Empaths : Being the Ultimate Fixer


Living a healers life, is all about balance. Keeping your own internal balance, maintaining a healthy body, maintaining a healthy mind with a positive approach, receiving care, support, treatments, but also being responsible, for this body, which is my vessel, I cannot live without it. 

My grandfather, nurtured my male side, so much, I adored him, I listened to his advice, I was his side kick at age 4.  He nurtured the “fixer” in me, I was not given normal toys, I was given broken bicycles and doll houses and told to fix it and left for hours, without help or supervision.

I listened to my intuition and managed to enjoy the journey of repairing these items, which gave me great satisfaction and task completion.

Being a healer is different, I cannot wave MY MAGIC wand and Fix you! 

This week has been a week of clearing out the old patterns, that linger. 

  1. I am not responsible, for anyone ‘s healing, I am the vessel, the guiding light.
  2. I cannot carry anyone. If someone is negative, I step back and allow them the space, to deal with it.
  3. Negative people are all over the place, it is their choice, so I must respect it.
  4. I want everyone to be happy!   yet, happiness is a inside choice and journey, I cannot force it on anyone.
  5. Saying NO!  is the most important lesson ever, it saves me from chaos.
  6. Boundaries goes hand in hand with Communication. If, I do not communicate clearly, using my words, the message will be lost and misinterpretted.
  7. Stay In My Skin  –  Do not absorb, take on or try to  help someone without HELP being asked for.
  8. Discipline – Put away your cloak, so you can stop wanting to save anyone, let them follow their path.
  9. Detachment – know what your SHIT is, own it, so you can know if someone has HOOKED your aura and attention. You will feel out of sorts, if they have, come for a reiki session / contact me. ( Whats app +27846030604)
  10. LOVE the life you have. Be grateful for living.  You cannot moan / complain and be grateful, it is impossible.
  11. Keep Your word. If you disconnected from someone, because they are toxic, do not keep inviting them to your home, your space, your life. Stick to your guns, put up the Go Away Sign.
  12. Balance is a wonderful thing. You feel in sync with your body, your universe, your finances, your life  – Being out of balance sucks – there is chaos, drama, self sebotage, all kinds of madness, do not let this happen.
  13. Self Love :  When you love yourself, you also protect yourself by listening to your intuition and choosing to not get involved. So, listen to your small still voice, and act.
  14. Self Care :  We need time to rest. Time to Journal. Time for a massage / reiki session. We need good shags with 50 Orgasms – Do not deny what you need!  Feel a need and act on it.
  15. Appreciate your path  – Know where you are going, Know where you come from. Love the Journey and keep moving.

Fat Phobic = Your Issue or Mine ?


As a child, one never thinks of thin or fat.

Like you don’t think of black or white, until someone points it out to you.

The first “fat”person, I met was my grandfathers best friend, called Niels, he was huge.

I had never seen a fat person, that big before, in a way, I thought, it was beautiful!

Upon Niel’s visits, the toilet seat would be left broken, as well as my grandfather’s car shocks, this never mattered to him. It was always the friendship, that bonded them together. The tales of Niels swallowing a lamb chop and having to have surgery, to remove it. Niels died of a heart attack, and broke his coffin, as he was so big, they could not carry the weight of him. Niels had a big heart!  He was always  kind and overlooked mockery, teasing, abuse of any kind.

The first time I heard the word fat, was when my biological mother compared me to my sister, why can’t you be skinny like your sister?  I never knew what fat was, at age 8, I loved my body, I loved my belly! it felt perfect.

How easy, it is for one to criticise, judge and label another, when you have no love, in your own heart.

I remember feeling ashamed, shamed and embarassed, hurt, I just thought, she was a mean old bitch!

My first fight with my present partner was about fat!

When I met him, he drank rooibos tea with honey, a strict vegetarian who did yoga.

He happily flaunted his 6 pack at gym, wore leotards to show off, his perfect body.

I took the leap and told him, I really liked him, he looked me in the eye and said, Do you think, I would go out or be interested in a fat girl like you?

Well, I burst into tears, and then told him :  how shallow, how lacking of good character, he was.  I knew then, he was my soul mate, my soul journeyman.

Now, 19 years later, we have journeyed together, me growing into vegetarian/ pescatarian and him into T bone steaks and normal tea.

Being Fat Phobic is a real issue in society, created by Us  = People.

We believe that LOOKING GOOD and THIN is better, yes yes! but the human body is shaped by our life.

We hold the scars to proof it. This ideallic idea of having a perfect look, which will make you feel perfect, is horse shit. You can still have a 6 pack and suffer with anxiety, ptsd, eating disorder, sleep disorder.

Being Human is what we are.

What will a 6 pack proof, that I haven’t already proven?   Nothing really!

So, I will look good, for you? Softer on the eyes!   A sense of Perfection! more Bullshit.

I happen to love my body, as is. I love moving, dancing, loving, being me.

I have waited all of my life to be here, in my life, being present, aware, content and happy.

Embrace the body you have.

Live the life, you want now.

Be Love.
Be kind.

Give Hugs.


Be the Real you!


CAN WE PLEASE STOP WITH the Fat phobic bullshit?


Guilt Free Rest

Last week, I decided to just be on strike.  In South africa, people strike at a drop of a hat. 

I just decided, to bunk work, to be on a slower pace, for me and  I loved it. 

I read my book. 

I took more naps. 

I snoozed. (4am to 5am)

I reiki ‘d me more, in the morning and evening. 

I meditated more. 

I took the time to reconnect with friends. 

WHY? do we feel so guilty about, saying, we need rest? is it not a Human need? 

Yes, we need rest, but I feel most women, over schedule life, so they keep running away 

from their needs, instead of embracing it!    

Being a women, in a man’s world, forces us, to run at their pace! but wait! 

We are the boss. We raise families, we birth kids, we run business ‘s, so why 

do we need to conform?  

We Don’t! 

I realized, I set my pace! the choice lies with me. 

So, Slow down and Refocus, giving yourself a Guilt-free rest day! 

To be who you truly are!   

An Awesome Human Being. 

Empath : C H O I C E

 Dear Empath, 

I know sometimes, it feels like you have no choice. 

STOP! RIGHT THERE !  you have a choice. 

Between  LOVE  and PAIN!  you can choose to love

yourself, enough, to protect you.   OR 

You can absorb the pain of your family, friends, siblings =  and  choose a early death  = cancer, dreaded disease etc.

It is NOT your place to Save others. 

It is not your place, to become unhealthy, because your friend is depressed.

You are here to MASTER, you. 

Discipline your energy, Shield up, your not a garbage can, so do not treat yourself, as such. 

You are LIGHT, in the darkness.

You are a Guide, so Guide, do Not Carry, Do not Absorb. 

Create a Routine of : Prayer, Yoga, meditation, Exercise but also a 

life, that you LOVE!!!!

CHOOSE to LIVE it! to love Who you are, by protecting you! 

Keep It So Simple! 




Empath : Beginner Tools for you

Sharing from :


Here are 30 of the most common traits:
1. Knowing: Empaths just know stuff, without being told. It’s a knowing that goes way beyond intuition or gut feelings, even though that is how many would describe the knowing. The more attuned they are the stronger this gift becomes.
2. Being in public places can be overwhelming: Places like shopping malls, supermarkets or stadiums where there are lots of people around can fill the empath with turbulently vexed emotions that are coming from others.
3. Feeling others emotions and taking them on as your own: This is a huge one for empaths. To some they will feel emotions off those near by and with others they will feel emotions from those a vast distance away, or both. The more adept empath will know if someone is having bad thoughts about them, even from great distance.
4. Watching violence, cruelty or tragedy on the TV is unbearable: The more attuned an empath becomes the worse it is and may make it so they eventually have to stop watching TV and reading newspapers altogether.
5. You know when someone is not being honest: If a friend or a loved one is telling you lies you know it (although many empaths try not to focus on this because knowing a loved one is lying can be painful). Or if someone is saying one thing but feeling/thinking another, you know.
6. Picking up physical symptoms off another: An empath will almost always develop the ailments off another (colds, eye infections, body aches and pains) especially those they’re closest to, somewhat like sympathy pains.
7. Digestive disorders and lower back problems: The solar plexus chakra is based in the centre of the abdomen and it’s known as the seat of emotions. This is where empaths feel the incoming emotion of another, which can weaken the area and eventually lead to anything from stomach ulcers to IBS (too many other conditions to list here). Lower back problems can develop from being ungrounded (amongst other things) and one, who has no knowledge of them being an empath, will almost always be ungrounded.
8. Always looking out for the underdog: Anyone whose suffering, in emotional pain or being bullied draws an empath’s attention and compassion.
9. Others will want to offload their problems on you, even strangers: An empath can become a dumping ground for everyone else’s issues and problems, which, if they’re not careful can end up as their own.
10. Constant fatigue: Empaths often get drained of energy, either from energy vampires or just taking on too much from others, which even sleep will not cure. Many get diagnosed with ME.
11. Addictive personality: Alcohol, drugs, sex, are to name but a few addictions that empaths turn to, to block out the emotions of others. It is a form of self protection in order to hide from someone or something.
12. Drawn to healing, holistic therapies and all things metaphysical: Although many empaths would love to heal others they can end up turning away from being healers (even though they have a natural ability for it), after they’ve studied and qualified, because they take on too much from the one they are trying to heal. Especially if they are unaware of their empathy. Anything of a supernatural nature is of interest to empaths and they don’t surprise or get shocked easily. Even at the revelation of what many others would consider unthinkable, for example, empaths would have known the world was round when others believed it was flat.
13. Creative: From singing, dancing, acting, drawing or writing an empath will have a strong creative streak and a vivid imagination.
14. Love of nature and animals: Being outdoors in nature is a must for empaths and pets are an essential part of their life.
15. Need for solitude: An empath will go stir-crazy if they don’t get quiet time. This is even obvious in empathic children.
16. Gets bored or distracted easily if not stimulated: Work, school and home life has to be kept interesting for an empath or they switch off from it and end up daydreaming or doodling.
17. Finds it impossible to do things they don’t enjoy: As above. Feels like they are living a lie by doing so. To force an empath to do something they dislike through guilt or labelling them as idle will only serve in making them unhappy. It’s for this reason many empaths get labelled as being lazy.
18. Strives for the truth: This becomes more prevalent when an empath discovers his/her gifts and birthright. Anything untruthful feels plain wrong.
19. Always looking for the answers and knowledge: To have unanswered questions can be frustrating for an empath and they will endeavour to find an explanation. If they have a knowing about something they will look for confirmation. The downside to this is an information overload.
20. Likes adventure, freedom and travel: Empaths are free spirits.
21. Abhors clutter: It makes an empath feel weighed down and blocks the flow of energy.
22. Loves to daydream: An empath can stare into space for hours, in a world of their own and blissfully happy.
23. Finds routine, rules or control, imprisoning: Anything that takes away their freedom is debilitating to an empath even poisoning.
24. Prone to carry weight without necessarily overeating: The excess weight is a form of protection to stop the negative incoming energies having as much impact.
25. Excellent listener: An empath won’t talk about themselves much unless it’s to someone they really trust. They love to learn and know about others and genuinely care.
26. Intolerance to narcissism: Although kind and often very tolerant of others, empaths do not like to be around overly egotistical people, who put themselves first and refuse to consider another’s feelings or points of view other than their own.
27. The ability to feel the days of the week: An empath will get the ‘Friday Feeling’ if they work Fridays or not. They pick up on how the collective are feeling. The first couple of days of a long, bank holiday weekend (Easter for example) can feel, to them, like the world is smiling, calm and relaxed. Sunday evenings, Mondays and Tuesdays, of a working week, have a very heavy feeling.
28. Will not choose to buy antiques, vintage or second-hand: Anything that’s been pre-owned carries the energy of the previous owner. An empath will even prefer to have a brand new car or house (if they are in the financial situation to do so) with no residual energy.
29. Sense the energy of food: Many empaths don’t like to eat meat or poultry because they can feel the vibrations of the animal (especially if the animal suffered), even if they like the taste.
30. Can appear moody, shy, aloof, disconnected: Depending on how an empath is feeling will depend on what face they show to the world. They can be prone to mood swings and if they’ve taken on too much negative will appear quiet and unsociable, even miserable. An empath detests having to pretend to be happy when they’re sad, this only adds to their load (makes working in the service industry, when it’s service with a smile, very challenging) and can make them feel like scuttling under a stone.
If you can say yes to most or all of the above then you are most definitely an empath.
Empaths are having a particularly difficult time at the present time, picking up on all the negative emotions that are being emanated into the world from the populace.

ToolKit for Beginner Empaths :

Once you become aware of being a empath, your life changes.

You need to :

  1. Ground yourself to the earth everyday, imagine growing roots to the Core of the Earth, fill your aura with a white light and a blue shield.
  2. Meditate everyday : You can garden or go for a walk.
  3. Exercise and Yoga is your sanity, so keep using them to stay balanced.
  4. GO for REIKI and Massage Often, it reboots you.
  5. Wear gemstones : Jet, obsidian, hematite, black tourmaline.
  6. Have a sleep routine : coarse salt baths at night, soothing music, no cell phone.
  7. Place salt around your house and rosequartz at all entrances and exits.
  8. Rosequartz and Hematite : 4 corners of your bed.
  9. Use a ethyn, to cut cords from your aura, everyday.
  10. You feel others pain, DO NOT ABSORB IT, use smudging with sage, to clear your aura.   You naturally absorb others pain, this shit is real! So, start protecting you. 
  11. Never give people access to your aura, stand to the side, so they cannot suck energy.
  12. Empaths attract sociapaths, narcissist, psychopaths, people with anxiety, ptsd, anxiety : It is Not your role, to fix them, so dodge them at all cost.   Protect you!!!!  say no. 

Empaths who are treated with Reiki / Treat others : You are More sensitive

  1. The moment you realize, you channel energy, your world changes. You can manifest things faster. You need to treat yourself with Love and sacredness.
  2. Be both gentle and a Warrior. I cannot emphasize this more.  People Love energy, so be discerning about  who you have sex with / no casual sex as you will absorb all their issues, so a partner with anxiety, ptsd, a eating disorder, and throw in depression   is a BIG NO thank you! I am good.  You share your soul and spirit, be so protective of it.
  3. You will love silence, so going out after 8 pm is a no.  Socializing with people who are not on your page, a no thank you.   You will also love  your own company, so create a sanctuary for you.
  4. Observe. Feel. Look. Listen. Hear.   Respond to Gut feelings. Keep your guard up!
  5. Discipline : I used to rebel against this word, however, it is now my friend. I discipline myself to NOT WANT TO FIX IT. No want to fix the lame ducks/ the broken / the damaged / the fat phobic. If they did not ask, you are just interferring, reign in your energy.
  6. We live a high standard of ethics to serve humanity, however, not everyone has this higher purpose or calling, so protect you. Do not attend social gatherings where alcohol, meat, drugs are used, why, because human nature will question your lifestyle and none of these aspects are good for healers / empaths.
  7. Toxin free :   There is no nutrition in  : coffee / coke /  smoking  :  If you keep using these things to survive, switch to raw juices / smoothies, you will live longer.
  8. My pain / your Pain  :    you need to OWN your Shit /      and let others do the same.  Stop !  wanting to help. Again discipline yourself. Look at the real story people spin, hear, listen, protect you. People lie : read, body language, read thoughts, do not be naiive.
  9. If you suffer with anxiety, take St Johns wort, find a remedy that helps you.
  10. Stay in your happy space! Choose to not take on anyone’s emotions : Use your right hand and scoop their energy off, using your left hand to cut.. go to the grass and reground you. This shit is real, so act on it. Psychic vampires are real.

Body Positive : To thy self be true

This week, I have been reflecting on being, more body positive with myself.

  1. Facing old belief patterns, formed by others.

  2. Learning to appreciate my body, for where I am at.

  3. Learning to change, “perfect” body concept within, to more self acceptance and self comfort.

  4. Learning to LOVE, my body, to nurture, to enjoy it, more.

  5. As woman, we are taught, to fit into a box, however, the box is not what we seek. 



BE WILD! Be free!

Wear what you love!

Be who you are!

Be your OWN Body Positive Image!

Bitter is Not Better : Unseen Toxic Behaviour


Bitterness, Anger, Gossip, Drama, Chaos, these are all symptoms of a bigger symptom, of dealing with Shadow/ Ego self.   Many people included myself, learned to tap into Pain, Anger, Bitterness, in order to perservere, but this is not a True path.

Bitterness happens when you refuse to listen, to your Intuition, being rebellious, so you can do what you want, but it is not always, the right way for you.

So many people misuse the “word”  against themselves and others, living a dualistic APPROACH, which separates, creating a  US vs THEM approach, which is excluding.

Yes, it is a path, but a false one. 

Walking the Higher ground of LOVE, takes practise.

You can only give LOVE, Compassion, Grace, if you practise living in a FORGIVING AND A FORGETTING space.

I am not asking you to be a martyr.  I am asking you to keep a CLEAR AND  CLEAN HEART.

  1. If someone has harmed you, forgive and forget, but ask the Universe to render Justice.
  2. If someone has angered you, wait until your calmer : Write down the anger, saying I forgive / bless and release them, and MYSELF. Choosing to move forward.
  3. Make a fire : burn the page :  Put clay all over your body, dance under the stars and release it.
  4. Drumming : Drumming stirs the heart into JOY! beat your heart out.
  5. Take time to Lie in the SUN!
  6. Go for a walk.
  7. Seek to see, the Treasure of Life.
  8. Choose to move forward, letting the healing take place.
  9. Go for a massage / reiki session.
  10. Ask for help, if you are stuck.
  11. Say No!  Say No. F ### off! say No! and Growl.


Empath : Connecting to : Ancestors and Spirit Helpers (going deeper)

The first time I heard about connecting to your Ancestors, was from a Shaman. I met him, as he was teaching a friend of mine, how to balance, your yin and yang. Like you, I was skeptical, until, I had my first bone throwing, which changed it all.  The shaman advised me to connect with my Ancestors, at least once a week.

Connect with your Ancestors :

  1. Smudge and cleanse the house.
  2. Smudge and clear my body.
  3. Purchase 7 different coloured candles.
  4. Light the candles : And say I call UPON  . . . their names:  …..
  5. Give the Ancestors what they loved. eg. Whisky, Niknaks, dates, chocolate as a offering.
  6. Commit to them, your to do list : your planning for the week.
  7. Wait. Be silent. Listen. BE CALM.
  8. Blow out candles and keep for next week.


Connect with your Spirit Helpers :

  1. You have a Higer Self  – who gives you Intuitive guidance : Name him or her.
  2. Carry a note book and write down all gut feelings.
  3. You have access to Angels, Guides, Runners, Helpers : Use them.
  4. Say I call upon my helpers to  . . . . find me a parking!  and trust it.
  5. Journal your day : note all the help, you received and keep at it.

Connection with Reiki Energy, Masters :

If you have done reiki and you are a novice, lets get started.

  1. Ensure your Reiki attunement was done correctly, I can check for you.
  2. You can help others heal, yes.
  3. Speed up time, slow down time.
  4. Send energy to Past, Present, future.
  5. You can Ignite someones Spirit, also : like helping someone conceive.

Tools :  whats in the box ?

  1. If you are at the starting block of this Spiritual journey :
  2. Do yoga. Exercise. Get your diet in shape.
  3. Get grounded : Stand on the grass and visualize growing roots to the earth and Fill your aura with a blue light  – shield.
  4. Wear  Gemstones :  jet, obsidian, black tourmaline, obsidian, hematite.
  5. Give away, what you do not need.
  6. Meditate :  Imagine energy flowing into everything, you need.
  7. Watch the movie, WHAT THE BLEEP DO WE KNOW?
  8. Have a Music playlist which keeps your mood, happy.
  9. Paint. Play. Sit in the sunshine.
  10. Journal, get to know who you are.
  11. Have fun! Step into your WILD child self.  (and Yes, have SEX)
  12. You tube : Sonia Choquette, read her books, gain knowledge.


Most of all, enjoy the Journey, wherever You are at!  We are heading towards our True Self, yes, it is Hard, but no harder than teething!  or learning to walk with your Spiritual Legs! 

You can do this.




Those who serve : Healers, Mothers, Shamans, Therapist, Yogis


There are those who serve communities, going unnoticed.
There are those who serve with no appreciation.
There are those who serve households, with no gratitude.
There are those who work long hours, to serve their families.
There are those who serve, humanity.
Being of service to human beings, is an unconditional vocation, it has no “closing” times, no off days.

Sometimes, the needs of others, feels endless.

Like a bottomless well, that requires filling.

Need? Hunger? Want? Desire?

All human emotions. . . we are born hungry.

We are born needy.

We are born with an unquenchable thirst, for life.

We as woman, fill the holes in society, we give, we get very little back, we are treated as 2nd class citizens, even though, we raise families, run companies, run a household.

After every man, is a hard working women.

But, who makes the rules! We do.

Who creates understanding, love, compassion, We do.
Our lives matter, our desires matter, our dreams matter, our ambitions matter, our wants matter, our beliefs matter, we are enough.

Seeking to find a true sense of who we are.
Our Spirit is in the rising of the Sun.
The Sound of the wind howling through the trees.
The sight of water flowing, giving life.
We are in the seeds we plant, we create, life.
In the words, we share, we give solace.
We nurture, We give, We love, We are belong to those who serve, endlessly.

Those who love unconditionally, because, we are changing the world,

one person at a time, starting with you.


Back to Basics : Joy of Living your life.


We live in a world that is male energy driven, I will explain: 

I must, I have to, I should, Rush, Chase, Run, Stress!  we as woman, are a subdued force, we try so hard to fit into the box, that society creates for us.  We are pack animals, we need support, we need care, we need to take time, to be ourselves. 

I love taking time out, to reboot, to complete our thoughts.

I love journalling everyday.

I love sitting in the sun, observing the raspberries grow, having my cats with me.

I love creating an amazing meal, placing the fresh garden peas, into my vegetable stir fry.

I love waking up, when the sun has risen.

Sometimes,  when you keep chasing healing and being whole, just take a moment, to CAMP, set up

camp, and start appreciating how far you have come.

Life is created with the simple moments, pleasures of our sensations. 

Eat the delicious food, you create.

Pray and meditate, connect with the Divine.

Laugh often. 

Create Joy in your life.  Do not take everything, so personal. 

The joy of living, a life, you love is within you!  Dont let it slip away. 

Love your life, Love your body. Love where you’re at.


Self care: Nurture? Pamper? Torture? Action?


I will be the first to promote massage/ reiki / physio / yoga treatments, so that you can feel better, however, when it comes to someone treating me, it gets a bit tricky.

Why? well because, I have  a high standard, I know exactly what I want and what I want is SKILLED hands. Hands that will read what my body needs, so I don’t have to say it, speak it or even mention it, because that is what I offer my clients.

Over the last 10 years, I have seen about  4 to 500  people in a year, which means, it is about 3 people, a day or sometimes 5 people a day. I love what I do, it is physical, it takes a deep discipline to do yoga, to do reiki,  to do exercise, to walk, to meditate everyday, but I love it, so I keep going, my male side kicks in and it is all systems go!

BUT . . . .  I know when this happens, it is time for a massage, my husband is my massage therapist and reiki master and counsellor. He takes care of me, well, he cooks for me everyday, he does the laundry and drives everywhere, when needed. He is my right hand man, my support system. 

I learnt a long time ago, that I need to have regular treatments to stay in top form, so yesterday, I had a Physiotherapist session with a very good friend of mine, he is a professional, he is very skilled and knows my body well. He realigned my spine, cracked my feet, my hips, bulldozed my knots, my back, I screamed and used alot of F ‘s while he did his magic, lucky for me, he just laughs at me, and teases me, saying, your F###ed up this time, and he repairs it all.  I was man down after our session, I crashed onto my bed and slept for 3 hours, which felt like 15 minutes, I could walk and move better, after our session, which is awesome.

I know my body, well, I can use it, abuse it, work it hard, but I Have a support system, to help me, heal.

I have a shaman also, whom I visit, when I feel things are not flowing, quite right.

My husband as my healer.

My physiotherapist as my torturer. (whom I appreciate dearly)

A doctor : I have  doctor who I respect, and question all the time, why? because I was diagnosed with asthma, when I was born, however, I have learnt to manage it, with diet, medication, exercise, breathe work.

To be a awesome kick ass person, YOU NEED A SUPPORT SYSTEM : 

  1. You need to ask for help.
  2. You need to be vulnerable, and surrender control.
  3. You need to assess what you need, then make it happen.
  4. Pain – when you have a repair massage / physio session, your body starts to heal itself, so rest is needed.
  5. Know your body, Know your limits. I know my body responds well to healing and treatments, so I will try to schedule more of them.
  6. I am not a island. I actually love being massaged / pampered and treated well.
  7. I cannot promote healing, without taking care of me, also.
  8. Keeping the balance between my yin and yang is imperative, because then I flow with Divine synchronicity, when I am at my best.
  9. Self Love : part of a healing journey is loving yourself, having a gentle relationship with yourself, pay attention to you.
  10. Choose a person, you connect with to be your healer / helper for treatments, because, you need too.


Your Baggage, is a Gift!


Pain. Trauma. Neglect. Conflict. Drama. Hate. Abuse. Scars. Remember. Depression. Ptsd. Anxiety, how can these be a gift? What type of person receives these and processes them as gifts? The kinds of person, who decides to LOVE, Bless, Forgive, Release and Heal.

Most people think healing is a OUTSIDE job, but it is completely a CHOICE, of a INSIDE Job. I found my healing path, with Reiki, yes I write about it a lot, but I am so in awe and in a space of gratitude for this healing art, that, I cannot keep it in, I need to share it, show it, express it and live it.

In the evenings, I am guided to reiki myself, going back to the moment of my creation, filling my spirit with LOVE, welcoming me.

Recently, I have changed my massaging routine, today, I included sound healing, Polynesian stretching massage, Hawaiian Lomi lomi / Kahuna massage, with the use of some massage tools from Hong Kong, added in Reiki ing of the deep inner child, at the moment of creation.

The healing was phenomenal, amazing, her Aura was SHINNING, as if someone, shon a white light upon her!

It was magical.

The healing of reiki, is a art, yes, it is for everyone, but not everyone is dedicated to it, or committed to it. Every athlete, trains for the marathon, we don’t just become good at it, it needs to be digested, the spirit of Reiki teaches you, the Masters guide you, you become this vessel of light, and the past becomes History.

The her stories about you, is gone. The present moment is the gift you hold, the future unfolds, with each thought, breathe, word spoken.

I see the path of others, I feel their fears, their wants, their needs, their energy, their journey, I cannot interfere, I can only guide, because this is their Journey! Their process.

My foot steadily on my path, as I place one foot in front of the other, no rush, no hurry, it is all as it should be, Divinely Synchronised, because, this is it! 

Living a life of purpose, love, dedication, commitment, because, I love it.




A ttach ment



Attachment, the word in itself means attached to something or someone. LOVE creates attachment, a bond, a longing, a link, a connection, from heart to heart. We form this attachment as a baby, we bond with our maternal care giver, we recognise them, we start to long for the sound of their voice, for their face. In the same way, we become attached to our lovers, our friends, our family.

When have a  love connection, we have a bond, we care, we love, we share, but this attachment can easily turn into a controlling relationship. As a empath, we walk a fine line between loving someone, and controlling the need, to intuit their needs, to “want to fix their depression/ anxiety / ptsd / eating disorder”, we just want it to be better? Why, so they can be happy?  But this is not our true path. We can give advise freely but not carry, why because, by carrying, we disable them, to not OWNING their power and assuming full responsibility for their life.

What happens to an empath, after many years of carrying, we become Ill, ill health settles in, asthma, cancer, heart attack, a pop up,

of a foreign disease, which has no logical explaination.

We carry because, we feel we must, but this is a lie.

If someone does not ask for help, you are only interfering.

If someone asks for advise, give it, without expectations and do not be disappointed, when they do not listen.

The HUMAN psyche is a complex mountain, you need to read body language, breathe, thoughts, observe and you will figure out, if the words pouring out of their mouth is real or lies!

Sometimes to moan, bitch and complain, just lets someone else steal your energy and happiness! Wow!   If you let that happen, well you are slowing polluting your vessel of light and allowing the darkness in, and putting out the WELCOME mat, and saying, come live here!

Attachment makes us human beings yes! But, you need to have clear boundaries about YOUR shit and Their shit!

You cannot change anyone, you can only change you.

If you do not feel comfortable, say NO.

If being with someone harms your energy field, it is time to run, escape, plan a exit strategy.

You cannot FIX anyone, they obviously need help, but not from you, so stop trying to fix, what you cannot.

Deep within us, rest our SOUL, to love, to do good, to want to heal, to become whole, if this inclination is subdued, the pattern of going around and around, year after year, with no healing or progress, stop the madness and get off this trainwreck.

There are those who want to heal.

There are those who do not want to.

There are those who are easily distracted from their own peace and happiness, so they can save others. ( BULLL SHITTTT! )

There are those who love the drama of the broken boyfriend, if he is broken, you cannot fix it. (STOP trying)

Most of all, do not be an askhole!  A askhole, are those who ask questions then dissect the Answer, because they cannot face the Truth, which means they have a BLAHHHHHHH   block, please don’t let this be you.


CONSCIOUSNESS AND AWARENESS brings forth gifts from your intuition,

Decide to :











(don’t just do this on a retreat, Include IT IN YOUR life)


Living a spirit filled life is NOT for everyone, so please, when you decide to LIVE spirit, give it 100%, because You are the reward.



Using LOVE (reiki) as a Super Power

Today, was one of those amazing days, always. Well, I have had to deal with the “real” world a lot lately. The bank, the home affairs department, for my passport, the Kodak shop for visa pictures, finding a clever travel agent, foreign banking, shop assistants, etc. 

The most amazing thing, I do for myself when entering the real world, is I put up my shield, try not to read, all the people, but I light the place up with LOVE, when I enter it, so much so, that someone wants to help me immediately, I rarely stand in queue’s, it is as if, they have been waiting for me.

(I do send reiki ahead, whenever, I go to town, called Howick.)

I walked into a shop today, seeking towels for my friend in India, before I could ask, I in my authorative voice said : walk with me, and she did, willing to help and assist me.

Well, my super power is LOVE / reiki, and big fat smiles and friendliness!

You can ask anyone politely for help and they will say YES!

I even got the bank manager, to print my bank statements for free, I got 3 bank assistants to help me within 15 minutes, I was done with what I needed to do.

So, most people I know, complain and bitch about all of the above! 

So, here is some tools to assist you with dealing, the REAL world, system people.

  1. Be friendly.
  2. Smile as if Rainbows is flashing, out of your ass.
  3. Send LOVE to them, make eye contact. Give Hugs!
  4. Vital ingredient : make them laugh! Anything! Ask for something for free, I do it all the time.
  5. Be so nice, that they want to help you, really!
  6. Speak with Authority and confidence, they will want to help you now.
  7. Be Specific, list your request and then do task 1, 2, 3 with them.
  8. Get email address’s and telephone numbers, if you foresee, a problem. Have a backup.
  9. Ensure you politely, inform them, that you do not have time for shit! Also, very important.
  10. When asked a question, give all the information. Eg. I need bank statements, with xxxx closing balance.

 Having dealt with all these realities, makes me so happy, to be living where I do, in silence, with clean mountain water, fresh vegetables from our garden, and a sanctuary knowing that I have a piece of utopia!  My space, My Home, My life.


Depression and Anxiety are real : How to OWN it


Most people who suffer with depression/anxiety, firstly deny the existance of this MENTAL HEALTH conditions, that WRECKS havoc, with their LIVES and those around them! 

Antidepressants are treating a symptom, however, the long term solutions is to treat the WHOLE body with

Counselling/ Reiki / Massage / Child Psychology, assessing where the trauma began, sometimes, it is in the womb, sometimes, it is a traumatic event, like a break up!  Whatever, the cause, finding the key to your Healing, is a Journey.


NO Quick fixes. No make it go away!  Just  a moving of  mind, body, spirit, to being to heal within.

Here are some tools, to assist your healing journey!

How to talk to children



I observe many people trying to control their kids, instead of LOVING and Nurturing them.

Impacted on kids, with adult views, thoughts, opinions, when the KID, is just trying to be themselves,

trying to Learn, Grow, Not be a burden. Adults put all kinds of pressure on kids, wanting them to conform,

when they don’t fit into the box at all.

The old paradigms of good parenting, has changed, a different approach, of using SOFTER Skills, to communicate,

and a disciplined loving manner, affirming who the child is as a person.

Using words of Affirmation : Impacting POSITIVELY with WORDS! 

You did very well today! Thank you. 

You have the most amazing smile!

I love you!  and your precious.

Please, can you stop that!

A gentler approach works better, when you are connecting with your child, so he or she learns the art of

good communication, the art of expressing feelings, and you are moulding this soul, to becoming a whole adult, able to Master coping with any event, in his or her, adult life.

You are teaching your child, to live from the Heart, where LOVE resides, which is such a treasure to have!~

Learning to LEARN from every experience, good or bad, builds a inner character of Strength!

Making you a Proud Parent, but you need to : harness and reign in your own expectations.

Do you Best! with Love always.

10 years of Mastering reiki

Ten years ago, I embarked on this journey, being a complete novice.

Now, 10 years of practising Reiki, I have learnt so much! 

Reiki Masters – means you have mastered the art of channelling the Universal Energy and 

you are a Teacher.  Teaching Reiki means you share the Reiki Tradition, you carry a soul for 5 weeks

and you are accountable, for those you teach.  This path is not for everyone.

It requires a huge percentage of your LIFE purpose, dedication, integrity and commitment, to being the Best Healer, you can be. 

When I started this journey, my teacher said that, the Imperfect people, make good Masters. 

This was so true! It feels like yesterday, it does not feel like 10 years has gone by.

So, far, I have taught 48 students reiki and equipped 2 Reiki Masters, to Teach.

A journey of self discovery, adventure, unexpected detours and fun! 

Want to learn this art of healing, called Reiki? email me : midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com 

/ Text :  +27846030604.


Healing the day you were Created!


The moment you are created, the sperm and egg connect, the light of the Divine is sparked and new life begins.  Light and Dark connect, to start creating a human being. The circumstances on the outside influences who you are. Smoking when you’re pregnant, causes the baby to be in a distress / nervous tension mode, which results in biting of their nails, anxiety, depression.

I have calculated my own day of creation, and it was around the 17th September 1975, during the time of apartheid, separation, segregation, violence, and many people suffered during this time and space in South Africa.

Fear was the meal of the day. Fear for your life, fear for your choices, fear of having your home searched.

Riots, marches, chaos, theft, drama, was the norm of the day.

When I was created, there were things, I just knew, as an empath.

Recently, I started reiki ing myself as the little girl in the incubator, and also travelling back in time with Reiki, to the day of my creation, why? I planted an affirmation of  “YOU are loved, and YOU are wanted” in my psyche, I also placed a SHIELD over my body, protecting me, and keeping me safe.

The void of yearning for love and acceptance, has been filled!

It is as if a veil has lifted and I have shifted into a more loving space, regarding myself and my body! 

Love! Healing Reiki! Is definitely the key to a wholesome LIFE!



Are you Happiness Prejudice?

I attended a social event recently, when someone asked me how I am? I reply awesome! Then they naturally, ask me why? I say, well, we manifested a newer car, I passed my child psychology with 98%, our rental has been decreased, so we can stay longer in the house, we rent, my partner sold a painting, and I went for my passport and it was completed in 7 days!  I am excited about being in the flow of divine synchronicity. 

The normal response from people are negative sayings of you are so lucky! Your styling with a frown, a negative vibe, which I get is one of envy, jealousy, and sometimes even hate.

I am happy! It is a choice, I have made, and I constantly strive to stay that way!

My path as a healer, therapist, psychic, telepath, counsellor person, has been set for me. I was taught  to think out of the box. I could answer adult questions at the age of 4. I was harmed, bullied, mistreated and I did not have a good life, until I started following my path as a healer, for the last 10 years.

Normal people treat me like, I have left something bitter in their mouths, the after taste of their own disappointment in themselves, to live a mediocre life, of no purpose.

But, F###! that! Really, I have worked really hard to get here!  It is not my fault or responsibility, to make you happy, it is your own duty, to find your life purpose and then to live it.

Seek it!  I am tired of being treated, like I arrived with a silver spoon in my mouth, when I did not. I have broken all the paradigms of my own upbringing and decided to live a good life, as this is my best revenge, upon, the people who have mistreated me.

I say this, not to seek sympathy or empathy, I say these things, because it is time, you removed the carrot from your own ass, and start living your true potential.


STOP being your own blockage, to happiness, and daily choosing to live a mere survival existence. 


Energy is everything. It rules my world, my universe, my life, my purpose, my space. Obviously, anyone can learn this art of Reiki and become dedicated  and committed to it! However, it is much easier to complain about how you want to quit drinking coffee, but pour another cup for yourself.

How about struggling to meditate and go spiritually deeper, when your just thinking about your next bitching session with a friend, while you suck their energy, as you have no love.

Those who do, DON’t   talk, they just do!!!!!! 

So get off your ass askhole. 

If I have totally pissed you off and your ego is saying, who do you think you are?

I am Colleen van Heerden!  Get used to it.






7 day Inner child healing : for kids/ teenagers / adults


I was born 3 months before, I was ready to be born. My biological mother, smoked like chimney, which caused me to go into distress. Being 6 months old and having under developed lungs, I spent the first 3 months of my life, in a hospital, trying to survive, as I nearly died a few times. After, I completed my studies of Child Psychology, I was able to identify, some of the issues, left behind by this trauma. 

Being wanted and welcomed as a foetus, strengthens, the babies immune system, however, since I was born prematurely, my immune system was not completely developed. 

My biological mother, popped out babies and was happy to live a male driven life of work, and escape her kids, which means, I had deprived maternal attachment. The first 6 months, is vitally important, for the babies health, to form a attachment, to the mother, which in turn, teaches trust. Also, between the age of 18months and 4 years, a attachment bond should be formed with the mother, which did not happen. Also, she did not breastfeed me, I was given formula, so no bond, was created.

All these issues have popped up, as I have learnt to verbalise / analyse / identify them and use REIKI to go back in time, and heal these issues, as they arise.

The issues of the Inner child, linger in the body, waiting and wanting to be healed, and when it does, it is asif a layer has been lifted, and love just fills the space and reiki.

I have now created a 7 day distance healing for Your INNER CHILD :

Sending Healing to, these issues  :

Distress that babies experience, if the mother smokes.

Deprived maternal attachment bond.

Addressing the maturity level of the Inner teenager.

Embracing the female self – Many adults, struggle to adjust from a female teenager to a adult, to becoming a woman.

Connection – Listening to your intuition and addressing your inner needs.

Communication – We learn to communicate at a young age, but we need to speak our truth, in order to be mature adults.

Grounding – Many people hop from one topic to the next, lacking Grounding, feeling supported by a higher force.

Empath – If you have subdued being a empath and carried others, it is time to STOP! and start being who you truly are.

Interested ?  To take this inner child journey?   To book yours  084 603 0604 or emails : midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com 

Lets heal what we cannot see! but feel. . .


7 days of Increased Abundance : More $$$, Create, Play, Flow (anywhere in the world)


Over the last 7 days, my Higher self,  advised me to Shift to a Higher Gear! 

Everyone needs healing, but you reach a level, where you know, you can achieve more,

but you don’t know how to reach it!  That is where I have created the following:

7 days of Abundance with Reiki, is for those who want to go deeper into the flow of abundance.

What does this mean?

It means that each day you receive a Blessing Of Love and Abundance, into your Aura, so

you can Create more.

A flow of business / money / food / creativity / gifts / a deeper giving and receiving.

Each day the Intention is set, for you to receive more, Live deeper, while expanding your LOVE, from the heart and your Divine Consciousness, with a Deeper connection to Divine Synchronicity.

Making money becomes effortless.

You decide to Treat you well   :

Eat healthy and wholesome food. Drink Water. Go wee when you need to. You just decide to LOVE all of who you are!

It is for those who, are open to embarking on a journey within, tapping into the Female side of Creativity.

Day 1 : 

Create a Healing grid of Abundance, using gemstones, smudging, cutting negative cords attached to you.

Using Tibetan singing bowl and Tingshaws to lift your energy.

Day 2 : 

Blessing In Hebrew : used for Financial abundance.

Using Tibetan singing bowl.

Teach you to protect you with, Cho Ku Rei, to clear and protect you/ speeding up time/ queues.

Dr Emoto – The Power of Blessing

Day 3 : 

Smudging and Cut all negative energies.

Sound Healing : Tibetan singing bowls  and Rain stick.

LOVE : self love : To create. Play.

Day 4 : 

Blessing of a Hawaiian Chant of Divine Feminine Energy.

Blessing of Abundance, to Flow, to blossom into creation.

Believing that what you need will flow.

Abundance is on the Inside.

Day 5 :

Intention and Focus, harnessing your energy.

Set a Intention with your 3rd Eye, flowing, focus on

one Task. Energy goes, where attention goes.

More Flowing and creating, playing, be present.

Trusting Divine Synchronicity.

Day 6  : 

Blessing of Abundance.

Living in a space of Gratitude.

Art of making money effortlessly.

Receiving R100 – Pay you R10.Give away R10, and Save R10.

Start living with a grateful heart, give away 10% of what you make, to those in need.

Single moms/ Old ladies  / Pay for someones groceries, giving is also Love.

Help people to remember goodness.  Give hugs. Give of yourself.

Be Open to magical Moments. Living moments from your heart.

Day 7  : 

Blessing of Abundance. Accept being a vessel of Love.

Listen to Intuition with Love, in perfect time.

Trust in what you cannot see, in Energy,

in feelings and heart, flow with LOVE.

Act on Intuition, your radar.

Learn to live in the Magic of Abundance.









Obsessive body Culture :My Body vs Your body

Dear Body Culture, 

I am tired of the comparing! 

I am tired of fat is bad! 

I am tired of seeing, eat this and be THIN!  

One can be fat and fit, and healthy and even happy!  

WHY?   Because I love my body and YOU should LOVE yours also. 

Pimples, Cellulite, Saggy arms, Curvy boobs, Curvy Tummy, this is all part of being human.

I do not have the time to exercise for 3 hours a day and have tiny amounts of food – No thanks.

I enjoy food, I enjoy yoga, I enjoy exercise, but who decides what 

I look like is imperfect?  A magazine, Social Media?  

I love and accept my body with every flaw, because, I do, I urge you to do the same! 

Life is short, don’t  make loosing weight, or gaining weight a Obsessive Purpose in your life.

Eat the chocolate, do the yoga.

Drink the wine, go for a walk. 

Take a nap!  Your body will thank you for it. 

Choose to be HAPPY as you are, Do not be Bullied into SOMEONE you are NOT! 

LOVE yourself. Madly. Deeply. Accept you. Imperfection and ALL ! 


7 days of Reiki Distance healing – Anywhere in the world!


At the moment, I am doing 7 days of Reiki Distance healing for over 10 people in London.

(Thanks to 3 awesome ladies :

Che Dyer / Rachel Charlesworth / Anna Marsh :

Who are repairing the world, one person at a time in London.

Look at their Instagram account of magic :

@bodybuddharebel     and   @indieyogalife     and  @anna_marsh_nutriition) 

Many people ask me, what is the Purpose of this healing journey?

Frankly, it is for Everyone, it is about healing you within, so we can keep the balance, and you will

be able to cope, with your life, better… knowing, you are being the Best Version of Yourself, a whole you.

What do I need  to read you  ?  I need . . .

Your Full name

A recent Picture of you

I will then read your aura and check your Chakras and give you feedback.

I send healing to you  for 8 days!

I place you in a Healing grid, which keeps you safe.

I Smudge you and remove all negative cords from your body.

Grounding you  – Strenghthening a Connection to the Earth. – So, you stay focused.

Yin and Yang – Balancing : Male and female energy

Healing to : your : Inner child, Adolescent, Adult self

If you are a empath : I remove the negative blockages and others energy.

If you have lost someone or getting divorced,  I reboot your heart to heal, itself.

Healing to Each of your 7 Chakras – Base, Sacral, Solar plexus, heart, throat, 3rd eye, crown.

I then give you feedback, each day on your progress.

Giving you some valuable tools to keep balanced and focused.

After 7 days, I will then give you a blessing of LOVE sealing in, all the magic.

We can stay in contact, and have TOP up sessions, every 2 weeks, to keep you balanced and in tune with you!

To book a 7 day journey, email midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com or  Text :  084 603 0604.


Be Your Imperfect self : Be Body Positive

I am the Observer. I observe myself. I observe others.

After having studied, child psychology, I have reached a wider

understanding of the consciousness, our unique make up of

feelings, thoughts, words, our emotions, our mental capacity for learning

and expressing who we are.

We have been conditioned by our upbringing, conditioned to

find fault. Conditioned to condemn our bodies.

Conditioned to be prejudiced to anyone who is different.

Black, white, bisexual, gay, these are all conditioned prejudice which

have been implanted into our psyche’s but with awareness, we

have the power to overcome, anything and with the KEY word, love!

I am imperfect, I have 2 tummy rolls, I have stretch marks, 

but when I am having pleasure, of an orgasm, or a good chocolate or

a yummy dish of pasta with cheese on top, I enjoy it!

Why? Because  I have accepted that, I am fit and fat! and it has changed my perception,

about who I am!  like a veil has lifted, I no longer use words of POISON towards my body,

I love my body. I am slowly falling inlove with my body! Feeling a deeper appreciation for what it

does for me, and what I can do for it.

I no longer need to use words against my body, I accept that I am fat, yes, 

but this is NOT all of who I am!  Once you accept this about you, no one can use it against you.

It is freeing!

Your Mental health counts :

I LOVE YOU  = say and mean it

I am sorry = Forgive who you are

I forgive you = Let Go

Thank you =  Start a appreciation of who you are!




Stomach – Flat / Non flat – Sacral chakra : Rejection / Acceptance




Over the last 10 years, I have exercised, changed my diet every 6 months, I have starved, fasted, trained, drank magic things, fat burners and I realized, none of this works! Why?  Well, I just completed my studies of CHILD psychology and YES! I  analysed me,  I was a rejected child, by both parents, now looking back, my mother did everything possible, to avoid me, to run away, I was left in the care of my grandparents, who had 8 kids of their own, so by the time, I arrived, they were old, and all “Kiddied” out, they were strict in their parenting approach, which served me well, however, I was a maternal deprived child, lacking the attachment between MOTHER and CHILD, which means, I do not trust people, because the maternal BOND was not formed.

I tried to adapt, to be less needy, to be  a wise ass child, to over achieve, to gain the attention, love, I craved, however, this just attracted bullies and criticism. I was expected to over achieve, all the time, which I felt was unhealthy for me.

I lacked being accepted for who I was, realizing that these issues were deeply rooted in my stomach / sacral area,

I started reiki ing myself, going to the root course of the PAIN and Healing it within.

The effective measure of CHILD psychology, helped me identify the issue and using REIKI to heal it, has changed my approach to many things.

Once you begin to love yourself, YOUR stomach’s shape or size no longer matter.

What matters is that you have a tummy to digest delicious foods.

Releasing the conditioning of media, of what I am  supposed to look like, and embracing my OWN imperfection with LOVE!

What matters most, is that YOU LOVE you, You accept you, YOU become BODY positive for you!

Because This is a INside Journey! to thy true self, to be healed, to be whole!


Pre-teen : Communicate better and have the SEX and masturbation talk



I was a rebellious teenager and I still am. I often wish, someone explained masturbation, sex, in a gentle manner, and I didnt have to hear it, from a judgmental Biology Teacher. 

If you are a teenager and you are reading this, Masturbation is NORMAL and HEALTHY!


Having a open line of communication is vital, if you as a parent, are to assist him / her to become a Healthy  adult, in

body, mind, spirit and mental health and conditioning. I say these things, because I can see how a lack of love for your teenager being hormonal, moody, depressed and having a parent that does not take the time to form a

close connection with your child, will impact on his or her sexuality, and becoming a whole adult.

Here are some tips, speak in a gentle tone and connect with your child, know, teenagers are human beings firstly.




Healing : To help kids with ADHD and Parents


I just completed the studies of child psychology, whereby I do not agree with all of the Assessment

questions, it does have a space in Healing, the mental and emotional health of children and adults.

Children, are unique, everyone learns at a difference level and pace. Each person receives 40% of their IQ from their parents, however, depending on your stimulation by your parents, siblings, immediate family and the socialization circle, as a child, your brain wants to learn new things, explore limits and grow in knowledge.

Many children are suffering with ADHD, my recommendation is a combination of reiki, counselling, yoga, change in diet, teaching them to connect with themselves, spiritually, will make all the difference, treating the issues, holistically and not medically with tablets. (there is a space for that, if need be).


Finding Your Balance


Over the last 10 years, I learnt about having a imbalance of a driven MALE side, which affects, not just me, but my partner, the drivenness, of pushing, of doing even when I am exhausted and on the brink of burn out, does not work for me anymore.  I took a step back. Every year, bronchitus 3 times a year, because I refuse to rest when I need it. I push, I push, I push, but this makes me sick eventually, because I am out of sync, with me. 

To keep the balance within, I needed to find a different approach for me.

To keep my male and female side in balance, I practise REIKI on myself everyday.

I commit to doing Yoga everyday, which means I fill my body with LOVE and goodness, with

breathe and stretching. I also exercise, to keep me grounded.

I commit to journalling my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions everyday, because this is my ME time.

I embarked on a journey, to wear clothes that fit comfortably and to adding colour to my wardrobe,

with some make up, some perfume. I changed to using a MOONCUP, which makes me appreciate being

a female so much more, treating myself well!

Feeling balanced, is such a good feeling. I can take time to read a book, take time to sit and enjoy the sun or

a lovely cup of tea with my partner.

I no longer want to rush my life away, chasing money, studies, items, debt, You get the picture, that

I want to live a life of Special moments, of listening to Music, reading the Tao Te Ching to my man and

have a good laugh, a good shag, a good sleep.

I am valuing the stillness of this moment, and seeking to have Pleasure, JOY, LOVE, Laughter on

this journey of my life.

I am not waiting for the perfect waist size or the perfect moment, the MOMENT of my life, is here,

is NOW!

Embracing LIFE, with a open heart, a gentler YOU, to become  a empowered feminine self.

In Balance, and not shaken or stirred, but deeply connected to the Divine Source,

who knows my every Need, and trusting, that I have enough of all I need, for NOW!


Making space for the rising spirit within : Wild Woman


I am changing. I am not the same woman, I used to be. I am growing into 

a rising woman of spirit. I am making space for the woman, I am becoming.  I do not ask for your

approval, I do not need your permission. I approve and allow myself to be free.

To have clear boundaries for myself, to live by my own code, to LOVE every aspect of self.

I have journeyed deep, shinning lights on my own wounds, healing them, holding them, and then letting

them go, because, they no longer belong here.

I embrace the partner, I have, forgiving my expectations, of how it should be, and replacing it with

how it is. I am letting go of disappointments, I hold onto, because they do not serve me.

I am stepping deeper into myself, to allow my body, to be, no judgment, no more, your fat, no more the

inner critic will rule, I allow my body, to be loved and cherished by me.

I let go of the fault finding, the nickety picking, the dissatisfaction that lingers, the feeling that I

am living a mundane life, because I am not these things. These are voices of old, the parents, the

grandparents, the old patterns, I let go, I surrender, to who I am becoming.

I am living a deeper life within, loving, learning, growing, choosing to heal, choosing to walk,

my own path. The path of the unknown, the journey requires trust, wait, surrender.

A love for life.  A joy that comes with living SPIRIT, a knowing, a guidance, a journeying, because,

I am to do great things with this REIKI magic, because I accept this as my destiny.

I look into the mirror to see a heart of gold, a warrior, a healer, a wife, a lover, a friend,

a person, longing to be free, to uncover, what is covered.

To  become who we are all meant to be, free woman of SPIRIT.

Awakened Spirit : A way forward



Many people after a session of reiki / massage, experience a deeper awareness of Spirit. 

I  call it an awakening of Spirit, as if you were asleep and I just turned on your light.

When this takes places, your true spirit of being a Empath, Born Intuitive Healer, begins to grow.

Lets Begin:  You need to ground yourself to Mother Earth everyday, imagine growing roots to the Core of the Earth, Fill your Aura with a White Light or Blue shield/ or wear a anklet with Onyx everyday. 

Struggling to sleep: Place rosequartz (pink stone) at the 4 corners of the bed and Hematite (black stone) under the mattress to keep you grounded while asleep. 

Bathing : Bathing is both for cleansing and a sacred ritual, use epsom salts and coarse salt, to wash away the day. Use bubble bath and light candles, it is so nurturing. 

Smudging : You can use sage, mphepho or any incense if you have, blow the smoke in all the corners of the house and outside the house, place salt around it, as a protection barrier. 

For Protection on your body : Wear hematite, pietersite, obsidian, jet, black tourmaline to keep you focused and your energy safe. 

Yoga  &  Exercise : Becomes part of your day! 

Treatments : Go for Regular reiki sessions to keep you focused and in balanced. 

If you are in the Midlands : Go to the Cosmic Crystal shop in Howick, close to Spec savers, ask for Leigh. 

This is a basic HOW to keep you safe and cleansed.  If you need more information: email  me :



Why am I needy? A mother to child


Why am I needy?   From the moment we are created, we form a bond with the “biological” mother, we are completely dependant for nutrients, for breathe, the mothers emotions affect us, and we affect the mothers body, in our growing our physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual body.

We can feel, if we are wanted? if we are loved? if we are welcomed? if we are disconnected from.

A baby that is accepted, loved, nurtured, a strong bond with the mother, will have  a strong immune system.

A baby that is rejected, disconnected from, unwelcomed, suffers with a weak immune system, diseases, infections, colic, a genetic disease all become part of the babies life, why?  because the one thing the baby needed which is Love, attention, was lacking.

Most mothers address Motherhood, as a sacrifice, a curse, a MALE driven energy, I must and I have to. They have suppressed their OWN female side, in order to just exist and cope with life.   This unfortunately, sets the scene for  a disastrous parent and child relationship.

When you as a Mother, do not Love, Nurture, Accept yourself and feel fulfilled as a person, you pass this onto your kids, knowingly or unknowingly.

Your kids then become needy. Seeking attention with injuries, drama, chaos, bad decisions, drug addiction, relationship addiction, etc.   Your kid will then need therapy, to cope with the realities of life. Help yourself, recognise that you need HELP and Seek it.   Reiki/ Massage / Counselling / Child Psychology are awesome therapies, to help you grow and create a balanced life.


  1. When you find out, your pregnant and you do not want to keep it, go for abortion, find a method for you,  because the world is filled with unwanted kids with issues, do not do this to yourself and your child.
  2. When you become a mother, you need to be mature, as Motherhood is a vocation, you will need to give love, when you don’t want to, you need to take care of this little life and nurture it, if you are not prepared for this, you will have anxiety, depression, and emotional upheaval which will lead to another disastrous path.
  3. If you do not want to have kids – take precautions – the pill, the condom, the implant, please take the responsibility, falling pregnant, is not a excuse, because this is 2017, not 1900’s.
  4. Many woman are subdued by their Mothers, why, because they are taught to be Male side driven, which is bullshit.  As a woman, I choose to be a GODDESS,  I am loved and taken care of by my man, why? because I say what I need. I need a good lunch. I need a partner that is their for me. I speak about what I need and what I feel, I don’t suppress my needs to be a martyr, no way.
  5. Excuses means you are not wanting to take full responsibility for your LIFE! quit the bullshit. STOP! blaming your parents, your upbringing, your siblings, your boss, your husband, clearly, you need to get your shit together.  You are the boss of you! Stop! take a look at your life.
  6. Change is the easiest thing in the world.  Start accepting your female Goddess status, wear a dress. Be loving. Be Kind, to you. Have bubble baths. Light a candle. Wear Colourful underwear. Read a book. Self Love, is not negotiable in this life. Start fulfilling your needs as Female, stop waiting for someone else to do it.

Embrace : Body shape and body Shaming



Hi, I am Colleen, from the moment, someone pointed out my pot belly, I became self conscious about being “fat”. Until puberty hit, I was a surfboard, flat, flat, flat. I gymed in my 20’s, 6 days a week, to keep fit.

The fat piled on the moment, I stepped into the corporate world of stress, no time, exhaustion, fatigue, and no time for self care. I went from 75kg to 114kg, in a few years.

But, returning from India in 2008, I realized, people judged, people body shamed me, people made fun of me, this is just the truth. It got so bad, that I had to learn to swear in Tamil, telling them to go look at their mother. I was a big strong girl, with people staring at me, when they passed by.

Loosing weight became part of my life purpose, like an obsession, watch what I eat, no this, no that.

Exercising 6 days a week, eat healthy, which comes with alot of self sacrifice which is hard when you are a foodie.

I am sorry, I am a total foodie. I enjoy food, so much. My favourite thing as a child, was sitting at the kitchen table, tasting  my granny’s creations. Food offers comfort, when I am uncomfortable. Food offers a solution, when I dont want to deal with something, it is soothing.

The media says fat is bad. Fat means you are a lazy person. Not having a flat stomach means, your overweight.

The female body is the most photoshopped, spraypainted, doctors changing your body, under the knife,  in the world.

Most billboards are photoshopped, into this curvy, non-eating woman, that we all aim for.

Well, I am tired of the judging. I actually loved my body more when I was 114kg, because it taught me so much.

I accept my body, as it is, and I have the confidence, to keep it moving with yoga, exercise, living clean and healthy, because this is what I choose for it.

I want to enjoy the body, I have without being called fat, without being body shamed.

I cried while watching this movie last night, some woman called their body “disgusting”  –  so sad.

So, I urge you, to start loving your body, start accepting every Flaw, every stretch mark, sit naked in the sun,

enjoy the body you have, as their is NO perfect body!

We all have amazing, gorgeous, human bodies.

We are perfect as is.

If someone loves you, You have the most beautiful treasure.

Diet  = 3 letters of DIE =  I no longer seek that, I seek my own balance, what works for me.

I Love living life, I hate watching what I eat, actually.

May we all embrace our bodies, with Love and Goodness.




Have a body = Will move = Exercise, Yoga, Qigong, Walking, Dancing


The one constant in my life, is CHANGE. Six weeks ago, having completed

a reiki attunement for the 48th time, has changed me once again. 

I have increased my exercise intensity. Yes, more exercise, 

exercising when your over 40, is hard, why? because, you feel you 

should have done this in your 30’s, when you were overweight and stressed.

At that time I know, I was not emotionally ready for kicking my own ass, 6 days 

a week, having this discipline, takes dedication, because, the only muscle that 

does not ache, is my eyes, but it is my choice to do this, realizing that, 

I need to keep fit, keep healthy, keep doing what I love, because I love it,

with every fibre of my being. 

I also love food, taste, flavour, I still eat, what I do, stir fries, Indian food, 

fish, fruit, rye bread, etc. I removed all carbs like potatoes which will only be 

eaten as a treat. 

Time seems to be marching away with me somedays, even though, I wake up at 4am, 

I don’t seem to get to the studies, I want to achieve, excelling in Child psychology. 

So, I take a step back, and realize, I need to discipline how I spend my time,

making space for my studies, for an hour, when possible.  

Maturity, this is a big thing, to embrace every aspect of the exercise, studying, working, 

challenges of the day, as part of the flow of being. 

I know, I am male driven, but I don’t just want to rush through the journey, because,

I want to enjoy it and grow into it, so I need to calm the emotions of anxiety, 

spending quality time, to complete my thought process, to know what is my feelings.  

Staying in my own skin, doing yoga and reiki has vitally helped 

me on this journey of self healing, and helping others to heal. 

When you start to OWN and Manage you, things begin to flow, in such a 

natural rhythm, alot of the blah, drama, chaos, is left behind, because 

your TRUE SPIRIT, begins to shine, a bliss that can only be felt and 

kept in your heart. 


Fear, Trust, Surrender = Facing Money Fears


I know my rhythm, usually by the 15th of the month, I have enough money to 

cover all of my bills, debit orders, rent, wifi, fuel, food, etc. 

This time, I didn’t, so the intellectual part of my brain, started to stress and freak out.

Well, first, I let the feeling come, I felt it, and said, ok, time to create. 

I felt the fear. I then asked the Universe, to send me more clients and business, and

I trusted with Surrender of my head, heart, and intuition, knowing that it supports 

me  – in what I need. So, by the 26th of this month, everything was paid for. 

It taught me to step into the fear – breathe, feel it, but not to stay there. 

Keep moving, asking, trusting, being in the KNOWing that what I need will come. 

Many ask me how to? 

  1. Move your body. Practise Yoga. Keep your inner balance between Your Yin and YANG. Do not let your MALE side of overwork / over worry / over doing – take control, and freak out. 
  2. Exercise – is a discipline – to control your body and your emotions, I cannot stress this enough. You need it. 
  3. Write  – Journal your journey everyday, so you can see the pattern and get to know who you are. 
  4. Trust  – know that you are supported by a DIVINE force – Universe that listens to your request. 
  5. Surrender – Stress & Worry – gives into EGO – feel it, but choose to move on and say I Surrender and Wait.
  6. Connect to the Earth and Spirit Sky everyday, trust your Intuition : breathe and feel it. 
  7. Stay In your Own SKIN – it is easy to be sucked in by others when you share your feelings, don’t do this to yourself, stay present. Your power rest in the NOW! so use it. 
  8. OWN you. Own Your emotions. Own Your feelings. Own your thoughts. In a split second you can lift your vibration by being Grateful, saying Thank you for the finances you receive, visualizing it, into your bank account.   
  9. Keep it So Simple : if you feeling overwhelmed, get grounded, go for a walk and trust. The Universe does answer, when you need it most, take the risk and trust.


In the Flow

In the Flow, by Claire R  @ http://www.growingfreeschool.com/blog/in-the-flow

Last week Monday morning found me swinging in a hammock, the pale golden orb of the sun just peeking through the naked branches beyond my feet. My husband pulled up in the bakkie packed with tools, and I climbed in. We were heading to my mother-in-law’s to help with a day of  building on her new house. My three-year-old had spent the night with her, and although I felt her absence keenly, it had filled me up with love and patience. I had inspected the spaces I often fill with worry and ‘urgent’ tasks, and swept them clean. With my one love in the seat beside me, I drove towards the other, through fields olive and tan, the evergreen trees shivering softly in the morning light. We picked up staff on the way, and all unloaded at the little house tucked beneath a swath of indigenous forest. I settled on a fallen log and felt the day unfolding crease by crease.

In the hours that followed, collecting treasures such as berries and leaves and flowers with my daughter, building impromptu playgrounds out of planks and bricks, laughing with my husband as we shopped for a group lunch, I sensed something new tingling beneath my skin. For several months I had been gently seeking a rhythm I had lost. I knew, up in my mind, that the life embracing me was beautiful, sacred, and joyful, but it had been some years since I felt that truth beating in my heart, flooding my limbs and leaking through my ribs. Three-year-olds experience bursts of enthusiasm and joy every few minutes. For many adults, these pure moments are spaced out by months. As we ripen into adulthood we often forget how to immerse ourselves in the flow of the universe; we cloud the truth that there is anything more important than taking delight in our passing moments. But in a tent of pine needles, with the water under the rowboat sparking and shimmering like a quickly moving fish, what had been silent in my veins had turned into a pulse. I once again not only knew joy, but felt it too, and as a dear and familiar companion.
What had brought this holy grail within reach of my fingertips? What turn in my quest had brought me here? I had torn through many maps, and blistered my feet on dozens of paths. I had dabbled in the power of magic while poring over The Secret Garden, in which ten-year-old Colin and Mary discover the magic of green growing things. They are healed by the garden, by that which breathes life into it, and weaves together all living things. I had spent six months heading up a group of wild and free children in my very own learning centre. I dismantled my beliefs, put a pause on my knee-jerk reactions, and bit by bit discovered that hardly anything about the world was the way I thought it was. Then I found out about my own little miracle – a new life blossoming deep inside me. He had grown alongside my school, drawing me in to yet another transformation. As he kicked and rolled, triggering waves of nausea through my being, I was forced to reconsider my direction. How many new things could I grow? Which lives was I bound to nurture and curate? I refocused my heart and mind and body from big dreams onto small details, which in the end are where all the magic and learning live. I had to put down my ambition in favor of my values, and let my career morph into yet another form. I trail my fingers over the worktables, linger at the splashes of artwork on the walls and smile at the remnants of projects as I enter the final weeks at my learning centre.

I had committed myself to slow living, and to falling into the flow of the universe no matter my pace. I wanted to see the depth of each moment, and as the winter solstice birthed a new season of beginnings, I felt the power and beauty of second motherhood thrill through me. I am on a journey from the mother of one to the mother of many. My belly rounds and my heart opens, and change swirls around me. But it was only when I picked up a book grown dusty on my shelves that I was reminded of the only sure paths towards my goals. In The Seven Spiritual Laws, Deepak Chopra suggests that whatever I want I should give away to the depths of my soul. In the freedom of giving the flow is truly released. I wondered how much and to whom I should donate some money. Then I read, ‘In fact, the most powerful forms of giving are non-material…When you meet someone, you can silently send them a blessing…This kind of silent giving is very powerful.’

At the supermarket I packed bread and milk and oranges into my trolley for a work-site picnic. My husband pushed it to the front of the store and began to unpack onto the till counter. I took a moment to look at the cashier. Her face was turned down as she passed the items by the scanner. She took no notice of my scrutiny. Silently, I wished her love, joy, and laughter in her life. I took another moment to imagine her laughing a deep-belly head-thrown laugh, the kind that comes without warning and with complete abandonment. When we returned to the little house, my daughter and I explored the games on the deck of the little human-made lake. We rolled around balls on the pool table, and carried checkers and chess pieces to the gigantic board painted onto the planks. It was only on the drive home, when I was wedged between my family, that I connected the love, joy, and laughter effervescing in my soul with my newly formed habit. I didn’t have to fix the world. I didn’t have to develop a sixth sense of seeing. I didn’t have to become anything more than I am. Love, joy, and laughter is enough. For me. For the woman in the supermarket. For my husband and daughter. For all in my life and beyond it. We are riding the current of a big and beautiful river, and while we may never see the sides, or the end of it, we can stretch out our fingers, and feel the silver water dance as it moves us.

This post was sponsored by Colleen of the Midlands House of Healing. For the last five months I have been privileged and pleasured to receive her specialized pregnancy massages. For twenty minutes on each side and then on their backs, she takes mamas becoming to a state of bliss. She provides the nurturing and relaxation so important for pregnant women, whose growing babes feel every feel, and literally draw on the being of their mamas to come into their own. She uses sound and crystals and breathwork alongside the long loving strokes of Kahuna massage, and talks to your almost-born through reiki and pendulum dance. A ritual of monthly visits throughout your pregnancy brings home to your heart and body that this transformation is a spiritual as much as a physical journey. Through the trials and tests of pregnancy you are being softened for motherhood. Entrust your body to one whose hands move gently over your changing form. To book distance healing or a massage session outside Howick, contact Colleen on 084 603 0604.

Negative Person – How To ?


Being an empath is complex, when you are surrounded by a Negative Person or people, they tend to DRAIN your optimistic attitude and energy.

That being said, the most toxic person to an empath, is a narcissist, sociapath, a anxiety driven person, a depressed person, someone suffering with  ptsd, a insomniac, throw in an eating disorder, and life will become miserable, why?

Because as an empath, you tend to want to help, and absorb huge amounts of their pain, to make life livable, so they can cope, and slowly you start depleting your own life force.

Here are some rules  for managing a Negative person:

  1. Stay in your own : Do not take on their attitude or problems.  Dodge the person or their issues. Stay Grounded.
  2. Teach them to manage their condition : Exercise, Yoga, Diet, therapy : Reiki & Massage  & Counselling, it works, but it is NOT a quick fix.  The wounds are psychological and requires time and patience to heal.
  3. Let not your own wounds surface. These people, may have harmed you with their condition, don’t let your Shadow surface, leave them be.
  4. Negative people have an overflowing, bad mouthing capacity, a US against them attitude, when you are living a purpose driven life, exercising, yoga, living your dream and your soul is fulfilled, you don’t have the time or energy to indulge them, so walk away.
  5. Let Go  –  There are those who DO not want to heal, they expect quick fixes which do not work, they strongly lack the self love and self discipline to accept where they are at, Let go, it is NOT your place to carry them.
  6. Denial – Most people deny that a mental condition exists and on a daily basis, get stuck in a rut, that is slowly killing their relationship, their kids, themselves, which means they will end up divorced, bitter and angry, but if they just accept their condition, ask for help, it changes everything.
  7. When you admit you have a condition, and accept full responsibility for it, and refrain from making excuses for your behaviour, you become empowered, because you are dealing with your feelings, your emotions and your livelihood.
  8. In truth, dealing with negative people, becomes easier, why because, you realize their yin and yang is out of balance or they are out of sync with their ancestors and even themselves.
  9. Once, you are able to recognise what is your feelings and emotions, you decide to stay in your own skin and refuse to take on another’s emotions or interfere in their  path, but guide them to help and assistance.
  10. Your Inner strength and Discipline will guide you, You just need to Listen.

Women – Becoming Kick Ass!

In truth, I am tired of being treated like a second class citizen, because

I don’t have a penus and because a piece of paper in a holy book, says,

I am a temptress, or people feel that being a woman, means I must be

subdued!  WTF!  that is what I say!

I am a women. I own me. I am free. I affirm me. I refuse to conform to

a society that treats me with no respect. A society that says we should be  a

particular shape, to love ourselves. They use sexuality to sell, everything,

tapping into the shallowness of man’s desire, to conquer, to own, to possess.

I refuse to subscribe to this messed up view, of how I should be.

Who made you the Judge or the Jury? Who makes the rules, I DO,

and only I!  I am a empowered woman, I decide to affirm me.

I have run my practise with the help of my partner, I am the leader.

So, women, stand UP!  Enough of the bullshit.

We do all the graft work, keep fit, look good, eat less, fit into the dress,

work hard, do, do, do, we deserve to affirm who we are.

If you did it for years, OWN it, Affirm you, switch your thinking to

being an amazing Kick ass! women,  with Style, dignity and flair.

Enough of the rushing to be like a man!  Wear a dress, go slower,

tap into the Divine feminine, when you feel overwhelmed, take a step back,

and reassess, is this my stress or theirs? put them on hold, go for a wee, drink a glass of water,

wait for your intuition, it will kick in and give you the best possible solution!

Breathe.  Stay in your skin. Breathe. Do yoga. Breathe. Wait.

You have waited all of your life, for this moment, the moment of Being you!

A sensual, sexy, intuitive, creative, Wild woman!

Dust yourself off, shave your legs, get your MOJO back, we will not

be tamed, and we will continue to rebel against the lies, we do not believe in.

Created by MAN, to subdue the “woman”, so rebel, be wild, be free, because,

this is the 21st century, we are going to change this world, because

WE decide to, No one else.


Don’t Quit! Pace yourself

I wake up at 4am. No! I am not a morning person, but that doesn’t matter, I spend the first 3 hours of my day, nurturing me. I pray, I write, I read, I reiki me, I do yoga, I exercise.  I try and not speak to anyone because this is my time to process yesterday and to prepare for today.

The effect of what I do can be seen by the hundreds of lives, it has affected.

Because healing is a female energy and part of creation, it is a journey, like most people,

people demand instant “fixing” and expecting huge shifts and bounds, but this only takes place,

when you do the INNER conscious work of Changing You.   Lets discuss a few  tips of wisdom.

  1.  Don’t Quit! Rest : A overloaded body – overthinks, is irrational, Don’t do this to you and those around you. Rest.
  2.  Pace Yourself – Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Say No!  Spread out your workload at a loving pace.
  3.  You time!  Time for you uninterrupted time to just be yourself. Write down your realizations, focus on your goals and renew you. Don’t neglect you.   Time spent on you, is this investment, which gives you Dividends, later. (Patience and Peace)
  4. Having Clear Boundaries is a Protection. Say No and mean it, I cannot stress this more. Speak about your limits and stick to your word.
  5. Don’t be nice. Nice is a fakeness created by a Non Spiritual world, being authentic means be YOU> Happy or Sad or grumpy, feel you, even if its negative, but don’t stay there, Stand UP!
  6. Don’t take shit, not from Anyone!  Recognise what is “toxic” , especially friendships, let go of what does not serve you.
  7. LOVE :  Living in a space of gratitude, feeling grateful, for every LIVING moment  : Changes Your Life and World from Survival to Abundance.
  8. Be Uncomfortable :  Many people run from this, push yourself to do the uncomfortable things, so, you can learn the art of being disciplined and mature.
  9. Remove the need to be dramatical, judgemental, blame, assuming, taking things so personally! It will keep you safe.
  10. Truth : Speak your truth, don’t bullshit or sugar coat it, Speak loudly and clear.
  11. Let Go!  of the need to fix others, you cannot.  The one  thing, you can do, is impact with love, decide to change you on the Inside, use your free will.
  12. Have fun!   Laugh. Smile. Play music. Dance in the kitchen. Life is not this dreary old existence, NO! live and be wildly free, being YOU!