving. It infused my world with scent and color and taste and fullness because it was in its nature to do so. Once it had received due care, once the conditions were right, it flourished. The oranges that it gave freely to passersby renewed its life force. To give was not a cost or a diminishment, but an enactment of its nature. Which was oranges. No matter how we cared for the soil, no matter how much water we poured onto its roots, the tree would never, in anyone’s lifetime, put out apples, or bananas. There were no mangoes, or grapes, or granadillas to be had from this tree. But there was life.

That tree sits in my heart now. I have always believed I had to earn my place in this world. Now, I am realizing that I am meant only to live out my true nature, and that my only purpose is to be deeply, wholly myself. It is not a small task. It is one that requires amenable conditions, and consistent care. I spent my twenties enamored with what my twenties were, an extended gap between childhood and adulthood, carefree and untethered. Then the turn of my third decade threw me off-balance. It was time to ‘give back,’ or so I thought. Then, I danced beneath a shadowed blood moon, and watched my years clock into a magical thirty-three. Suddenly, I find myself stronger, softer, more beautiful, more here than I have ever been. These traits well up like a faith deep inside. Strength, softness, beauty, and presence are not what I thought them to be. I am learning more and more of them as I learn of my self.

This befriending of self has been like watching the slow unfolding of a flower. As the moments blossom, I learn more about what the right conditions are for my own growth. Last night my baby boy was sniffly and teething. He woke every half hour, writhing in discomfort. I brought him downstairs, trying not to wake my husband and daughter. We walked around the room; I held him as we huddled beneath a sleeping bag on the couch. I told myself I was grateful to be there to comfort him. It was a kind of Jedi mind trick I had learnt from experience, more a recitation than a feeling. But once stated, even only in my mind, a sense of gratitude started to grow. I noticed the curl of his tiny hand, like the whorl of a seashell. I felt the thickness of the cover on my skin, and thought how warm our house was as I listened to the wind. Really, I was grateful, and very very lucky. As my baby cried, I held him against my soft body, in my strong arms, and was glad to be there, in that moment, with him. Overjoyed in fact. And as the tension released from my muscles, he slowly stilled, and his breath evened out. I stretched my legs out over the armrest, and closed my eyes in bliss. This way of thinking, this way of viewing my own life and the world, is a way of caring for myself. It magicks up the right conditions. The love I gave the small human wrapped around my heart was an enactment of my true nature. I was made to care for him. I was made to live and love, to know joy and pain. I was made for this world.

This post was written in exchange for a full-body massage and energy treatment from Colleen of the Midlands House of Healing. She creates conditions for healing. Without the intention to change, without a prior commitment to stepping towards joy, and light, all her care would be for nought. But if you look at the dry branches of your soul, and see not an end, but a shifting of seasons, you might find she is just the gardener for you.

Contact Colleen on 084 603 0604.

Shift, Change, Embrace . . . . my path….continues


After the sweat lodge on the 13 July, I took a time out from the 25th July to 1st August, to revisit my home town, in Cape Town. My intention for the sweat lodge, was to embrace the New softer me, the ME, to honour my feelings, and my needs as a human being, as a female, as a Whole person.

I enjoyed my adventure in Cape Town, I visited family, I ate well, I walked, I visited the ocean in Fish Hoek, I loved it all, embracing the experience. I returned yesterday, with a sad heart, saying goodbye, to the family that I treasure, feeling like my heart had fallen apart, swallowing the tears, as I left Table mountain behind me. Leaving, again, the place that calls to me, so often, that morning, I spent some time with my Ancestors, and they definitely want me to MOVE. I arrived home, happy to be in the SHIRE, but knowing, it was TIME to shift, time to Change, Time to Embrace a move to FISH HOEK, in Cape town.

I spoke to Sandy, the landlady and she agreed to give us, a month to month lease, so we can pursue our dream of buying a home in Fish hoek. We set a combined intention for a HOUSE in Fish Hoek, and are Trusting the Universe, to provide, exactly, what we need in the TIME frame, that we need it.

I have missed Cape Town a lot, I have missed the energy, the Gardens, the feel of the place, and if someone told me, I would return, I would say, no way, but the heart and spirit, needs the Ocean, the feel, the smell, the energy, that holds, such a connection, that is where I need to be.

I will be opening my healing rooms, as soon as I can in Fish Hoek, to assist those that want to heal.
I will be available, for my clients and students, the relationships that we built over the last 8 years, I am just a whats app away.

For my Reiki distance healing clients, I am here, lets begin that healing journey together.

Thank you to the amazing people, I meet and keep journeying with, to healing, to wholeness, in gratitude,

I love you. Thank you!

Embracing the sacredness of Spirit : Men and Women


Prayer, Intention, Visualising, Meditation, Writing, Playing, Journeying, Focus.

My journey within, started long ago, I have ventured down the path of Religions, first, being Catholic and going to church, everyday,  as I went to a catholic school, in my 20’s journeying through, being a Born again- Christian, “saving” and baptising everyone, I knew. In my late 20’s becoming Jewish, studying with a American Rabbi Hoffman, who has now since, passed on. Journeying, to India, exploring Temples, prayer, The Mother of Auroville, meditating, next to a chair, where the Dalai Lama sat. Spirituality/ Science/ Metaphysics, Religion, has always called me, the Routine, the set up of the Altar, the wafting of Franckinsense, creating those moments of connecting with the Divine Spirit, a feeling of ONENESS. 

It calls to me, everyday, I start my day with Gratitude, a heart filled with Thank you, for what I experience, what I have, what is to come. I give thanks to my Ancestors, to my Higher self, the Spirits of the Universe which support me. I pray for those I work with, I send energy, I give thanks. Prayer has always been part of my daily ritual, its connection and power, can only be felt.

Intention for me, is harnessing the energy, to focus on a specific, item, and then releasing it, to the Universe.

Visualising, the outcome, and feeling it, in my spirit, before, it happens.

In my daily meditation, I practise a gratitude visualization, flowing Energy from the Universe, flowing to Everything, I need, I feel it, I breathe it, I embrace it, and I feel deep gratitude for it. I chant, Thank you! Universe.

I have kept all my diaries and notebooks for the last 11 years, every time, I feel lost or in doubt, I look back into my memories, and affirm, that I am supported on  my Journey, my life story, is proof, of this, I then wait, patiently, for the Universe to answer, in Perfect timing. When, in doubt, wait, the Universe, gives you, what you need.

Playtime, for me, is sitting in the SUN, waiting for higher wisdom, to guide me, to take a walk, to blow bubbles, to take a NAP, to watch a series, to crack macadamian nuts, writing is also my space, to just be me.

A journey without focus, is like a fart in the wind, so I have written, my focus, as personal goals, and I send Reiki energy to it, everyday, disciplining myself, to keep focus, to use my energy/ Reiki energy, wisely and to stay tuned into the Divine Force of Spirit.

Whenever, I feel disconnected, I go for a walk, to meditate, to reconnect, to pray. Nature is connection, is just a breathe away. Having a daily routine, ensures that I stay in my own SKIN, being focused, of what I feel, and intuiting, the messages, I receive, so I can decipher, what is to come.

My healing space, is always prepared for Sacred Healing, taking Sunday afternoon, to connect with my Ancestors, going to bed early, everyday, so I can be well rested, and clear, for the next day.

Every human body, tells a story, as soon as I place my hand on a human body or aura, to be healed, it shares, its truth, the Inner voice, is heard, and then the healing can begin. I used a combination of Intuition, Psychic messages, Body language, Reiki, Crystals and sound healing to Ignite healing.

Touch healing of massage, is not a luxury, it is a necessity, to living a balanced life, connected to your Spirit, living from a space of wholeness, love, abundance.

Embrace, your Sacredness within, as you are Spirit, not just a role.



Elusive Orgasm – We all want to be desired.

Lets begin, many woman NEVER orgasm, or fail to reach the Plateau of PLEASURE. Woman NEED LOVE, we just don’t want SEX, wham bam, thank you MA’m. We want sensual, body, senses overload pleasure. I once spoke to a lady, who gave birth to 3 kids and had never ever had a Orgasm with Her husband. 

The tales are true, men are visually stimulated, if we dress in sexy underwear and they are ready for action, ERECTION ahoi!

WOMAN, my darling, are different, many woman, see sex with a psychological block, they refuse to embrace themselves as woman, being Sexy, being a Sacred Woman, chasing the ever elusive orgasm, which should be the most natural thing to have.

I have come to the conclusion, that woman, are SACRED SENSUAL BEINGS, all of our senses need to be engaged, when making love, when reaching our climax of pleasure.

Sex, starts in the BRAIN, I feel, we are total SAPIOSEXUALS, we need our intelligence to be stimulated, we need to be flirted with, to feel wanted and desired, we need to be sensually massaged for the sexy feeling to be ignited, we need to WOO with romantic notes, roses, chocolates, will do, we need to feel SEXY in our OWN body, combine all of this, and you are welcoming ONE sexy NIGHT of pleasure, with your partner.

Woman, often perceives sex as “dirty” or forbidden or fail to actually address the ELEPHANT in the room, of this is what I want.

Make no mistake, woman need sex, as much as men. Men and Women need to feel loved and sexy, it is the most natural feeling to want, to have sex and feel loved. Anything else, throw those thoughts away.

You are a sexual/ sensual being, subduing your sexual needs, will cause a psychological issue, which will pop up somewhere in your psyche, so feel and act on it, with your partner. 

Being an adult, is filled with Responsibility, we are forced to subdue, our feelings and enter a HEAD SPACE, this head space, does not work for MAKING LOVE, we are not mechanical.

Pleasure – stop sanitising your life, by excluding pleasure, embrace it, it is part of being HUMAN. 

Lets Discuss the Art of WOO ing Your Partner :  Hetero or Homo : 

We are bombarded with Technology which include Emoticons, which, excludes real HUMAN contact. You can change this, HUG everyone, you meet. Text your partner, a romantic text: for example :

You are amazing! You are the sunshine, in my life! A kiss from you, is like biting into a strawberry, you are delicious! 

Affection is so important for lovers : So kiss, Hug, Have eye contact, stroke their Hand, say I love you, at every encounter.

LOVE letters : Write an old fashioned love letter on special paper, and place it in his/her jacket, or a random place.

Chocolates and Oysters are natural Aphrodisiac, so have a night out eating only these, or  have a picnic in the Lounge. 

Foreplay is not just 30 minutes, before sex, its the WHOLE day, so entice your partner Sexually! ignite these fires. 

As a Adult, I give you permission, to romance, to woo, to flirt, to get to know your sexual partner, like the back of your hand. Get to know, what arouses them, get to know, their G spot, make an effort, because, you can be a good lover! with exceptional skills.

I give you permission, to be sexually free and responsible, to express YOUR sexiness, your wild self.

LOVE your body, have orgasm’s so much, that you laugh and cry, at the same time.

The key to having Awesome making love sessions, is … 

An OPEN mind

Love and Respect for Your Partner

Massage OIL – have a selection.

An Adventurous Spirit 

Being Free to be You, sexually, as a WOMAN or MAN

Be willing to learn from your partner

Talk and Laugh together

Be Honest 

Use Protection, ie. condoms, be Response Able.

Have a Shower/ Bath, beforehand, cut your nails, brush, your teeth. Good personal hygiene will prevent infections, of any kind. 

Woman, always wee, after sex, preventing bladder infections. 

If you have broken up with your partner, go for REIKI, choose to heal, and then go for a HIV test, and ensure you are safe. 


Wishing you many happy endings! 🙂 wink







Sacred Healing Journey – Woman Begin. . .

I want to share, that we all need healing, this does not mean, we are weak or wounded, it just means, we as woman, need to embark on a journey of healing, our psyche, our self image, our self body perception, taking back our power, of being Sacred woman.

Woman, who are sources of Bottomless Giving, to your partner, to your kids, to your friends, sometimes, the CUP, runneth Empty. Tired, Frustrated, Stressed, Anxious, Angry, are some of the emotions, we feel, on a day to day basis.

I have been journeying with women, to their True self, with massage/ reiki and counselling has been the Light upon this subject. We journeyed deep within, from the Moment of Creation, in the womb, to their Adult self, embracing every step of the Journey.

From the Moment of our creation, we feel, our Mothers, we feel wanted or not. We are this intelligent life force, our intuitive nature, is pure survival, we will overcome, we will grow, we will become, who we are.

My healing journeys with women/ men/ children/ unborn kids, who has ever received Reiki, has changed within, a layer is healed and you feel lighter.

Reiki harnessing the magic of the Universe, combined with your WILL to heal, changes your World, Change your Life, Change your Reality.

As I embark on a new journey, teaching Reiki, Anywhere in the World, across Time and Space, I am grateful to you the Reader, I am grateful for this Journey of Learning, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

To start a Sacred Healing Journey with me, whats app +27846030604, email :





Sacred Woman Journey


When I entered this path, I was young, naïve, tenacious, a wise ass, these are the logical words that come to mind, when I recall, how I jumped in with my MALE self, Gung ho! Kungfu panda style, but little, did I know how, this path, would bring forth, my greatest gift, my whole self.

I always thought, I could have been male, I mean, I guess, I would’ve enjoyed having a penus, enjoyed, woo ing woman, enjoyed being the Macho man, but, I so appreciate being a Woman, instead. 

There are so many things, that I hated about being a woman, that I now love. For one, I hated my periods, my boobs and my body. Now, I learnt to embrace having a VAGINA, having my periods, and honouring my needs as a woman.

Reiki has changed me, it has moulded me into this other Colleen, that I now love. I can’t say when it happened, it just did, a sacred spiritual journey, took place, and I was not aware of it.

I learnt to embrace my own darkness, so I could shine my light. I see many woman, still stuck, at being woman, mothers, wives, not living their full potential, and I am here to share my journey.

I am a Goddess, a light bringer, a healer, a wife, a lover, a friend, a human being, I am a woman. My task, as a task on this earth, are many, nurturer, giver of truth, guider to healing, to share this journey with many.

Let me share, that I am treated like a GODDESS. My meals are always warm on the table, my laundry is always folded and ready to be packed away, the car door is always opened for me, my bags are carried for me, I am bathed well,  I am massaged regularly and treated with Reiki, I am well loved sexually and well looked after. I know, I am well looked after, but this did not just happen over night, it has been a journey of LOVE, tears, truths, forgiveness, now 20 years later, we are blossoming and growing together.

I wish this for every single woman, I come into contact with, to be treated like a DIVINE GODDESS, to be loved, honoured, cherished and most of all wanted and appreciated.

This did not take a SIX PACK OR  A SLIM BODY OR WORKING OUT 3 HOURS AT THE GYM, this only took an open heart filled with love, kindness, gentleness, a willing spirit, to learn, to grow, to heal. (no disrespect to the gym people)

My story, is a unique one, but every day, we get to make a new story, you decide.

In words.

In Thoughts.

In deeds.

In attitude.

You determine how fruitful, your relationship will be. The seeds, you sow, cannot be seen, but the effects, thereof, will be felt, deep within, your heart and soul.

When you are loved, no money in your banking account, can measure, to the amount of Happiness, you feel. So, start sowing, seeds of LOVE !



Cleansing Sweat Lodge : An Empath tale





After, my shower.

Meal, after sweating.


Nineteen years ago, I said yes, at age 22. I was young, sweet, naïve, in love, I did not really know, what I was getting myself into, but, I jumped in, and my marriage and partnership, has been the greatest adventure of my life.

Love, Friendship, tears, fights, travelling, changing, re adjusting, now 20 years together, as a couple, we are like glue, we fill the spots, that need filling, and flow together, as a Team.

We decided to do our first Sweat lodge, at home, we have all we need and want in life, and no longer, want treasures from the outside, but we seek to go deeper within, ourselves, growing in Love, Truth and Forgiveness.

The journey towards this Sweat lodge started a month ago, the building of the structure with bamboo, from the garden, the collecting of River stones, the sealing of it, in the fire. My partner, planned it all, I was the support system, offering advise/ guidance, him preparing and holding the space for Sacred Healing.

Yes, I too, was a naysayer, how can heated rocks, in a enclosed structure, affect me?

Well, I sat at my desk, I wrote my Intention in pen, on my left arm:

Letting go of the Old self, I thought I was.

Letting go of old attachments, the image, I was to others. 

Embracing, the Real me. 

I stood naked outside the sweat, we covered our bodies, in white, blue and black clay.  I breathed in the eucalyptus aroma, I crawled into the shelter,  I lied down on my towel, I felt I could do this. My partner, drummed and sang in Hebrew, bringing the female spirit of Ha Sha kina, the female aspect of “God”.

I closed my eyes, I let the tears, I have kept hidden inside me, just roll down my cheeks.

I cried for my conditioning, I cried for the loss of my grandparents, my uncle, my brother in law, I cried for the shield I kept up, protecting my true self.

I cried for the clients, who will never heal, I cried for the mother, I never had, I cried for so many things, literally for 1.5hr.

I released so much grief, letting go of the old self, embracing the new me, more of me.

I closed my eyes, and I felt my inner child, returning filled with light. I communed with my Ancestors, I just embraced it all.

Nine HOT rocks were placed into the sweat lodge, the steam, the water, the wafting of eucalyptus, embraced my body, I just let go. I drank water with chai seeds, in them.

I felt like a little girl, walking down a path, me shinning this beautiful light, from my soul.

I left the sweat, feeling changed. Gentler, Shiny, Clean, Whole, wanting to be softer to me and others.

I had a shower, washed away, the hardened clay, the tear stained cheeks, washing away the things that hinder, I embarked, feeling lighter.

Had someone told me a year ago, I would do a sweat lodge for my 20 years anniversary, with my partner, I would say, have you gone mad????

As I embrace, this path, deeper, as a Shaman/ Healer/ Story teller/ a Sacred woman, completing the puzzle of me, I am looking deeper, inside, and less on the outside, for what I need.

My heart, is open, I am gentler, this profound, love, I found for myself and others, can only be described as magical, and part of my Reiki Healing journey.

More, and more, I am finding, love is the Key, to all.

Love, Forgiveness, Truth, the greatest is Love, from your heart to mine.



I love you – An Inner Journey – Empaths Way

We are created in darkness. The seed of our beginning, patiently waits for the Sperm. It waits for the moment to Create, New Life, A Spark of Stardust, where Magic, will appear.  

How we as human beings long for magic, long for utopia, long for balance, long for the warm fuzzy space, of the womb.

We crave LOVE, as empaths, we will do what it takes to have love, we will carry, we will absorb negative energy from others, to be needed and accepted. 

But, love, cannot be earned, love is love. You do not need to do anything for LOVE.

I can say, I love you, without, you needing to carry me, or do anything for me, this is LOVE.

Join this program, do this course, read this book, watch this movie, everything on the Outside of you,

and nothing on the Inside of You!  The essence of you’re Spirit Lost, without LOVE.

We are intuitive life force beings, capable of change, capable of so many things, an ever changing experience.

We hold the magic of the Universe, light and darkness, night and day, good and bad, all with which Energy flows.

We are called to live our Authentic selves everyday, not just to play a role, of Wife, Mother, Teacher, Job, we are called to be Amazing Light BRINGERS of LOVE!

Few live this magic! many are chosen, but few answer the call, to live a purpose driven life, forgetting about the Divine Order of Life, their is always a Balance, there is always hidden treasures of Life.

If we shift our focus to grow, to learn, to evolve in Love, our paradigm shifts, and we become, WHOLE.

Living from a space of Wholeness, Abundance, is a magical adventurous experience, lived only from the Heart and not from the Head space.

Using healing methods of Reiki, Yoga, Massage, Counselling, Meditation, Slowing down, Nutrition, any healing space : connecting with Your Divine female self, taking the time to Know, WHO YOU ARE, is a very healing experience.

Shifting from a space of  I must, to I can change, is super empowering and loving to ONESELF.

I love you!  Love, this essence, that changes hearts, renews spirits, heals, can only be felt,

where there is PAIN, there is also LOVE!

This Divine order of the Universe, an Energy that is Unique to every human being, we experience LOVE on so many different levels, Awareness, Self care, Truth, Expression in Creating, Singing, Dancing, Writing, when we learn to LOVE, to give FREELY, we realize that, when we give from a space of WHOLENESS, and not from a wounded space, we are changing the world.




What you didn’t know about Gratitude by Holly St Clair Moor

What You Didn’t Know About Gratitude

The act of being grateful for one’s blessings is a beautiful practice that goes a long way towards cultivating happiness in an age where we never seem to have enough. The simple ritual of consciously taking stock of what we have to be thankful for is so powerful and really helps us to find inner peace and attract abundance into our lives.

evan-kirby-101570-unsplash (2).jpg

But what if there was more to gratitude than meets the eye? What if you can enhance your practice to bring even more love, acceptance and positivity into your life? Over the past few years, I’ve learned some beautiful secrets about gratitude that have helped to propel me forward and bring me peace in times of great pain. I hope that by sharing my learnings, you too can reap the rewards of a really sexy gratitude practise.

Be grateful for what you desire

I first heard about the concept of thanking the universe for what you want in ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne but it was only recently that I put the notion into practice. Whilst reading the book ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donalde Walsh, a fascinating and soul-warming book, I again came across the concept of being thankful for what you desire. The theory is that the act of giving thanks affirms to the universe that what you desire is already in your life, and as a result it is so. When we ask for something, we are affirming to the universe that we do not have that thing in our life, and thus it is so.

When we’re thankful for what we desire, the result is two-fold – firstly, we shift our perception away from what we don’t have and we experience life with our desires already present – even just for a few moments while we visualise. This lightens our mood and changes our vibration which the universe then mirrors and gives us more of.

For example, I constantly misplace my house keys especially when I’m in a rush and need to get out the door. When this happens, I stop and imagine finding my keys. I thank the universe for helping me locate them and after a few moments I look somewhere I wouldn’t normally look or I randomly remember where I last put them. It works every time, provided I genuinely feel what it would be like to find my keys – the relief, the happiness!

Being grateful for the good stuff is easy

I believe in showing gratitude for every wonderful thing that enters my life – a beautiful flower, my lunch, the health of my family, the list goes on. But this aspect of gratitude is easy, not that easy is bad, its just easy to be thankful for positive things. The tough part comes in when showing gratitude for the hard things, the hurt, the pain, the uncomfortable. But its at these times that gratitude can help us the most.

Example – our neighbour was re-doing his driveway and he asked if he could park his van in our drive to which we agreed. His van sat there for weeks. We didn’t anticipate it would be there for so long and it started to bother me more and more. I’d come downstairs and look out the window to see our neighbor’s big ugly van blocking the light and my view of the trees outside. I’d mutter and grumble to myself every time I walked downstairs and saw the van, I’d imagine all the sarcastic things id say to my neighbour and how ungrateful he had been. Nothing changed. The van didn’t move and I got angrier. until one day I decided to be grateful for the van. I looked at it and said ‘thank you for this van in my drive. This van shows me just how much I appreciate the trees outside my window and without the presence of this van, I wouldn’t have realised just how lucky I am to have this wonderful view. I immediately felt better, at peace and an hour later the van had been moved never to darken my view again. To this day, I appreciate the view outside that window more than I ever have. It sounds strange but try it. It really works!

Gratitude in times of hardship creates an instant shift – it shifts the mindset and it shifts the situation too. As soon as you look at a situation and consciously say, ‘I am grateful for this situation because…’ you are directing your brain to problem-solve and to view the situation as a constructive tool that is assisting you in some way. On a deeper level, gratitude in this way helps you to make peace with a situation and accept it for what it is. Acceptance moves us away from resistance and into flow and when we are in flow, energy and situations can shift and change in the way they are meant to.

So what next?

In order to start growing your gratitude practice, here are my top 3 tips to get you going:

1)      Everytime something brings you joy, no matter how big or small, say ‘Thank you’

2)      Instead of asking for something to appear in your life, feel what it would be like to have it and thank the universe for making it so.

3)      Next time you’re hurt or challenged by a situation or person, say ‘I am grateful for this situation because…’ and feel the sense of peace wash over you

Being grateful for the things that I desire as well as those situations that bring pain and heartache have had a profound impact on my life. By cultivating a gratitude practice that spans the beautiful, the challenging, the existing and the desired, I believe we can all live a life filled with more peace, more love, more acceptance and most importantly, more miracles.

Holly is a coach and spiritual cheerleader helping individuals to find their glow and step into their power. She recently set up her own business ‘Just Say Glow’ and when she’s not working or walking, she’ll be hanging out with her husband, Labrador and baby boy – Most probably eating.

About the author

Holly St Clair Moor is a coach and spiritual cheerleader helping individuals to find their glow and step into their power. She recently set up her own business ‘Just Say Glow’ and when she’s not working or walking, she’ll be hanging out with her husband, Labrador and baby boy – Most probably eating.

Author Q&A:

  • What’s your astro sign?: Scorpio
  • What’s your favourite wellness practice in 3 words or less?: 😉 Epson salt baths
  • What inspires you right now?: The power and beauty of women
  • What tarot card, crystal, song or animal speaks to you right now: I’m loving carnelian – a red/orange crystal that stimulates creativity and courage, promotes positive life choices and motivates for success – BOOM!

Empath Life : Are you a light bringer?


The candle flickers in the wind, the wick shines its light, and cast a shadow in the darkness. This dance between light and darkness, good and bad, right and wrong, comes from the same source of Divine Order, Oneness of the Universe. I never understood it before, but now, I realize, there is always a balance.

I may not, be able to see it, but it is has run my entire life. I look back at my memories, for every nasty, abusive person, I encountered, filled with prejudice and hate, I was met with the comfort, of someone to wipe my tears, someone to hug and hold me. This balance, I have lived my entire life, I see the fruits of it, and I embrace it.

I am again, changing, I feel it, I sense it, I embrace it. I accept what I cannot speak, I can only share, that to have the responsibility of the Bringer of Light, is accountability to the Universe.

It rests in the psyche of every Empath, every mother, every wife, every healer, every single woman, I have met, it is dormant, until activated by healing = Receiving : Reiki, Doing inner conscious work, Yoga, nutrition, massage, counselling, life coaching = Basically any path that leads you, to you’re healing path.

We want to make this world a better place. We want a world that is sustainable, we seek peace, unity, we crave to connect with our tribe, because the Heart beat of Mother earth is felt, we feel it every day as we Ground ourselves, we dig deep into the Ancestory, to right the wrongs, to heal the broken, but most of all to Heal ourselves, so we can be WHOLE.

Yesterday, I wanted to heal the world. Today, I know, that by healing me and finding me whole, I can assist others, to do the same. (and I am)

I hold this responsibility, above all else, I am accountable to my Ancestors, to my Higher self, to my Spirit which has been sent for this purpose, because, to my heart, to my soul, it begins to make sense now.

I am a Light Bringer, venturing into the darkness, to bring forthe the Light, which is you’re True Spirit. I am not afraid, I go deep and I venture wide, I love this, this magic of Reiki, this magic of healing.

The spark within, ignited and a new journey of Inner self begins, it waits, it yells, it wants out, we cannot subdue who we are, as Empaths, the wait is over, its time to SPARK! as a Woman, a Light bringer, a healer of this world.

The task will be much, the work endless, but it will fulfil your soul on such a deep level of purpose, that nothing else makes sense, not food, not water, not instant gratification, but, you will feel complete, venturing, into the darkness and bringing light.

Light to the broken. Light to bring wholeness. Light for Love. Love for a Unique higher calling that matters, the world needs more healers, more mothers, more nurturers.

So, awaken your spirit, have Reiki, have a massage, meditate, do yoga, but do walk your path as a Light bringer, as the time is NOW!

To Learn.

To Grow.

To Serve.

To Remember.



Sex, Love, Intimacy, Connection = Empath Women


She lies gasping for breathe! oh my Gosh! the realization hits her, this is what she has been looking for. The perspiration drops down her spine onto the already damp sheets, her inner thighs throbbing after being satisfied so well, her voice is hoarse after the thousands of delicious moans, that rocked her body, her senses are aflame. Her eyes has changed, her mouth is dry, her hands are sweaty, every heart beat, tells her that she has experienced the most soul fulfilling intimate session ever, she has just shared the most amazing sex, with love, with spirit sacredness which brings connection and intimacy.

No words are needed as her partner lies next to her smiling, speechless, breathless in this moment.

She feels fulfilled sexually, she feels alive, like nothing on earth.  This moment is truth, this moment holds intimacy which are hidden from most.

To have someone love your body, so well, that you forget your flaws, you forget, you’re own name, brainless, this ecstacy of pleasure exist, what every woman wants, to be WANTED, TO BE LOVED SO COMPLETELY, that it reaches her soul.

But to most, this pleasure is hidden, why? because, most woman hate their bodies, they are attuned to a SOCIETY, that promotes and believes in their INADEQUACY of their OWN imperfection.  Never enough! Never thin enough, never muscly enough, never shapely enough, not the right size and on and on, it goes. Tapping into a system, that never fulfils, which they pass onto their children.


Its means you are PERFECT as you are, now!~ Not, yesterday, not tomorrow, not next week, NOW.

You have a uniquely balanced network of neurons, a perfect body, that absorbs sunshine, that sustains your health, you are loved and you are supported, by so many. You are the Hero to your children and your partner, anything else, that a fake tv show or magazine promotes is bullshit.

When you love yourself, you start to embrace a life of living, you, living, not waiting for the perfect body.

Because, as you declare your body imperfect, so you declare that your partners body is imperfect and his wrong, for you.

You reflect your reality.

Love Ship is build on LOVE, with yourself.

Self talk, listen to the words you use about yourself.

Learn to understand you, without judgment.

Work as a team with your body.

All Learning, Growing and Please make mistakes, so you continue to LOVE yourself.

Stop feeding your body, Pain, Blame, Flaws and Disconnection.

Start connecting with Yourself.

Body: I love you. I am sorry.

Sexually: Learn about what satisfies you, read the Kama Sutra, go to a sex shop and laugh your ass off.

Physically: Dress you for you, be sexy, be sassy, be you.

Speak: Of you with pride and love

Journal: On how amazing you are.

When you shine your light onto your darkness, you begin to realize, that your magic, will influence your relationship and when you change, everything around you changes.

Happy Shinning.


Saying Goodbye by Claire R

​One by one, the children shuffled to the front of the line, side-stepping black jacks and wag-a-bitjies, for their turn beside the earth-brown hole. It was freshly dug, and freshly wet with river water, which caused its secrets to whisper up towards us. Each one in the group held a connection to the departed. His seven grandchildren (two babes in arms), his niece, his nephew, his five children, his brother, his daughter-in-law, his son-in-law, his brother, his sister-in-law, and his widow, all took turns to hold the dust that had become his body, and scatter it into the earth. A white stinkwood sapling was placed on top, and dirt filled in around. Only the river spoke as the soil rose up above the roots, and the few birds not made drowsy by the noontime sun. The trees of the bushveld made a dappled canopy above us all, throwing down sweet shadows tossed in with patches of light. The atmosphere was subdued but not heavy. The act was an untethering of a soul. It was a ritual made of memories but rooted in the present.  Because traveling forward means leaving some things behind.
When the group had dispersed, and the sapling was being marked with rocks, and protected by a line of rope, I gathered up dishes from our picnic lunch and took them down to the water. I wanted to feel its flow over my hands, to let it guide me into the next moment. There was oil residue on the plates from the mayonnaise, tomato, and avocado we had squashed into our sandwiches. I picked up handfuls of silt to rub it off. Then I fanned out the dish into the current, feeling it pull and play against my hand. The mid-winter sun bounced off the river, hitting scattered rocks as it flew. The water was icy, so cold that it felt like a thousand tiny needles were stabbing into my fingers. When I finished the plates, I stacked them on the dry crackling grass, and climbed onto a rock with a silver wake. Acacia and wattle hemmed the banks. I was out of sight, and alone, something quite unusual for a mother of young children. And yet I was surrounded by life: invisible creatures thronged around me, leaves and stems curled into being, elements rushed through, silence welled up from beneath. The quiet scattering of the ashes had subdued me, but in another way I was curiously elated. Such a mindful observing of death was also a celebration of life. As the sun poured into the valley, and the river sang a thousand songs, the brevity and sweetness of life was so tangible I could feel it between my palms. I was in the middle of it. The lives of those who had gone before me stretched out like wings from between my shoulder-blades. I was here, in this place in the world, in part because of my husband’s father. Just as I was there because of my parents, and their parents before them. A web of ancestors, both human and non-human stretched out behind me, and for a moment I could sense every one of them. No doubt the web flowed out before me too, but that was beyond my imagining. I saw myself, and my line of ancestors, as the tiny links we are. I felt small, and immensely valuable. Death was there too, but not as a specter. He sat beside me as a friend, and I drank in every drop of the elixir he handed to me.

This post was written in exchange for a treatment by Colleen of the Midlands House of Healing. She has a deep and intimate relationship with her ancestors, which she places front and center every Sunday evening, when she cleans her house, lights a stick of sage and a row of candles, and puts out a tray of food and drink. She has been connected to the amadlozi in her life by a Zulu shaman, but these are rituals shared by cultures around the world. In my twenties traveling around Thailand, I saw ornate little dollhouses outside most homes, where spirits could find rest. When I lived in Taiwan, every bike ride was accompanied by shrine-spotting among the rice paddies. Like these cultural mainstays, Colleen is at once both down-to-earth and otherworldly. She provides support to her clients going through important life changes, many of which involve transitions in and out of this world, and all of which salute the passing of time in some way.

For me, setting aside one day each month to dedicate to my well-being in a holistic session that encompasses both body and spirit has a subtle but important effect on all my days. The act of journeying towards Colleen’s home, which I know she has prepared with prayer and warmth and care, and the act of laying my naked body on her table, surrendering to her ministrations to my muscles, and the energy work that she does, sculpt my intentions to live life inside out. Skin-to-skin with the world, both feet in every day, a prayer of gratitude on my lips, love and service the exacting task-masters of both my strength and my softness – these are some of my guiding principles, and they require action. It is not enough to believe in my own value if I do not act on it. It is not enough to believe in the value I can bring others and then sit idle. Take what steps you can towards peace and joy and gratitude. When the way is steep, make them small steps. But take them.

To book a session with Colleen contact her on 084 603 0604.

Empath : Breaking up – letting go

Every love journey, has a story. The story begins with a longing heart, an ache, that cannot be quenched by food or water, this deep ache for love. Love, she has kissed many but, she longs for her Lover, the one that will sweep her heart away, the one that will kiss her, so her knees buckle, her senses become intoxicated with his/her scent and she falls deeply in love with this person. A love so deep, she shares her soul.

The person she loves, feels like completion, a piece of the puzzle is complete.

Years go by and the love is Grounded in a solid foundation of Respect, Understanding and Care.

Slowly, the pieces unravel, in the relationship.

A lack of understanding, A lack of love, they no longer, sleep in the same bed, they argue all the time, and the flower of Love, seems to have wilted and died.

What now?

You need to talk to each and decide, if you want to work on your relationship, if the answer is yes, seek a therapist, offering Reiki, Counselling, Massage to start to heal yourself and then your relationship.

Next, if you decide to separate or get a divorce, lets do baby steps.

Sleep in separate beds.

Start dividing expenses.

Start living separate lives.

If you have kids, and you have decided to stay together, for the sake of the kids and live a normal life, without a relationship, even this option will need work, you both need healing, so start with that first.

If you decided to move out, and live with a friend or relative, please do not listen to naysayers or advice from others, you have NOT failed, every relationship is a lesson to learn and grow from, we cannot risk LOVE, without pain.

BUT, we can choose a method of embracing it, so the scars and hurt is minimal.

If you have decided to divorce, things to remember :

Once, upon a time, you loved this person, keep the love from one human being to another, alive. Respect your rights, respect their rights, choose love and dignity.

Do not involve others, in your break up! bad idea.

Do not get advice, from everyone! bad idea.

Search, you’re heart and follow your gut feeling, the butterfly feeling, in your tummy and listen.

Once, proceedings are in motion, remember, that you are still a human being, so embark on a healing journey, inject your life with Nurturing.

NURTURING : Yoga, Exercise, Meditate, Reiki, Massages, Counselling

Have as many Kahuna Massages, it will heal you’re heart, your body and your spirit.

Have reiki every 2 weeks, if you can afford it.

Talk to a good therapist, cry you’re heart out.

Do a detox, cut out alcohol, caffeine, smoking, any stimulant, so you can heal.

Cleansing Ceremony: 

I have completed a few cleansing ceremonies in my life, these are by far, the ones that have worked for me.

Cover your body with Clay = natural organic clay : it can be white or brown, then bake in the sun, setting an intention with Prayer, of letting go of your partner.

Write down all your Anger, then burn the page : saying I forgive and bless them and I forgive and bless me, choosing to move forward, by taking a step forward.

Clear out the clutter : clear out every aspect of your old life, give it away.

Smudge : your home, your office, your car, your cupboards.

Burn it : Have a bonfire, burning of the old things in the Full moon.

Disconnection bath : Bath with lemon juice, salt, sage in the bathwater, setting a prayer of intention, I now disconnect from my Partner, washing it away.  Go dig a hole in the garden, fill the hole with the water for 3 nights, on the 4th day at dawn, write his or her name on a page, and drop the page in the water, say I let go of this person, close the hole, at dawn, and walk away.

Remove the person from your Aura : Find a Reiki master (like me), ask them to remove this person from you’re Aura and from every cell of your being.

If you get stuck, just write to me :



7 days of (Reiki) – Distance Energy healing

To begin a healing journey, you need to have a receptive mind, body and spirit.


When you experience trauma as a Child, the inner child, creates a Wall to defend the wounds within, a blockage is created. Unless, the blockage is removed with reiki / healing/ energy to reboot the Aura, the person does not grow, from this space. Once, the blockage is removed, the person begins to feel whole.


Transitioning from Inner child to Adolescent to Adult self, can be a complicated process. It begins from the moment we reach puberty, exploring our own sexuality and our own bodies. Many women struggle to embrace becoming a female, as their body changes. Womanhood can be a blockage, once this wall is removed, the body then grows into a space of adulthood freely.


Your Aura is made up of 7 chakras, these chakras flow and connect you to the Universal energy, called LOVE, when love flows, we create, we are happy, we are in Divine synchronicity. Blockages of anger, fear, absorbing to much energy from others in your sacral chakra, affecting digestion, the ability to loose weight and feel supported.

Removing these blockages with Reiki, stimulates the body to heal itself, boosting immunity, boosting happiness and freedom, within. Connecting more with your True Authentic self, which wants to be happy and whole.

During the 7 day process, I send reiki to each level of your psyche, sometimes even going as deep as your OWN Divine Spark, filling every layer of you with LOVE energy, to grow, to heal and become more you!


After the 7 days of healing, I offer weekly topups of Reiki, to keep you on your authentic path!







Empath : I need comfort


She feels lost, loveless, unworthy. She needs love, comfort, aches to be loved, by the One person, her mother, who has none.

Rejection, Disconnection can be felt and seen. If you have no love to give, you are incapable of love. Love this magic of the Universe, wafting in the Air, an untouchable force. How she aches for love.

She turns to food, chocolate, crisp/ anything to numb the pain. She cannot express herself, finally an inkling of comfort, but this is not her desire.

Her desire is, to be loved, adored, cherished, accepted and appreciated.

How does a 5 year old express this to an adult, that lacks maturity, lack the ability to be a good human being, you just cannot.

We all seek comfort, the comfort of a cup of tea, the comfort of a warm bath, the comfort of a glass of wine, the comfort of making love, feeling loved, we want to be tucked into bed, we never stop aching for comfort, it runs deep within our souls.

When we feel comfort, we absorb this magic, of being human, of shinning and growing in love.

A new journey begins, as we become gentler with ourselves, as we love more, embracing the Spirit of Uhane, Spirit of Pule : Bringing forth prayer, sacredness of life returns, we become WHOLE, as one.

Whole, as a Person. United as a Tribe. Warriors of this world.


Let’s Reclaim our Confidence by Keri B  : Keri B = Magic

Hey, hey lovelies x

How are you doing? It’s pouring with rain outside and I’m currently sat at a table with a flat white in hand at one of my favourite little cafes in Cape Town. It’s located right next to the South African Visa buildings where my husband is applying for his permanent residence – five years later! Hold thumbs and fingers and all other external bits please. I really need to transfer our car into his name and ID number so he can be responsible for all his own speeding fines! Anyway, without further ado, I just wanted to share some things that have been happening over in my life and some stuff I’ve been mulling over in my head, as well as some link to cool things I’m loving at the moment.

Body Positivity

I probably need to write an entire blog post on this, and if you follow me on Instagram, you may have already witnessed a very little rant I had over the weekend about the way women are expected to look – especially on their wedding day. And I’m totally aware of the pot calling the kettle black here, because for many, many years I have held an ideal in my mind about the way in which women’s bodies should look, and most especially, the way mine should look. But whilst I was waiting in the shopping queue at the supermarket on Saturday, staring at the rows and rows of magazines (most of which I used to devour, and most of which I no longer buy), a big fat (lol) main cover line caught my eye. It proclaimed boldly: “Shedding for the Wedding”. I don’t know why but those four words caused such a rush of angry fire to boil up from the pit of my stomach and settle into my bones. At the same time, I also felt flooded with sadness, because it reminded me that when I look back at my own wedding now, one of the things I remember feeling most and thinking throughout the day, as I was snapped from every possible angle by guests and photographers alike, was “I hope I don’t have back fat in this photo”. Honestly, if I could get married again I would definitely do it in a comfortable, but stylish, jumpsuit. With sleeves. And not give a fig about losing weight or toning up for the big day. But you know, like many young women in their twenties, I fell head, line and sinker for the expensive (not to mention unforgiving) white dress and the whole “dieting for the dress” spiel.

I’m not sure if it’s an age thing, or just the general growing body positivity movement happening all around the world, but I’m really starting to not give a shit about what my body looks like to others. For sure, I want to feel healthy and comfortable in my own skin and clothes, but my desire to look pleasing for the eyes of the patriarchy and the women who are still serving this oppressive system, is lessening by the day. My worry of exposing my less-than-perfect postpartum body in public and offending on-lookers by its realness, is slowly dissipating. This week I listened to an awesome podcast sent to me by my friend Lorraine (link at end of newsletter) and I do hope you will give it a listen too, especially if you’re feeling a little negative towards your body at the moment. One of the interviewees suggested doing something which I really resonated with: writing a love letter to your body. In this letter, you acknowledge how you have mistreated your body in the past, make peace with the time and age you were when you first started comparing and shaming it, and forgive yourself for doing so. She also recommended thanking your body for all the amazing ways in which it turns up for you every day – despite the ways in which we abuse and judge it. I think I’m going to start on this tonight. I feel like good things are on the horizon for me and my postpartum body. Perhaps I’ll even rock a bikini this summer without (gasp! shock! horror!) worrying about working on it all winter. Life is just too short.

Shitty Times

I don’t think I have one single friend right now who is not feeling a little stressed, anxious or depressed. Even my husband has been complaining of a racing heart and losing his breath when he thinks of the things that are weighing heavily on his mind. It’s been a very tough year for us and for so many other people I know. Life is fast-paced, hard-hitting, expensive and achingly painful in so many ways at the moment. Reports of our dying planet, murder, war, divorce, child abuse and sexual violence flood our email inboxes and social media channels every day. And instead of finding solace in our close friends and immediate physical community, we sit on Instagram and Facebook, taking in edited snippets of our loved one’s lives and fooling ourselves that we know what’s going on in their world – when we actually have no idea. When I was a kid, I remember my parents, especially my mom, having coffee or drinks with our neighbours and her friends almost every day. It didn’t have to be planned weeks in advance, and it didn’t have to be a visit that went on for hours, but it always made her happy. Perhaps a quick check-in and an actual physical hug with those near to you on a very regular basis may just be what the world needs. As we all admit and claim and take pride in the fact that most of us are inherently introverted, we also seem to be using this as an excuse to not meet up with, or to really and truly check in with our friends and family – beyond a quick whatsapp message or a quick comment on their latest Instagram photo. Everyone’s missing each other, but no one’s bothering to make plans to see each other. It seems like all we do is work, work, work all week and then we spend most of our weekends sleeping or lying on the couch, save perhaps one or two trips to the latest trendy coffee shop or market to squeeze in a curated picture for Instagram likes. 

It’s kinda sad, isn’t it?

No wonder we are all feeling sad. 

I challenge everyone to a phone-free weekend in the near future. Make plans to see your friends and then tell them that you’re not going to have your phone or lap top on all weekend. That way they can’t pull out at the last moment and leave you hanging (threaten to rock up at their front door if they do!). After that, maybe start holding a weekly drinks evening at your house – tell your friends that it’s nothing fancy, to just bring a packet of crisps and a cheap bottle of wine (I swear we have all started trying to become little Nigellas thanks to social media and slaving to the perfect flat lay) and all just sit down and have a good catch up! Phones and cameras OFF. Everyone can take their shoes off on the way in and clean their wine glass on the way out if you’re worried about a mess. We as a species are desperately missing out on real community and real connection and it really is showing up in our increased sense of loneliness, anxiety and depression as individuals.

I’m the worst culprit of all of the above, especially since becoming a mom. Having to take a baby and all her various paraphernalia with us wherever we go, has turned me into even more of a hermit. But I’m really going to make a conscious effort to get out more and connect with friends … and get over my fear of having people over when my house is a mess. Life is messy. And that’s what makes it beautiful! 

Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed, please get in touch with my spiritual healer, Colleen Van Heerden. She did the most amazing long distance reiki and energy balancing work on me last week and I feel like a new person this week – brimming with inspiration and creativity. If you don’t have a support system to rely on, Colleen will become part of yours! I cannot recommend her enough. 

Podcasts I’m loving:

Dear Sugars – in particular this episode “Trust Your Body” as recommended by Lorraine. Really, really inspiring and full of light-bulb-flashing-moments.
Kombucha and Colour – Well, I just love my dear friend and everything she does and this new venture of hers is just so great! Loads of self-care tips and I often find myself nodding along to her suggest of inspired wisdom.  This episode with the lovely Colleen mentioned above is my favourite so far! 
Work Like A Mother – Such a lovely and inspiring podcast for moms who work (mostly) from home and on (mostly) their own brands and businesses. Heaps of helpful tips, support and comfort for creative momtrepeneurs here – this episode with the wonderful Siobhan Watts in particular had me all like, yaaaaaaassss!

Instagram Accounts I’m Crushing On:

Soul Cubs: a conscious mama blog run by two Australian friends who both have little boys called Leo. Filled with great tips, scummy plant-based food recipes, epic adventures in nature and the cutest little vegan babas, I just am in love with both their gallery and stories!
Alexa Lily Shop: a visual feast. That is all. I want everything in their shop! EVERYTHING!
Andrea Roussoscartoons with a conscience. Hard-hitting truths and unashamedly feminist AF. Also very funny. 
Jessica Rose Wiliams: Realistic lady. Beautiful grid. Beautiful stories. Beautiful blog on living a minimalist lifestyle. Refreshing and a feast for the eyes!

Styles I’m Into:

Me & B – Cape Town based mom and daughter duo making dreamy and sustainable clothing capsules. 
Nursing Momsy – stunning maternity and nursing friendly clothing made in South Africa. I have my eyes set on their new Momsy Sweater in navy.
EcoGemGem – their new hemp bag range is both forward-thinking and fabulous! Love.
Gray Dawn Clothing – they’ve just opened their new shop at Woodstock Foundry and I’m honestly too scared to go there. Their pieces are just so timeless and elegant. 

In other news, it was the New Moon last night – did you have a little time to set intentions and manifestations  for the moon cycle ahead? This month I’m all about body care after falling into a habit of countless cups of coffee, too much sugar and not much sleep (the former two were probably a result of the latter and the latter was attributed to a certain little lady who lives in our house – no names mentioned!). It’s hard to look after yourself when your baby is teething and growth-spurting and you’re exhausted, but I’m really going to try eat more smoothies and salads and soups over the new few weeks. I’m also manifesting some serious romance and abundance this cycle! Considering we’ll be in the UK for ten days of it, let’s see how that pans out! Perhaps a date night or three whilst gramma looks after baby? Ha! 

I also recorded my first podcast last week – I had to do it whilst walking, because sitting at a desk and talking into a microphone made my brain numb and my tongue-tied! So if I ever get around to editing and publishing said podcast (I have NO clue where to start and not much time to research it all), it might just have to be called Walking with Wildflowers

This week on the blog I published this post about my monthly Faithful to Nature haul and also this post – a letter to my fellow vegan mamas. I would love it if you gave them a read if you haven’t already and please share, share, share if you enjoyed them! 

Also, if you’d like a copy of my vegan lifestyle guide, filled with delicous and easy plant-based recipes for the whole family, click here to head to my online shop

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I hope it’s spent making meaningful connections and not checking your phone too much! Let me know if you do manage an offline weekend – I would love to hear all about it! In the meantime – drinks next Thursday at my house? Who’s in? (I’m actually being kinda serious.)

Big love,


Empath : Light bringers purpose: Cleanse, Rest, Do healings, Repeat


Cleanse, she smudges her space, everyday, neutral energy, safe, secure, unaffected by the “world” out there. It has become her daily ritual, with prayer, with setting intention for healing, waiting for guidance, creating the space for magic, this is her path. She takes salt baths every night, to stay focused, to stay a clean vessel. Ensuring that no toxic energy is left behind.

Rest, this is not a 9 to 5 job, it requires your body to be well rested, so you can intuit, what is needed. An overworked body, only feels half of what is needed, and you need to feel all, so rest, take a nap. Read a book. Sit in the sun, do not allow your ego or male side to overwork, as this my dear, is not the path. The path is to rest, nurture and love you, so go slow, and schedule less.

Healing, this is a profound journey, every human body is different, we are all receptive to love energy called reiki, to touch with massage, we need to talk about what we feel, and need counsel to explore the inner wounds of our mind, the emotional ouches within, because life is not perfect, but even the wounded deserve a chance to heal, to grow, to become whole. To hold this space for healing takes dedication and commitment, it is not for the undisciplined or the chaotic energy, it takes focus, intention, prayer, discipline and a deep rooted connection to the seen and unseen world. Working on the human body, takes a study of massage, reiki, psychology and intuition, healing manifests in different forms, as each body has its own story, with love and inner conscious work, can heal itself. You the healer, is the guide, the shaman for the magic, you are the Light bringer.

Repeat, stepping between worlds, takes courage. Being focused and keeping the balance, takes bravery, integrity and purpose, that can only be felt.

The key to this life is Balance, keeping the balance between your Yin and Yang, ensuring your own needs as a Human being is satisfied, so you can live a light bringers path, everyday, for as long, as you live.

What works best for me :


Writing in my Journal


To bed early, 8pm


Self Reiki : Everyday

Receiving regular massages/ Physio treatments

Having fun / Laughter / Joy

Watching series

Eating well.

Feeling supported by your Partner.  Hugs.


What makes your life meaningful? now, go do it.

Empath : Naysayers = You are fat and You are a Healer !


As far back, as I can remember, I have had the “wrong” type of body, to short, to fat, to wobbly, your hair is a mess. For a very long time, I believed it, but this was not true.

This is part of the CONDITIONING OF SOCIETY, that You have to be THIN, to have the “perfect” body, the perfect life, the perfect perception of life. 

So, as per societies rules  = My body shape is wrong!  I am fat, yes, but even with my fat body, I am a healer, I guide many people to their healing path, and will continue to do so, my shape, or size, does not reflect my self worth.

As a healer, we are the most judged species on the planet, the naysayers, will always find something to trigger you with, so, my reply to you is this, Bless and Thank you!  I do not have time to entertain your madness, so please move on. 

My life is good. I am well looked after, I am loved, I love my life, and I do not need your fake approval to do it. 

I do it my way! in line with my believe system and values!

Shifting into a space of Self Love, can be freeing, and I am enjoying every step of the way, you should also.

Embrace every aspect of you and your life, because when you find joy and love in the simplest aspects of being, you find that true Happiness, cannot be bought.

My happiness in the simple things, like :

Reading my book, in the sun.

Watching a Funny Video.

Singing out of tune, in the shower.

Hearing the voice, from the kitchen, saying Lunch is ready.

The fresh clean sunny smell of laundry.

The sound of the King fisher eagle, flying over the dam.

Wifi working at 100 % capacity.

Green juice.


Wearing my hair up and fluffy.

Eating freshly baked carrot cake.

Sharing hugs and kisses.

Just being who you are, living with an open heart, living in the Moments and not missing a spec of life.

Love Your Life. 


Empath : To thyself, be true


To thyself, be true. She sits quietly, when no one is around, where no demands are made upon her energy, her space, her time. She is calm, unfrazzled by the world, grounded, connected, in tune with her mind, her body, her spirit.  Whole  : Her needs fulfilled, for love, for making love, for food, for water, for the need of the bathroom, all is complete. 

This feeling, feels so good! Completion.  Being true to oneself, is feeling. As an empath, we are flooded with information, but,  she realizes, she has freewill.  When she taps into the LOVE, the perfect acceptance of all, the imperfect chaos, she then attracts what she feels. 


Blessing for her home, her partner, her self love, her car, her kids, imagine having a heart filled with LOVE and connectedness, this vibration, amplified, so much that their is a flow, in her life.

Divine synchronicity, rest in her home, she flows, she manifests, she creates.

She awakens at dawn, to stretch and move her body with Yoga, she meditates on the flow of Abundance.

Her hands holds the art of Reiki and her body, is infused with this Spirit.

She remembers, to book massages for her, she remembers, to read a book, she remembers to Rest.

Life is a reality of living in the moments, living, being, loving, having fun, laughing, enjoying, finding the space, to live who you are.

Every empath, holds the key to their Journey, to choose Love or Pain.

What is your drug of choice? Love or Pain.

The one provides a magical path, the other, more Pain.

You decide, whatever, you desire, perfect or imperfect, will be completed.

Respect the path, accept the choice, fulfil the journey of consequences.

We make this decision, everyday, when we decide to be a bringer of Light and Love, without,

judgment, without blame, without assuming, without taking it personally.

We are not here, to make friends, we are here to fulfil, our purpose, women, remember,

To :



Remember, who you are.

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