Queues and challenges


Adapt. Move. Change.

Yesterday, was one of those awesome days. Willem finally, listened, to his Intuition, and quit working for a toxic boss, which meant, we could go on an adventure, for his 49th Birthday, yay!

Since Chapmans Peak, is 20 minutes away from our home, we drove through Chapmans Peak, to have lunch at the Hout Bay Manor, overall, it was an awesome, flowing, synchronised, sunny, blue skies day.

I love it when, everything flows, I call it a Champagne day, perfect blue skies, no wind, happy clouds, and perfect conditions, for something amazing!

We enjoyed the day so much!  it was awesome.

Today, we yet another day, filled with magic. I did yoga and reiki at sunrise, watching the sky, turn from pink to peach, I love listening to the waves, I can’t wait to wake up at night, to hear the waves.

I feel as if, I have waited all of my life, to be back here, to do the magic, opening Infinite possibilities.

I want to share so much, with my readers, my students, my fans, but the days, turn into night, and I loose track of all the things, I want to share, with you. Change, is the constant one, that keeps calling me to Arise, Adapt, Change.

Change, is constant with the Air, we breathe, the wind that blows, the ocean that moves, the skies that changes from dawn to dusk.

I feel a deeper connection to my spirit, I feel more, I am beginning to realize that as a Empath, we are connected to 5 different realms?

  1. Our Higher self, which speaks through Intuition.
  2. Angels, Guides, Runners and helpers.
  3. Our Ancestors.
  4. Reiki Ancestors.
  5. Healing Spirits of the Ancients : Polynesian Spirit

As I dig deeper, into these connections, it is revealed, how so many empaths, have anxiety, depression, fatigued, health issues. If you do not serve, your purpose, as a healer, and start to connect the dots, to your own healing, the path, will be rocky.

Yesterday, I did some distance healing to a Empath, I reiki’d her ancestors, to calm down, and gave her tools to connect with them, today, she advised, that yesterday, she was super chilled and she was at ease.

We cannot run, from what we feel.

What we feel is real.

What we experience, is authentic.

I feel this journey, is opening up, the Teacher in me, I am journeying with many woman, to Teach them, how to balance, being an Empath, A Mother, A Goddess, A Healer, ignited in them, their true AUTHENTIC spirit, to become, what feels, completely natural, to them. 



REMEMBER  –  who you are.

Spirit is not separate from you, You are spirit, You channel this energy naturally, and if your hands are heating up, as you read this message, you are a Empath, your DNA calls to Healing, so do not delay, do contact me, and lets begin, a different path.

A new journey, awaits : Whats app +2784 603 0604

Lets begin. . .  tomorrow is gone, the future a mystery, you only have NOW!



Energy as medicine – (reiki)


My life is very different, from shire life.

I am faced with staying in my skin, not wanting to fix it. The fixer in me, has many solutions, both intuitively and administratively, but alas, I cannot get involved.  I go walking at the ocean and connect to the flow of it, with breathe, with intention, with love, with trust.

Four days ago, I got flu from Willem, who got flu from his boss, I was in bed for 2 days, and then, I got angry with myself for getting sick, and I blasted reiki throughout my body, as the FIRE reiki kills bacteria and inflammation, I slept for a day and took enchinaforce, elderberry and an anti inflammatory. I would not subscribe to conventional medicine, because I felt, that I could heal my body and spirit. I  spent a lot of time, talking to my body, self talk and touching  base, it really worked well. I chose to heal and so by day 4, today, I was up and about.

Yesterday, when I connected with my Ancestors, they shared their support, and said come on, its time, to heal, and my body responded.

I am in awe, of this Reiki magic, how it has affected every aspect of my life.

The most basic things, shopping, cooking, driving, exercising, is ruled by my purpose, as a healer.

My wish is for everyone, to practise this magic art of healing, digest it, live it, let it teach you, honour its presence.

Heal. Become Whole. Live freely.

If you would like to know more about this magic, email me : midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com  or

Whats app +27846030604.





End of the Shire Life – New Journey

End of the Shire Life, a new journey. I was accustomed to being treated like a Goddess. My laundry was done for me, I was well shagged, my meals were served on time and freshly cooked, I never worried about groceries or gardening or dusting, my dear Partner, just took care of it.

Like all good faery tales, the end of the shire life, began, this week. Willem is now a tattoo artist at Scarlett & Phoenix based in Simonstown, he will be working, 7 days a week. Our roles, are now changing.

Just like that, a whole new routine of change, transformed. Today, I was making lunch before 7am, making tea, before I did yoga, weights and my morning journaling.

I am now responsible for cooking, cleaning, (not laundry, as I think I will always dodge it.), shopping, organising the home,  I thought, I would definitely, rebel, but I am actually ok, with it.

I realize, that the only way, to grow and change, is to gently, embrace it.

The universe, always has a plan. I have made a good friend, whose a Chef, called Tracy lee, and on her off days, she makes amazing food for us, we go adventuring, as tourist through Cape Town or Fish Hoek.

Life in the city, is busy, but fun. Sunrises and Sunsets are magical, being able to walk at the ocean, whenever, we have a free moment, eating ice cream or crispy hot chips, fulfils my soul and spirit.

I was playing in the rain yesterday, collecting rain, in buckets and our black bin, it was fun, being half asleep, barefoot in the rain. Gotta love my madness.

Change, is the ONE constant in my life. Change. Learn. Grow.

A new story begins. . . . .

trust… THE UNIVERSE always has a plan.


PS. Monday, I met a half Chinese/ Indian person, Love meeting new people!  🙂



Kombucha and Colour : Grounding with ANNA and CHE

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Nov 5, 2018

Carrying the energetic load of other people’s problems can be a continuous challenge when your natural tendency is to want to help. In this episode, we discuss how to maintain our own energetic boundaries when other people are in need. We cover the Hierarchy of Relationships and the importance of knowing where people in our life sit in the hierarchy and what the rules are. We share our own grounding practices that bring us back to ourselves and let go of the energy we may pick up from other people.


Find Anna:http://annamarsh.co.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/anna_marsh_nutrition/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annamarshnutrition/

Find Ché:


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indieyogalife/

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I give you permission to UNFRIEND, THE FRIEND THAT saps your energy.

I give you permission, to leave the group, that pisses you off.

I give you permission, to BE THE BIGGER PART OF YOU.

I give you permission, to use the word FUCK, often.

I GIVE you permission, to have brainless, Orgasms WITH YOUR SOUL MATE.

I give you permission, to have tattoos, to meet some dark interesting people.

I give you permission, to LOVE YOUR LIFE.

I give you permission, to WALK WITH AN OPEN HEART.

I GIVE YOU permission, to USE YOUR BODY, move baby.

I give you permission, TO SPEAK UP!

I GIVE you permission, to learn, to ride a motorbike.

I give you permission, to date yourself.

I give you permission, to dance with the OCEAN.

I give you permission, to LIVE YOUR LIFE, bigger, wider, larger.

I give you permission, to be who you are—- because you are OBLIGATED, to be happy, for you.

I  WAS SENT WITH A PURPOSE, it runs through, my veins, it beats in my heart, its power, its intensity, can only be felt!  I will show you a new  spirit  world, you only dreamed of, but I warn you.

I AM NOT for everyone!


so, if your ego is wounded by my words, this is your feelings, and has nothing to do with me.



CHOOSE love over pain!


Choose Life, living from the Heart and not the head.



Beauty, Baby Blues – Blog by Keri –

Beauty, Baby Blues and Moving to the Bundus with Chereen Strydom

Hello everyone and welcome to the eighth episode of Walking With Wildflowers! Today I’m chatting to Chereen Strydom, a freelance writer, beauty blogger and fellow lover of all things moon and magic. I’ve known Chereen for a few years now – we connected over social media and blogging back when I first started blogging and when I moved to Cape Town in 2015, she was one of the very first people I made a point of meeting up with! We have become firm friends since and Chereen is such a great support in my life – professionally, emotionally and “Motherly” (is that even a word?). In this episode, Chereen opens up about the tough year she has had, her family’s decision to move back to Somerset West after a year in Johannesburg, and how and why they have now suddenly found themselves in the tiny country village of Greyton! We also chat about trying to find balance as a mother and freelancer, coping and managing living life with depression and being open with your kids about your menstrual cycle. I do hope you enjoy!
You can listen by clicking PLAY below or searching “Walking with Wildflowers” on Apple Podcast.


You can find Chereen at the links below:

Blog: forthebeautyofit.co.za
Instagram: @forthebeautyofit
Facebook: For The Beauty of It
Twitter: Chereen Strydom

This episode was sponsored by Colleen Van Heerden of Healing Your Spirit.

Edited and Produced by Siobhan Lumsden

Naivety – Growing into yourself



I was sitting at the beach, watching the waves, enjoying good old traditional slap chips. The seagulls were begging for a taster, the waves, moving toward the shore, the lifeguards were refitting the shark net. I took a deep breathe, and just observed it all. Two strangers, passed by and watched, my instant gut feeling was one of a paedophile, a cocaine snorter.  We exchanged good mornings, and they walked on by.

Previously, I would have dismissed this intuitive feeling, but I have learnt, that it is best, not to walk into the fire, but sometimes, to go around it. Lets admit it, sometimes as empaths, we are naive. We want to believe, so strongly in the goodness, Aum Shanti, Aum, the light, that we completely block out the darkness, refusing to see, the reality of it all.

Gut feelings, are always spot on, it uses no filter of good or bad, no judgment, it just is.

Last week, I met another massage therapist, who trained in massage, 3 years ago, his not a committed therapist, his a teacher by profession, but I have learnt from experience, that I would only be disappointed, disgruntled, as a empath, absorb, all of his issues, and in the end, feeling like crap for 3 days, this time round, I read his body language, and his spirit, and opted out of swopping massages, with him.

I am learning discernment, deeply, if it does not resonate with me, if we are not on the same planet, well, it is not going to work, this doesn’t make me NAIVE anymore, it just brings forth, knowledge and wisdom, to save you time and trouble.

When you realize, as an empath, that you NO LONGER, have to FIX anyone, in your life, life becomes sweeter.

I still hold the space for healing with my distance healing clients and my clients on my massage/reiki altar, however, the normal person, in the street or in the grocery store, I am no longer inspired to help others, unless, they are committed to the process of healing, for themselves.

I have learnt that when you are  not ready for HEALING, you will continue in the same pattern, refusing, to learn, grow, change, so that you can heal, HOWEVER, when a receptive person/spirit is on my massage bed or working with me, the healing naturally goes in and does the inner conscious healing work. 

It is LIFE CHANGING, when you are in tune and in balance with yourself, it makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Some key tools to use:

1. BEFORE YOU jump in and save them, DID THEY ASK FOR HELP?

2. Can you help someone, without, over stepping your boundaries.

3. You do not need to control everything, in their life. 

4. Advise, Guidance, Time given to someone, is from the heart, ensure, you are not their life support. 

5. Need is NOT LOVE. When someone needs you, most people mistake this as LOVE, it is not. Love is Love. 

6. OWN IT. When you accept, who you are, it is very freeing, always be true to you.

7. Disconnect  – Every now and then unplug from friends and from those that need you, they will

figure things out. 

8. Refrain from being a martyr/ saviour. 

9. Carrying someone, never helps them, but enables them. 

10. When you love yourself, you honour yourself, by protecting you, first and foremost. 




Life as a wave – Past, Present, Future

Life as a wave. I know, life has changed so much since the 2nd September 2018, we are still operating on the Midlands time zone, we wake up between 4am and 5am, there is no one around, no sound of dogs barking or traffic or sirens or anything, complete silence. By 6.30am the buzz of the traffic starts, the sirens are going, the helicopters flying, and people noise begin, showering, opening gates, locking gates, dogs are screamed at, “go inside” and this the normal life, for a 5th sensory person.

For us, we wake up slowly, do yoga, have tea, connect to the Earth, grounding exercises, reiki, writing, connecting within, a 6th sensory life, our routine, life in the Shire, chilled, connected, cared for.

I have no complaints, I have no worries, I am completely chilled, I am feel completely supported by the Universe, and I can see my path unfolding, each day, I am guided by my Ancestors, intuition, and gut feelings, to market, to share, to connect with others, but I must be in the moment.

I cannot plan ahead, I cannot be in the past, I cannot be in the future, I can only create in this moment, Now, so I am learning to enjoy the moments of living more.

Today, I chanted at the ocean, I danced with the waves, I flowed with mana, the high waves, the low waves, I connected with an energy source that is Ancient, Spirit ocean. I am always reminded of the prayer, my teacher taught me, AMAMA UWA NOA LELE WALE AKU LA  – it is done, you have already received the healing, I believe this for every person, that works with me, or lies on my massage bed.

There is a preparation of the ancient altar, my massage bed, as you lie down, all is revealed, while the healing hands does its magic, goes deep, fills the spaces of hurt with love as you step off the table, a new person, a layer removed, an old hurt healed, this is my prayer for every person, I treat / connect with. 

There is a choice we make everyday, to be the victim, or the victor. To become more that what we imagined, or to dim our light, with each thought, we grow stronger, with each choice, we empower ourselves and other women, men and children.  The responsibilities of woman, run far and wide, we are warriors, we are healers, we are bringers of light, so, will you keep shinning yours?







Love, there is so many levels of love. There is the falling in love butterfly kind, the love with loyalty and strength, the crazy love, the forbidden love that is sweet, because its forbidden, love, we crave it, we chase after it, we seek it deeply.  Love, happiness, the illusive journeys of life.

Some, lock themselves away, convincing themselves, that being Alone, is their happiness, but we know that, denial is a lie, and when you actually think about it, to live without love, affection, connection, is a silent death, in itself.

I love love. I love easily, I have fallen in love, out of love, love we strive for unconditional love, but as humans, we love conditionally, because, we have been conditioned to.

To love your body, is to honour you’re feelings, deep within, to speak your truth.

To love your partner, is to be supportive, kind, loving, available for that connection.

To love your kids, is to be there for emotional support and guidance, in their growing.

To love your pets, you love, feed, honour their needs also.

LOVE – this warm fuzzy feeling, that spreads from our heart, sprinkles star dust and makes everything amazing.

Living from the heart, takes courage, because you cannot ignore it, you need to feel it. I have been experimenting with my heart chakra, everyday filling it with love, self love, reiki love, laughter love, being in the moment, of living, and I can say, it is magical.

I have also been working with many amazing people, to lift their vibration, to live, from the heart and not from the head, this will change your world, your life, your vibration, living from a space of Love.

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee   it. I call It heart space.

If you ‘d like some reiki love, I am a whats app away, +27846030604.

R E I K I     love   E n e r g y   rocks! 




Is being judgy? overthinking? overanalysing, toxic?

Last night, we gathered our courage, our overthinking brains, our overanalysing scale, our judgement thoughts,  and went to Cape town central, to see, what a NIGHT on the TOWN looks like. 

When we previously, lived in Cape town, we overworked, so much, that we never had the time to enjoy, being in the city, or experiencing city night life.  I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke cigarettes, but I am completely guilty, in feeding my own toxic space of judging, overthinking, overanalysing things, which causes toxic energy.

I am no better or no less, than you. I aim to live, a Spiritual life everyday, I keep on track and live my purpose, which kind of makes me sanitise, my life, from bars, clubs, pubs, very noisy spaces, which leaves very little space, for fun, entertainment, meeting other people. But, the biggest, thing is, I was afraid of my OWN darkness, fear, of the unknown, fear of what is in the dark, fear of the people, who like the darkness, who go out at night, but they are just people, living their life, seeking love, looking for a space and time, to be themselves.

Living in a city, is filled with both energies, there is space, to create, and space to destroy, whatever, you tap into, this is your Creation.

We left home, at 6pm, with a nervous me, an open heart, we parked in Loop street, walked down Long street, into Kloof street, remembering the different spaces, from 12 years ago, we then ventured back down to Long street, and had dinner at Food inn India, it was a buzzle of people, placing food orders, the chef’s screaming order UP! and the buzz, that can only be felt in the city.

People were filling the streets, as darkness came, drinks were flowing, noise was growing, and it was only 20.35pm, in the evening. At this stage of the evening, I was ready for my cuppa and my pillow. We were home, by 10pm.

Sometimes, it is important, to venture out of your comfort zone, to learn. 

There are emotions, like judgment, overanalysing, overthinking that destroy, our ability, to love and live from the heart. (Totally guilty, here, will work on it) Separation, never, brings people together. 

It did me a world of good, to see the darkness, to experience it, and to know, it is always balanced, by the light. 

LOVE IS THE LIGHT, that shines, in our hearts, our spirits, for this, you need to be connected, to you’re spirit, to you’re Ancestors, to the earth, or you can easily loose your connection, and be disconnected.

More love. Less Judgment.

More Love. Less thinking.

More Love. Open heart.

More Love. Understanding.

More Love. Live more.

When I reiki’d myself this morning, I felt glad, that I embraced, my OWN dark side, so I can shine my light upon it, because this is how one grows, not by hiding in the shadows, but by embracing and owning Your shit.


My journey, as a White Sheep

I was born into a mixed race family, I am the “white” sheep, you actually don’t realize the extremity of this, until, you look at family photographs. I literally resemble, no one in my family. When I was introduced by my 3 stepsisters, as their sister, the outburst were laughter and critic.  With the mixed race of German, Irish and Indian, one half of my family looks indian, the other, like foreigners, not South African.

This being said, throw in the system of “apartheid”, well, you have a difficult life.

So, let me share, I was always bullied at school, I was over charged for most things, at shops, I was victimised, for being different, yet, I have always been different, I stand out, I could not hide, my sparkle.

Now, years later, I have been guided, to help these exact, people, who mistreated me.

Karma – Gotta, love her! She keeps on giving, in the most profound way.

My boundaries, have become STRONGER, if I don’t feel it, intuitively, I will speak up, show up for myself.

I am an empath, a healer, a shaman, a therapist, this is my purpose, my truth. Know, this path, is NOT FOR EVERYONE, it takes dedication, commitment, routine, it is my whole life.

When you have this deep commitment, to your PURPOSE, your impact as a healer, as a channel, is BIG.


So, if you want to change your world, be prepared for 100% conscious work, and 150% commitment, because,  this path demands  it.

Contact me, for some magic,  you can whats app +27846030604, Colleen.

I offer hands on healing, with massage, Reiki with crystals, sound healing, in Fish Hoek.

Far Away?  I offer distance reiki healing journeys, anywhere in the world.




Over Active Male driven energy

When your heart is filled with LOVE, Kindness and Compassion, nothing, can steal your happiness. 

We so often forget to be happy, as empaths, our instinct is to FIX, a situation, however, every time, we fix a situation, we are not only disabling a person, or enabling them to be dependent on us. When we feel needed, it fulfils the need, for love and acceptance, however, this is not love. Love is Love, it is a free emotion, you do not have to do anything for it.

This deep instinctional emotion of wanting / needing to fix it, is  a OVER TAXED MALE DRIVEN Energy, because, our Mother, was not emotional or psychological mature to supply our needs, it is linked to ATTACHMENT.

With this immature, child like approach, we make the decision, to carry our maternal mother, but, this is not the way.  As a child, we can only, view things from our approach, from the deep emotion of PAIN, PLEASURE, LOVE, ACCEPTANCE. We seek, love, we seek, acceptance, and are willing to do anything, to get it. As a kid, we do not know about BOUNDARIES.

This same energy, of a overactive male driven side, will seduce you, to overwork, over give, over worry, over eat, over indulge your body. Staying in a solely male driven space, is unhealthy, it also disconnects you from your FEMALE SELF, and subdues the female spirit/ your intuitive and spiritual needs, as a Human being.

Disease/Illness – on a physical, emotional, psychological level, creeps in.  We are not designed, to be in overdrive, we are designed, to have a form of balance, within.

I speak from experience, I too, once lived a Male energy driven life, disconnected from my female self. Now, at age 42, I realize the importance of being balanced, with both male and female energies, flowing. We need both our light and dark sides of spirit, to be whole.

Now, connected to my female self, which loves, creating, intuiting, reading, resting, being, feeling more and more at ease, on manifesting abundance and flow.

Stepping deeper into my female self, using INTUITION AND LOVE, instead of Fear and Lack.

Stepping into a space, of speaking up, before, anger kicks in.

Stepping into a new journey, of living at a slower pace, trusting the universe and knowing, I am supported, by a Higher force, that I can feel, deep in my heart and spirit.


Do you need some magic? to balance, your world and life, lets chat : +27846030604








Skeletons that haunt

This has been a hard week, for me. It all started last week Friday, I had a kinesologist session, I was feeling fine.

Then came Saturday, the Kinesologist, then did a reset for me, as I sent her healing and protection, as she was doing a Holistic fair, she was then linked to me. By Sunday, I felt terrible, as if, I was hit by a Truck and was emotionally angry, irritated, and somewhat drunk, without having had a sip of wine, either Saturday or Sunday. By Monday, I was a wreck of emotions, fiery, unpleasant, then I realized, ok, she worked on me, I sent her healing, she did healing on me and did not break the link, so I felt her the last 2 days. Since I am a Reiki master, my energy, would then naturally balance out hers, and I would get the whiplash, which is exactly what happened.

Next, I met with a massage therapist, after, a hard conversation of 30 minutes, with weird silences, I figured out, I just don’t like her at all, I don’t want someone like that to ever, work on me, ever, I felt heavy, yak, fatigued and bitter, after the meeting, like a brat and I had to smudge our house and myself to get rid of that energy.

Next, I visited the local, Holistic fair on Saturday. I saw crystals, healer wannabees and all, and it took me all of 5 minutes, to check the vibe, feel its low vibration, and exit the Building. My partner, happily waited outside, to have a smoke, while I viewed it all, and was very surprised, to hear me say, I am done, this is not for me. Once again proofing to myself, I am not a groupie, I am on my own planet.

Next, I had to quit sugar, my GOD, I was eating way to much chocolates and my system, was not coping, so no chocolate, it made me super angry, irritated and annoyed. Now, that I am more disciplined and controlled, I am going to avoid eating chocolates, so often, I turned into a Monster.

Next, Sunday, I met with my long time, cousin, we had grown up, in the same house, we were raised by our grandparents, mostly, as our mothers were, very wayward, at that time, and highly confused, after spending the afternoon, connected, it left me feeling, wounded, open, I realized, that I have some skeletons, waiting in my closet, waiting to be healed. The picture is now clearer, I was called back to help those who are wanting to heal and also to do healing for myself, on a deeper level. My cousin, had died on the operating table, 3 weeks ago, he was experiencing intense PTSD and anxiety, with the reiki and massage, I was able to reboot his body, so he could sleep naturally and be more relaxed.


Next, I decided to have another tattoo, a bigger one, on my right arm, however, I have taken a liking to ancient ruines also, and Willem (My partner), found these amazing words, called fehu, gebo, wunjo, (meaning fire, gift, joy), so I decided that it was time for him to tattoo me, with his novice machine. Firstly, he was super nervous, even shaking. The first tattoo, hurt, the second less pain, 3rd one, I could not feel it, but I then opted out of doing the BIGGER tattoo, on my right arm, until, he has a rotary machine, Tattoo’s to be continued.

The lessons, I learnt this week :

  1. I let go of ever having a TRIBE of other healers, as there is no HAPPY ending here for me, after 12 years of searching. I let it go.
  2. I am hear, to heal and to help those who seek it.
  3. I am not my families healer, they need to find their path, to healing.
  4. Tattoos hurt, make no mistake, know your limit.
  5. Trust in the Universe, it knows what YOU need, it will come.
  6. Energy, speaks volumes, listen to what is unseen.
  7. You are your own Healer, embrace it, grow into yourself.
  8. Admit, your flaws and embrace them: I was a depressed person, until I was 21 years old, I was anxious, overthinking, over analysing, judgmental person, now 20 years later, even though, I left these things behind, I am now faced with the memory of the old me, now, to love, embrace and forgive, move to a better space, with me.

Our life continues to surprise us, here in Cape town. We have a neighbour with 5 dogs, and a parot, it is very interesting when she is home, she screams at her dogs, and she barks at them. Our neighbourhood, is mostly quiet, apart from our neighbour, so I put an energy barrier between us with Reiki and Salt and shut her out completely. Yes, I know she needs healing, but I can only help those who want to heal, I cannot fix anyone, you must seek your healing, first. 

This was written yesterday, before, I had a reflexology session, my balance is back. I had a good nights sleep and I did my yoga, grounding, and exercises with weights, feeling, oh so chilled. You can, see, how when you are imbalanced, how the wheels just fall off.

Note : to self, having weekly balancing treatments healing: reiki, reflex, massage, counselling, is so worth it, as you are, you’re greatest investment. 

Its Saturday and Sunny! I think a beach afternoon walk, is in order! Love you lots   x x x x

Wounded self

She was born into pain, trauma, life began, at a sickly pace. Disconnected, she was left to fend for herself, alone, rejected, unloved. How I longed to hold her, to care for her, to take every opportunity to love her. She is precious, she has the ability to heal, from the pain. She finds it easy to love and give, it is difficult to receive Love. The world for her was not a safe place. She felt abandoned, rejected, unloved, she knew from the start, that her beginning was hard, that’s why, she became a Healer. She never wants anyone to feel unloved or unwanted. 

She has always been destined for great things, greatness is in her blood, it pumps into her heart and spirit, it edges her on. Life hasn’t been easy, but her life, is HER STORY, a unique one. She finds her way with love and inner healing.  

She finds her way to love herself, as is. Her story, has a happy ending of healing. 

It all started with Reiki and a choice, I choose to heal with love. 

4 Walls – A boxed in Life – Awaken Spirit


Life consists of living in a home, with 4 walls, tiles are 4 lines, cars hold 4 lines, roads, basically everything that is created, has 4 lines that brings them together. We are taught to live in the confines of these lines, work hard, subdue our feelings, until breaking point, chaos, a breakup, a divorce, a death, financial debt creeps in, but this is not the whole picture of life.

Have the job, buy the car, buy the house, sign on the dotted line, this is a head space of living, even doing these things, does not guarantee, you INNER PEACE, HAPPINESS, FULFILLMENT.

Being disconnected from your SPIRIT, is definitely, not the way? So, then what.

Living a Spiritual life, is a daily routine, it is NOT a quick detox for a week, from your normal life menu, it is Not a quick fix, to instantly lead you to your path of Awakening.

If you are a novice, and you are awakening, you are uncomfortable, in your life and job, lets begin.

  1. Reduce your Debt, pay off everything you can, as soon as you can. Then create a vision board.
  2. Clear out your house, live lightly, have only what adds value to you.
  3. Consider, your carbon footprint on the planet?
  4. Change your diet, to more living plant foods.
  5. Start Meditating, deep breathe in, and say H a a a a a a. Relax.
  6. Practise prayer, write down what you need, then, send love to it, use rosequartz x 4 on your page.
  7. Grounding, place your bare feet on the grass, connect with Mother earth, fill your aura with light and a blue shield.
  8. Work less. Live more.  Walk at the beach. Drink water. No caffeine.
  9. Watch a funny movie. Drink organic wine.
  10. Have a party to celebrate life with friends.
  11. Speak your truth, freely, but don’t get fired, until you have a plan.
  12. Read :  Trust your vibes by Sonia Choquette.
  13. Reduce – Social media access, block and unfriend groups, they sap energy.
  14. Reduce – TV watching, no news, no newspapers, no radio.
  15. Have a evening routine, of salt baths, with music, it soothes the soul.
  16. Make space and room for good love making, the kind that leaves you satisfied, breathless, and stupid for 2 days, Orgasms rock! it is the most spiritual connection, you can share, with another human being, connect with your mate.
  17. Unplug from your phone, use it as a tool, not a rule.
  18. Enjoy Living. I cannot stress, this more. Being human, is such a gift, use all of your senses, touch, taste, see, smell, hear, listen, live fully.
  19. If you have never, had, a massage/ reiki/ counselling therapy, book a session, it will change, your world.
  20. Reduce contact, with dysfunctional family, that saps, your time, and energy.
  21. Prioritise, your Partner, treat them well, love them well. Make a effort, to be a good partner. Pack away the laundry, make them lunch with a lovenote, in it.  Open the car door. Kisses and Hugs are foreplay for the future, so use your Phone and send him/her,  flirting messages. Most men feel foreplay is in the bedroom, but, foreplay is actually, that feeling of being wanted and desired, by your partner.
  22. If you have kids, be a good Mom and Dad, share the load, equally. Schedule date nights also.
  23. Fun. Play. Paint, Write. Doodle. Do enjoy being a crazy empath.
  24. Have a tattoo, I have always wanted 1, and after 1, now want 6 more. Each one, has a symbolism, a story for me, it will change my perception, and I am growing in love more, with living this life.
  25. Ask for help, you are not in this life, alone, if you need help, ask, please.
  26. Choose, a healing path. You know when, you are out of sync, in the dump, don’t stay there, choose to grow.


You hold the key, to your happiness, in your heart, mind and spirit! Choose to Awaken Your Spirit,

come for Reiki/Massage, it will change your world.  



New Shire Life : Little fish in the Ocean


We have been in Cape Town for a month and 2 weeks, a world wind of change, growth, living, exploring. I am sorry for the neglect, I have neglected to write and share with you, what is happening. So, my ancestors, has sent me back for many reasons, where there is darkness, the Healer must go into the darkness and shine its light, for those, who seek the light.

Our home has been filled with young people, seeking the light, it has brought, all kinds of people to us, for guidance, for healing, for help, for a kind word. When we lived in Fish hoek 14 years ago, we had a open door policy, where people could come live with us for 1 month or so, whether, they were cocaine, crack, addicts of any sort, we would guide them through their journey, baptise them and introduce Jesus to them, this was our journey to learn. We then, reached a stage, where we paid these people to leave, realizing, we were ill equipped for this vision and mission.

So, I digress, back to why I was sent back. I came back to help those people heal, in their darkness, my work, is far and wide. I I have also been connecting with Earth Spirit, to make rain for the last month, the dams are at 74%, which puts everyone, in a better living space.

I live between Fish Hoek and Noordhoek, there is the ocean, the wind, the energy, but so few are connected to mother earth or Divine Spirit. I listen to the buzz of the traffic, and I am grateful, that I can do yoga, do weights, and do my prayers, Kahuna dancing and reiki in the Morning. I love my life.

I have been connecting with a variety of people. I am reaching out far and wide to therapist in the area, the responses are mixed, yay and go away, people are scared, fear of lack, wafts in the air.

Fear, is what makes people do strange things. I feel if only they knew about being Intuitive self, an empath, and living a Spiritual connection.

I see this disconnection everywhere, and I wait, because I know, those who are meant to see me, will come.

I found an amazing place today, called the Claremont spice emporium, I inhaled, every spice, I was grateful, because it was in my old neighbourhood, and I had time to remember, how lost I was in my 20’s. I worked, I ate, I slept, like a walking dead zombie. I am happy, to say, I am now more alive than ever.

Yesterday, we observed the fishermen, rowing their boat, pulling their net with little sardines, in them,  how the entire process, is well calculated, how these little fish, from the ocean, will feed them and their families, but they are in survival mode, they are not living from a space of abundance.

I observe, their body language, I see the lack of love, and yes, I want to fix it, but I can only show you how, with love.

I need a open heart, I need a clear vessel, to show you, what you hold inside you, SPIRIT.

You have the ability, to live the life, you seek. I can show you, but I cannot make you do the Inner work.

I have massaged and reiki’d and taught many people, the journey is long, but the reward, is a WHOLE you.

I looked at the memories of my broken self today, and now a WHOLE me, the different me,  is amazing, that is what I seek for you.  ONENESS, WHOLENESS, LOVE.

If you want to go on a healing journey, whats app me, (+27846030604) Lets begin.




Lightworker : Battle of Male and Female energy: head vs heart

Her male side took over, every time, she felt, pain, vulnerability, weakness.

SUBDUE my female self, in order to cope, in order, to file away the pain and deal with it later, but later never comes. The chambers of the body, holds the story, the heart, the mind, the soul, we remember. 

We subdue our female self, thinking that she is weak, she does not need to be voiced, but she is there, waiting to be explored, with creating, manifesting, intuiting, being whole.

Our spirits when we are created, are not weak, we are strong, if we encounter, any trauma, like loss of a loved one,  divorce, our inner survival mechanisms, are awakened, our male warrior side. We form a shield to protect ourselves, from the pain, if we need to carry a loved one, we do, because this is the path of the empath.

We can surrogate and assist someone, but not for a long time. We need to keep the balance between, our heads and our hearts, also keeping the balance, between our yin and Yang energies.

Many believe, we need to work, harder to earn a living, this is Male energy, flaw, it is from a space of Lack.

We are conditioned to believe, what we are taught, but these values, no longer hold truth. If we work harder, like a 18 hour day, neglect our bodies and our spirits, neglecting our relationships, we will be left sick and alone, because, we refused to listen to our own needs, and the needs of our partner.

We cannot live in a male driven space for long, we need the balance of the Gentle, female self, in order to keep the balance within, ourselves and this world.

The battle is from the Intellect = Ego vs The heart.

Our heart is an amazing organ, it freely gives, forgives, and loves.

Combine this heart with Intuition, and you have the most awesome combination of having the ability to create, from a space of Abundance and Love, not lack.

So, how to practise this new found gift, as an empath :

  1. Have daily salt baths, in the evening.
  2. Write in your journal, what you are grateful for.
  3. Clear, your heart space – Forgive and bless those, you feel harmed by.
  4. Take nothing personally. No blame. No assume, No Judging.
  5. Become Non-reactive to the world.  Learn this with Meditation.
  6. Move your body, daily. (Yoga/Exercise)
  7. Receive healing : reiki, massage, reflexology, kinesiology, counselling, choose what you love.
  8. Slow down, start listening to your Inner voice.
  9. Include : Fun, Play, Joy, Laughter, Music, Painting, Sharing meals, in your daily life.
  10. Dress with colour and flair.
  11. Live your authentic spirit, believe that what you need will come. (FAITH)
  12. Create a grid, each week, using rose quartz on each side of the page, send it love. (VISUALIZE)
  13. Do not waste energy, talking, use your energy, wisely. (DISCIPLINE)
  14. Like any lightworker, to master your art, means USING ENERGY, so Master, your light and dark self. (BALANCE)
  15. Smudging, your Home, weekly.
  16. Have a crystal and essential oil kit. Gemstones hold energy and so does essential oils, so search for what you enjoy, these use them.
  17. Less is More.  Give away, what no longer serves you.
  18. Look at your carbon footprint on the world, see how you can change, your habbits.
  19. Save water  – Look at ways, to improve, your consumption.
  20. Drive less. Use public transport or walk – Every act of kindness, to help heal our planet.


You are now stepping into a space, of becoming a Lightworker, you realize the responsibility, that you have as a Sacred Woman or man, you are prepared to take up the challenge, of living accountably.

Shine, from your Spirit and Heart, with a balanced approach, as you change, those around you begin, to change and heal, living Lighter and Larger you.


Unsupported : Wild Woman

The words not spoken, until they are screamed out. The needs unheard, until they moulder. The time of letting your male side rule, I must, I have, I should, because the “role” of a women, the giver, the nurturer, the raiser of souls, can no longer be ignored.

The old story, determining, your reality everyday, needs to change.

The unsupported woman, suffers in silence, wishing for a breakthrough, hoping her partner, will acknowledge all she does, that her partner, will appreciate and emotionally support her, however, it is not so.

We live in a age, where woman, are subdued, but we are not weak.

We are intuitive women, trying to find our way back to our Spirit.

I have been working with thousands of woman and our greatest strength, is our, intuition and our hearts, our ability to be warriors, and to be gentle.

Each woman, I work with, we seek the same thing.







To be Free. To be wild.

When we take care of ourselves, we acknowledge our value, when we

value ourselves, we invest, in healing ourselves.


Lets make some magic with Reiki healing :   Whats app +27846030604. 


Healing branches of Reiki

The beginning of a journey, is usually ignited by Pain, Trauma, loss, divorce, this can be used to fast forward us, to a space of healing. 

There is always, a lesson to be learnt, healing branches of Reiki, will explain the process of Healing, in person or over time and space, so LETS BEGIN.

Step 1  : 8 days of intensive reiki program – To clear out the clutter of your Aura, Psyche, Inner child, adolescent to adult self, rebalancing your chakras, grounding, yin and yang. Open to everyone: moms, dads, babies. 

STEP 2 :  Weekly top ups of Reiki to maintain and create a space of Balance. Open to everyone.

STEP 3 : Heart space : Creating abundance, flow  into your life. 

Step 4 : Awakening Empath : Learning about your gifts as a Healer. 

Step 5 : Body image : How do you treat you? 

Step 6 : Healing of Trauma : Abuse, Rape, Sexual violence, Anxiety, depression. 

Step 7 : Inner child healing : Looking at Root courses of Anxiety, attachment, disconnection.

I believe a journey, starts with one easy step! We decide, to feel better. Our inner voice speaks loudly and we realize, our balance is out and our bank balance is depleted, then it is time to relook at life, bring forth healing and balance, so we can heal from a space of strength and wholeness.

If you have thought about healing for you, time to reconnect you, to you.

Whats app +27846030604, Colleen



Abundance Heart Space with Reiki = More Abundance


I created a program called Reiki heart Space, to open your heart, to live freely (Kala), to heal our Inner child and Female self.

Want to Join?    Only 10 people allowed! 

Receive distance reiki healing with a Hawaiian Heart abundance chant, to move and shift you to a new level of your Spirit. 

You Receive:

Aloha : Love

Reiki : Healing

Smudging : Clearing of you.

Sound Healing  to Lift your Vibration.

Igniting of your True Spirit

Connection : Within

Safe space to grow in :




To book whats app :  +27 84 603 0604



Fear – Trap of society

Fear affects people on different levels. Fear of lack. Fear of harm. Fear of having thieves come to steal your stuff. Fear drives people to do many things. Fear of the unknown. Fear of unfulfillment. Fear ignites anger, anxiety, depression.  Once the fear impulse takes over, it will create, what you fear most. 

Fear, your Illusion.

Fear, once created, can be discreated, by saying, I discreate, this SELF SEBOTAGE.

Fear/Anxiety/depression – go hand in hand, once head takes over, heart/intuition/spirit leaves.

Fear of the Unknown – creating scenarios – pre planning / over compensating : Do you not trust in the Universe, to support you on your journey.

Fear of lack/ having enough – Locking it down : Trusting that you are supported by a Higher power/ that you are taken care of, takes discipline and self awareness.

FEAR – How to overcome it ?  Embark on a self awareness / Healing journey to balance your energy and self.

Start your day, by Rising early, to :

Journal  – Connect with yourself.

Yoga – Breathe and connect deeper within, join a class with Chandre de Jager :  +27823938338 (The yoga lounge)

Reiki local and Far away – Contact me for a 8 day journey of reiki/ followed with weekly reiki top ups, to balance  you. (+27846030604)

Exercise – Start moving your body : walk, play, garden, paint, swim, move you.

Goals  – Create a vision board, using old magazine cut outs, cardboard, and start envisioning, your new life.

Massage – Massages, relax, soothe, de-stress, detoxes the body, enhances a clear vision of life. Book one with me :  +27846030604.

Learn – Watch the Movie : What the bleep do we know, start learning about METAPHYSICS AND ENERGY.

Read – Hands of Light by Barbra Ann Brennan.   Eat mangoes naked by Sark.

Let go – Let go of those you carry. Start to put you first, be their for you. You are most important, you control your universe.

Believe – Infinite possibilities – Life is about Energy, meditating and visualising the Highest good in your life. Start focusing on creating a life, filled with LOVE, Light, Abundance, Joy.

Happiness over fear – It is your obligation, to be happy, to find your happiness and cling to it, keeping the balance within. Living from a space of Love.

Ask for Help – There are amazing Authentic healers out their, find your guide to healing.

Happy New Month!

Happy New Focus!

Let Love Rule.




Go BIG! – Risk and Surrender

Life has been a journey. It has rained since we arrived. I have been making rain and talking to the elements, it has been fun. Filling the dams To 74% brings life, abundance, living and possibly a new garden.

I have sat, where you are sitting comfortably, playing small fry, conforming to the ideas of others, listening to the opinions of others, but you are a empath, we do not conform.

We actually create a path from nothing. We can play small fry but then go bigger, as we expand, who we are.

My life has been a journey of learning, growing, being uncomfortable and then adapting to change quickly.

The journey of living a spirit intuitive life is a journey of change. Change is the biggest constant in my life.

When I embarked on a Reiki healing journey in 2005, I had no clue about where this path would lead me, I jumped in anyway, knowing I needed to heal and feel better and thus make better choices for my life, and admitting that I needed, help in order to do so.

The Reiki Healer is a guide to your healing.

Best thing you can do for you is to decide and choose healing, it will unblock your truth, setting you free,

to live your Authentic self, to live your True Spirit.

A tree, can only be a tree.

Grass, can only be grass.

You, can only be you.

I had many fears, insecurities, about moving to Cape town, now a month later, I feel I am going to go BIG! 

The time, the distance, the shire life has taught me much. I learnt that I was comfortably, subduing, what I truly seek. I missed the feeling of the ocean, I missed a deeper connection, with my Ancestors, I missed the feel of the mountains. Now, that I am back, I am indulging myself, in all of the delicious pleasures of life.

I have eaten sushi for breakfast. I have walked at the ocean. I have sang to the Spirits. I have prayed. I am connected and in tune with my path.

I hear, my intuition and I listen, there is a knowing that this is the path.

Risk – Moving 2000km. Finding a home, 5 days later. Moved in on 6th September. 

Trust – The process, even when its hard.

Surrender  – Your ego. Listen to your spirit. 

Acceptance – Knowing that you, are on a difficult journey and it is ok. 

Fear – Step into the Fear, OWN it, Step into the Unknown, assure yourself, that its ok. 

Embrace – Find pleasure in the small things, ocean walks. 

Happiness – Choose happiness, daily.

If you need guidance on your journey, + 27 84 603 0604, whats app, away. 


21 days in Fish Hoek Valley = Lessons learnt


Today, we explored the area of Retreat. We went in search of a plastic warehouse called Mambo’s. I started chatting to a lady about being an empath, I told her about her life, about her parents, her partner, etc. I was talking to Willem, and 3 seconds later, I now had 3 ladies, asking for guidance, advise, with a 4th and 5th lady, observing. I had cleared 2 ladies aura’s explaining what I do and advising them, about being empaths. 


We are slowly, grasping the fact, that we are in Cape Town. When we lived in the Midlands, Cape town, was far far away, access to city items were not available, asking for the Vegetarian option, was frowned upon.  It is an adventurous journey, and I am so happy, that I am here, exploring every aspect of Cape Town. 

Our home, is our shire, our safe space, we enjoy experiencing the different seasons, in one day. It may  storm, in the morning, but by the afternoon, the sun returns, for a beach walk. We recognise, familiar shops, and having shopped at that place, years, ago. (we sound old!)

I am still in contact with many of the amazing people in the Midlands, and have started doing distance healing for some, it feels like we have grown closer, even though, I am far away, the bond grew stronger and we are connecting more.

I have seen a few clients in person, I feel like I am on an “incognito” life, no one knows me or what I do, I am not stopped in shops or while selecting bread or cheese, it is freeing in a sense.

Convenience – everything is available to you, as a vegetarian, from cheese to the vegan option, the variety is so much.

Operating hours, are extended, in Howick everything closed at 6pm.  We are discovering that there are so many live bands and events happening, we are spoilt for choice.

Our routine is rising with the sun, and going to bed at sunset, which is now later, than before, but we are adjusting to the pace of suburb life, we discovered, that suburbs have the exact same noise volumes as on a farm. Eg. Brush cutters, dogs, machines, etc, etc.

The Midlands is now just a memory, we are now at home, in Sunvalley, with a renewed journey ahead.

Some valuable lessons, we learnt along the way.

CHANGE : welcome change into your life, it is the best thing for you. 

GROW  :  You cannot grow, if your spirit and soul is not ready. So, get ready, get healthy, make better decisions for you.

Move : Moving to Cape town has opened up, so many options of choice, and a space for LIVING more, stop! waiting and act, when you feel, that GUT feeling.

ADULTHOOD :  Many people moan, complain and vomit about their Life, when you are a mature adult, you take response ability for your life, if you hate it, change it, it is that simple.

Healing : Healing is for everyone, we all need it, for me, REIKI/Massage/Counselling and studying Child psychology, held the keys to my healing journey.  You know when you are out of SYNC, You know when something is wrong, don’t deny it, embrace it and ask for HELP! (you can whats app me +27846030604)

Routine : My daily routine is filled with Yoga, Reiki, meditation, Prayer, exercise, a balanced diet of smoothies, juices, fish, chocolate, these all play a vital role in SELFCARE and SELF LOVE. 

Yoga, so I can be flexible in my body and mind.

Reiki, so I am balanced and in tune with me.

Meditation, so I can visualize and be grateful for my path.

Prayer, so I can tune in deeper to find my answers.

Exercise, so I can be disciplined and keep my emotions in check.

Diet, You are what You eat.

To be balanced, means there is a Flow of Energy, no extremes need.

NO : Overgiving, overeating, overfixing, over anything!

These are all a symptom of a Male and Female Imbalance, so if you are in this space, you definitely, need a dose of Reiki and Massage to reset and recover.

I realize also, that it is a journey, when you are ready, to heal, you will find, you’re healer.

Healer, is the guide to your Healing Journey! 🙂



Being a Grown Up – Adult Hood


It has been 17 days, since, we arrived in Cape Town, it feels like a dream. Our furniture, has settled in, our routine has changed, and we have now adapted to city living. The sun rises at about 6am every  morning, this is when we wake up, we were accustomed to waking up at 4am, however, since our sleeping time, has been moved to about 9pm or 10pm, we want to sleep more.

So, my routine, has been somewhat, later, taking time to do yoga, and journaling/grounding in the morning, and taking walks during the day in the sunshine or at the ocean. I have asked the spirits for RAIN, and it has been raining for about 2 weeks, the dams are about 70% capacity. (Yay!)

It is difficult to comprehend, the big packing, the moving, the organising, the change of being and Living in Cape Town. I spend about 20 minutes in an isle staring at the Huge variety, of vegetarian foods, trying to digest, all of it, I found vegan cheese, odourless coconut oil, a variety of massage essential oils, tuna biltong, I am like a kid in a Candy store. The variety and selection for vegetarians are awesome in the city.

Be free :

We have been country mice for 8 years, where Zulu and English were spoken, mostly, here, I have found a diverse amount of spoken languages, I have heard Afrikaans, Hindi, Mandarin. Cape town, in its magic, holds the space, for being free. RANDOM people, still speak to me, but with big smiles and a friendly behaviour.

Ask no permission :

You no Longer need anyone’s permission, to make yourself happy. You have an obligations, to make yourself happy. It is your Right, so stop, asking for permission, do what makes you happy.

Follow your gut :

My gut and my ancestors have been prodding and pushing me for years, to return to CAPE TOWN, and now here, I am.  It is the most amazing feeling, to be back again, to do what I do, here, and feel fulfilled, on every level. When, you act of what You feel, the Reward is amazing!

Be open to change : Change

Many people fear change, we feel comfortable in this secure space, which provides NO security, only an illusion thereof. Change is inevitable, it is all around us, it is within us. If, we are not changing and growing, we become stagnated and old in our approach. We make camp and refuse to be moved, which does not grow, our spirit. Change is the healthiest option, to have.  Change your Hair, Your wardrobe, Your life, you have an obligation, to you.

Explore the possibilities :

Everyday, since we arrived, we have explored the different, aspects of shops, foods, buildings.

It is a journey, to explore all the possibilities, we have, now.

It has inspired, a SPIRIT of LIVING, A renewed Spark is Ignited.


Variety is the Spice of life :

There is so much more taste and flavours, available, here. Variety, is definitely the SPICE of life. The feeling of living and experiencing more, makes, life a beautiful flavour.


Pleasure filled life :

Most people believe, that life is Painful and they shy away from pleasure. It is very important to note, that when you live a spirit filled life, experiencing pleasure, joy, laughter, living with a light Heart, is an intergral part of your Life. When any extreme, of sanitising your life, boxing yourself in, afraid of truly living, this is not the way, for anyone.

Living comes from the Heart. Living and Being, is having a CONNECTION, with the Divine Source.


Speak up :

Communication, to others and yourself, is such a vital part of being. How you speak to yourself, how to treat yourself, how you digest, your words, thoughts and emotions, is what makes you. So, when you are uncomfortable, speak up.

Dislikes : do not be afraid, to voice  your dislikes.

I have not watched TV in 11 years, and I found that I actually dislike it.

When I was a kid, TV entertained me well, however, now as a Grown up, TV is just a interference, a waste of my time.

So, I will take me time instead, to write, and just be.  You are allowed, your dislikes.

Traffic :

We never had traffic, in the country. We live near a busy intersection, with roadworks, currently, there is literally, people at the traffic light, all the time. There are people walking around, all the time, its quite an adjustment for us, people traffic.

Routine baby : 

I am a creature of habit. My routine is returning, my working MOJO is back, and I excited about the amazing things, that  are to come. I have been experimenting with my distance healing clients, going deeper within the psyche, and filtering through the Reiki energy healing, to adult self. The results are amazing, this wholesome being of Light. I love how fast, we heal, when we are happy, content and at peace.


Grounding :

Each day, I connect to the Earth, I connect to Spirit SKY and I feel the energy embracing my Aura, holding the space, for me, to do the magic of Healing. Knowing, this ground, is sacred, this journey, opens, as I fully embrace, my new found focus, as Colleen, the body repair specialist in reiki, massage, counselling, child psychology.


Thank you to you, the reader, for Journeying with me.


Colleen @ the Ocean



What you need as an Empath, Spiritual being?

She sits quietly, in a meditative state, reflecting, clearing, embracing the change, learning from the experience, growing into herself, an evolving empath Spirit. Growing pains, are uncomfortable, but it is part of the package, we cannot grow in the shadow of the comfortable space, we reach out, to grow, because, we cannot stay in this space.

Her spirit, calls to her. She needs to grow, expand, change, evolve, the one constant force, is change.

Nature, knows its purpose, make the rain, bring the sunshine, make wind, make everyday different.

Living a Spiritual life, with balance, is the most soul rewarding journey, your path, is set before you, will you shine light, as you go with power, or will you step back and hide.

To those embarking on a changing journey, the fastest way to grow and heal within, I have found is reiki. Reiki holds the magic of the Universe, it heals, it changes, it soothes, it balances.

Going on any journey, requires, a deep connection, to feel supported by the Universe.

Truth – Always speak your truth.

Trust – The process, it will be fulfilled.

Surrender – Stop fighting, the door opens, from the inside.

Perservere – We all have our dualistic view of right or wrong, don’t forget the grey areas.

Create – Keep creating.

Focus – Shift  your focus, to what serves you.

Intention & Prayer – are part of a spiritual walk, connect with the Divine Spirit.

Ceremony – Include ceremonies with nature  – Use fire, Water, Air, Earth.

Spirit routine – Have a routine of Yoga, Meditation, Exercise, daily, to keep focus.

Harness – Harness your energy, for what you need.

Grid – create a grid with Rosequartz, asking for what you need.

Empaths are not immune to negativity, we are the magnets that absorb and restore the balance. It is important to receive regular, time out, rest, reiki, massages, counselling, so you can keep the balance within. A whole empath, functions well, as a whole being, when happy. When life is filled with silence, laughter, joy, living. 

Need some magic, whats app +27 84 6030604





Motherhood, a full time job, Are you getting paid for it?


We are living in the 21st century, where condoms, the pill, contraception is available, over the counter, abortions are advertised also, my point is we are no longer, in the stone age of living, that Mothers, as woman, are the primary care giver/taker of the children. 

We are living in a time and space, where woman, need to take back their power.

Where am I going with this? My partner and I embarked on this journey 11 years ago, we have laughed, cried, fought, threatened and had different growth spirts in our relationship. Money, in a relationship is tricky. I am good with money,  I give away money, his money, flies faster than I can save it, seriously. He will give money to the beggar, to anyone who ask him, I am like no, you are enabling them, stop it. He will then apologise, for not having money with him, to a complete stranger, I will just walk away. I know, I cannot help everyone.

Money, so, by now you know I am the Minister of Finance, or the Bread winner in our relationship, its my response ability to ensure that everything gets paid, on time. I remember getting to a space of total bitterness, anger, frustration, because I felt at one stage, that I worked for bills alone, and I threw a tantrum big time, then, I realized that I needed to shift my perception, I read the Gratitude effect by Dr DF Demartini and I felt inspired, to create more and manifest more, which I did. The outcome of this book, was I needed to pay me, pay Willem, my partner 10% of all income, that comes, which means we would have our individual money, the 80% of it, a portion to be saved, to pay living expenses, like rent, wifi, insurance, debit orders, etc, etc.

We both felt impowered by being paid, having our own money, to buy what we wanted, for ourselves. It also shifting a balance, where we saw each other as equals, his role, as supporting me, in what I do, my role, supporting him, in what he does, with running a home, sorting out the garden, cooking me meals, doing laundry, etc.

You can see, even though, roles are different, we know that we are DEPENDENT on ONE another, to complete what we do. You could argue and say, well, that’s  not really a job, but I bet you it is. I get very busy, Willem takes care of the mundane things that need to be done, that I never think about, I just trust that he will do, what is needed at the time, so I rely on him, a lot. (Thank you, Willem)

In the same way, Motherhood is a full time, job, and I feel MOMS need to get paid for it. If you receive a 10% of the total household income, you will feel, valued, appreciated, supported by your Partner. It is also valuable to know that you were not the only participant, in making the child, so the responsibility, should be halved. Raising a child, takes a community, the child needs exposure, to all aspects of life, in order to grow into a whole mature adult.

Motherhood is full time job, I remember looking after nieces and nephews and remembered How tired, I was after a weekend of babysitting, cleaning, helping, laundry, cooking and tomorrow, it is the same thing. Mundane chores, same shit, different day.

I feel we are moving into a space, where Mothers, need to be appreciated, and paid for their sacrifice, dedication and commitment, to be a MOM, the endless giver of Love.

So, have that talk with your partner, sort out the monies, and feel more supported, because You deserve it.

Everyone, needs to feel valued. Appreciated. Money in the purse, means energy, independence.