Tree of Life = You

Being a women, an awakened woman, is a spiritual experience.

I would liken us to a tree of life, our leaves are the gifts of love, we bestow upon others,

our branches reach high to the Sky, seeking the sun, our roots grounded to the Earth,

the nutrients we absorb from the soil, is what we receive from self care.

Caring for yourself, is important, if we do not water our tree, or feed it with rich

nutrients, it begins to wither and die, our leaves and branches, can no longer be

sustained. We give from a space of emptiness and will surely perish.

Trees need other trees, for connection, to talk, to share, to grow together, we need our community.

We cannot be separated from our kind, we need each other, to flourish.

Each tree is beautiful, it holds true to self, it never needs to be compared to any other tree.

Uniqueness is obvious, a well rooted tree, a strong stem, lengthy branches, and the best part is the leaves of LOVE, shared with many.

The tree can only give, if its already filled with Love, energised and flourishing with self care.



Quantum Healing : Healing a bladder cancer : Medicineless Hospital


So, usually, after an Attunement, I receive new gifts, this time round,  the gift is working on the ENERGY FIELD, outside  the body, healing the Auric field, so the Chakra, stops malfunctioning, due to CHILDHOOD/ Trauma, related issues, the results of Healing, is mind blowing. 

A few days ago, we performed a 4 Handed Reiki session, where I was guided to Reiki an Old Injury on my hubbies, right side, working on the energy field only, the legs inflammation disappeared and started healing itself.

I am in awe of this magic, its changing me, growing me, helping me step into another Aspect of me.

LOVE OR FEAR!  I choose Love always.

Love heals on so many levels, that’s why, I call it Reiki love.


Afraid of the dark



Darkness, this is where I do most of my work, as a Lightworker. It is not fluffy butterflies, or rainbows, or hippie clothes, or essential oils, that will change your world, or a good nutritional plan, nope, even though these are good things, it won’t change your BEHAVIOUR, your Vibe, or your pattern, that you inherited from your Mother. Truth be told, being a Lightworker, you work in the Dark baby, to bring forth light. If anyone, tells you differently, walk away, this shit, is raw, real and authentic.

Judgy vs Happy?

I have been exploring the patterns of my upbringing, my family, is / was and still is, judgy as F***!

Bible bashing, bad-mouthing, assuming the worst, fire and brimstone, to hell going, yip, that’s them.

I was raised to be JUDGY, my hubbie, used to call me “JUDGEMENTAL”  as a little private joke, which I hated, but now years, later, I understand why. I figured out the following, I cannot be happy, and judgy at the same time.

I can judge for myself, regarding a decision, viewing pros and cons, but I can no longer judge anyone, but myself.

When, I choose to be happy, I loose the obsession of judging and fault finding.

Exploring thy Shadow self?

So, I was taught, that tattoos, drinking, drugs, sex before marriage, are all “BAD” and I was bound for Hell.

So, I explored religions, only to discover, there is NO HELL! Sin, is just missing the mark. Hell is when we don’t love ourselves and we live from a space of imbalance, using words, like, I must, I have to, I should.

I have had 4 tattoos, and each time, I receive one, it has been a passage of growth, to being free.

I purchased expensive whisky and I am drinking 1 tot of it exploring, different mixes, and understanding, how it feels.

I have bought some POT, and I tred it, so I can understand, what its about.

Sex before marriage, well I have done that, and I am still with my first love, and we still have

the most amazing love making sessions ever.

You see! you need to explore your dark side, and make up your OWN MIND ABOUT IT.

As a therapist, I see people from all walks of life, rich, poor, kind, unkind, healthy, unhealthy its all part of the amazing path of life.

I am learning that by exploring, who I am, I am also allowing myself to decide for me, not my upbringing, not by being a “good” girl, but by being true to who I am, what I choose.

Living my most authentic self, following what holds true for me.

What makes you happy?

For me, its ocean walks.

Learning new things in my MMA training.

Reading a new book.

Writing in my journal.

Receiving 4 handed Reiki sessions and a Massage. (had one yesterday)

Eating well.

Being Disciplined.

Watching a MMA fight, which left me on the edge of my seat.

Laughing a lot.

Smiling at a stranger.

Dancing at the beach.

Feeling the wind in my hair.

Cat Naps.

Creating new things.

Life is hard, but it doesn’t have to be ALL OF YOUR STORY.


Start filling your heart with what You LOVE! IT WILL CHANGE YOUR WORLD.


A chance to change “her” story

A chance to change, her story, my story, your story. We are embarking on an age, where we seek love, consciousness, we seek community, the old no longer works, it doesn’t soothe, to get the job, to buy the house, the yearnings are far more deeper, than we can imagine, and we want to break free, from what no longer serves us.

I am in the process of changing, (again), reiki attunement no 56 is kicking my ass, it has shaken me up, with all kinds of nightmares of the past,  dark energy shadow lurking around my house, having spirits interfere with my daily and my partner, so much so, that we did a clay cleanse and an intense smudging the other day. I now bath in essential oils, impheho, mustard oil, Himalayan salts everyday, to unravel, what is going on within.

One big thing, I have felt with my path, as I am changing the future, of my own ancestry. I have been sending healing to my ancestors, to my biological mother, and myself, I pieced the pieces of life together and I realized that we were all raped, either sexual energy or abuse from their partners, their path was filled with pain, and so was mine.

I became a healer, because I believed that no one should suffer, and I still believe this.

Last night, I was shown, my sacral chakra outside my body that was torn/broken, and unable to function properly, showing me the “blah blockage” around my waist, I cleared it with reiki and sent healing to my etheric body, and last night was the best sleep, I have had in weeks.  No waking up every 2 hours, no waiting for sunrise to come.

Today, I feel at peace, I just did yoga, grounded me, and I am listening to “Oom Mantra”, life is good.

I know that Spirit, will reveal more as I journey deeper, into my own darkness, so I can shine my light to heal.

I didn’t want to write about my own pain, my own journey, because it isn’t my reality, its the past, but healing such a deep pain, changes one within, I needed to share, that there is life, after rape, after abuse, of any kind.

I find that Empath women, are vulnerable, highly intuitive, but fail to listen to our intuition, when it comes to SELF PRESERVATION, and self Love.

Changing her story, means, healing so you can change the OLD story, into A HEALING NEW STORY, so you no longer, view things from a broken perception, but from a space of wholeness.

Reiki has carried me through, this process, my ancestors, my guides, my partner, my pets. I have taken a step back from my family, as I am not ready, to deal with their judgments or their doom and gloom approach.

Self preservation, 101, I love me enough to protect me, to protect my space, my aura, my life, because I love me.

Self preservation, 102, I do not need to fix it, I can just observe.

Self preservation, 103, Serving my spirit, means being authentic and true to me, no filters, no fake ness.

Self preservation, 104, Ho pono pono  : I love you, I am sorry, I forgive you, thank you.

I release what no longer serves me, because I deserve to be happy and have love, and you do too.

IF YOU WOULD NEED SOME HEALING Reiki magic :  Whats app +27846030604. Lets begin. 

Raped – Healing with Energy

An Energy Healing Strategy for Victims of Rape and Sexual Abuse

I want share with you an energy healing strategy for victims of rape and sexual abuse. I developed it many years ago but never distributed it. In recent months I have had a strong inner prompting to share it now and to trust that it can be taken up appropriately. If you feel that it has merit, please distribute it to other healers who may be able to develop it further.


When an adult or child is raped or sexually abused, the etheric webbing around the sexual organs (sacral center) may be torn and require re-weaving. If this etheric webbing is not healed the individual may experience ongoing disempowerment and, worst, “leak” sexual energy, unwittingly attracting predators and bullies. The healing strategy that I suggest here is one in which the healer enables the webbing to rest back down into its underlying template of health and integration— and re-weave itself.

History and Background 

Thirty years ago I was in a training weekend and our group was facilitated through a thirty-minute blindfold exercise to develop trust. In the darkness we met each other and were invited to carefully explore, through touch, each others’ hands and faces. In the last of these encounters I felt a powerful surge of sexual chemistry and when we removed our blindfolds I was surprised to find I was partnering with a man. Surprised because I am predominantly straight.

This man and I became friends and I later discovered that, as a child, he had been consistently sexually abused. Because of his history I surmised that he was unwittingly leaking sexual chemistry. As a meditator and student of esoteric anatomy, I contemplated this issue for a while.

During the same period I encountered a group of women who were performing a ceremony called the Reconsecration of the Womb, a ritual developed by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki for women who had been sexually abused. I was asked to participate in a couple of these ceremonies, as a symbolic representative of men in general, apologizing on their behalf and asking for forgiveness. My heart was touched by these rituals and I was also curious about their psychological and more subtle benefits.

At the same time I was reading widely in the field of energy healing and was particularly impressed by Esoteric Healing and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire by Alice Bailey. Her books in general provide a deep and helpful exploration of esoteric anatomy.

It was during this period that I had the insight.

When an adult or child is raped or sexually abused the etheric webbing around the sexual organs (sacral center) may be forced open and torn. It then requires re-weaving. If it is not healed, the individual may experience ongoing disempowerment and worst of all “leak” sexual energy, unwittingly attracting predators and bullies.

In healthy and respectful lovemaking there is a natural process of opening and closing to one’s partner. This also happens in mindful Tantric and Taoist practice.

Conversely in situations of sexual abuse the victim is overpowered by the abuser and the opening is forced. This forced opening obviously happens in rape. It also happens when an authority figure or someone in power sexually coerces a subordinate. This abusive physical intrusion is mirrored in the victim’s energy field and aura. Their fascia, their meridians, their aura and their etheric webbing is penetrated and torn. There is now a gash or puncture. Sometimes it is so bad that it is virtually flapping open.

Healing this gash obviously takes time.

With time, good fortune, support, grace and healthy relationships, the webbing should naturally re-weave itself and fall back into the fabric of its template. (Remember the concept that underlying all aspects of the physical and etheric body is a template of perfect integration.)

But obviously if the positive supportive dynamics are not present, then the victims webbing may not heal and re-weave. They may now live with it permanently open. This may leave the individual feeling incomplete, confused, disoriented and disempowered. At worst it attracts bullies and predators — who can detect the weakness — and may create a cycle of further abuse.

The Healing Strategy

It is possible, I suggest, for an energy healer to facilitate the re-weaving of this web. I am careful here to use the term “facilitate” because the healing strategy I suggest is not — I repeat not — one of radiatory healing. To enable the re-weaving of the etheric webbing we do not use any radiation or channelling of healing energy. Instead we use the strategy of co-presence and holding.

If we radiate energy into the damaged fabric it is just another excitation, stimulant and irritant. It may make things worse. The strategy here is companionable, receptive and passive.

We are perfectly grounded, at ease and compassionately centered in our hearts.

We bring ourselves into a state of calm grace connected to the ocean of unconditional love in the universe.

We are quietly co-present with our companion.

We come into receptive and silent communion with our companion’s body.

We allow ourselves to be aware that there is a perfectly healthy etheric template underlying our companion’s body. (The body has its own wisdom.)

The safety and encouragement of our calm and compassionate presence provides a dimension in which the etheric body can heal itself.

We take our calm and compassionate awareness into the area where the etheric webbing has been abused and torn.

We softly sense-allow-visualize this damaged and open area resting back down into its underlying healthy etheric template.

We are aware of its potential for healing and re-weaving.

Our calm awareness of this potential for re-weaving is all that is needed.

We stay present for a while witnessing the process.

In conclusion we may wrap or cocoon our companion in a protective bubble of love and safety, like a tulip closing its petals at night.

We back off respectfully and pray for the highest good.

Questions and Answers

Q: How long does the healing last?
A: You need to feel into the appropriate timing. Five to twenty minutes.

Q: How often?
A: I don’t know. Again feel your way into the timing.

Q: What position for the client?
A: Lying down is best.

Q: May I use my hands?
A: If you have an instinct to use your hands, I suggest you place them under your companion’s body, sympathetically connecting with the underlying etheric template. Perhaps one hand under the base of the spine and the other under the heart. Or sitting at the person’s head, your hands under their head as in cranial-sacral work. You must not do anything energetic with your hands that might excite the etheric webbing. You need it to relax, ease and sink back into its template.

Q: Does the recipient of this strategy need to know you are doing it?
A: It is always good practice to ask permission.

Q: Can you do this healing at a distance?
A: Only if you are very experienced.

Q: Is there a more shamanic or elemental approach?
A: In my opinion a shamanic approach can enhance this method of healing. The way to do this is through coming into telepathic communication with the etheric template of the body as a whole and addressing it as if it were a living creature in its own right and with its own identity. At the same time come into telepathic communication too with the elementals that form the etheric web. Have a conversation with them about the re-weaving. Be very polite, patient and respectful.

Q: What about talk therapy?
A: Talk therapy is a crucial element of healing, and the method I describe here supplements it.

Q: What about trauma therapy?
A: Trauma therapy, especially the approach developed by Peter Levine, is also a crucial element of healing and the method I describe here supplements it.

Q: Why didn’t you share this strategy earlier?
A: I am not sure. I was cautious because 30 years ago I experienced many healers as being too intrusive and unaware of some of the subtleties of energy work. In recent decades there has been a massive cultural shift with thousands of people learning Reiki, spiritual healing and cranial-sacral approaches. I sense that there is now a sufficient number of experienced and wise healers who will understand the subtlety of this method.

Q: Are you, William, practicing as a healer yourself and using this method?
A: I do not have a calling to be a healer although I have some healing talents. I have not practised this method since I first developed it, but I have consistently meditated on it and shared the ideas with some colleagues and students.

Q: Are you, William, interested in training people in this method or heading up a group of trainers and healers?
A: No, this is not my calling. There are many healers far more experienced than me who can take this up if they feel that it is useful. And of course I would love to hear about any projects in this field.

All my love,

Falling in love


They  say when you fall in love, your heart skips a beat, you find a common ground, a connection, there is a spark, a Divine soulmate is ignited. I believe we all want to know what falling in love means.

We fall in love with the sound of our lover’s voice. We long for their laughter. We ache for their touch. We long for that one long, mouth-watering kiss, that makes our knees buckle, that causes our heart to flutter, that ignites every sense of our being.

Fallen in love, love overlooks the stretch marks, the wobbly love handle, love overlooks the cellulite on the thighs, love only sees, the eyes, the soul connection.

Being in love is one part amazing, and one part agonising. We are incomplete without our partner, we long for that hug, after a long days work, we long for that love making, that leaves us breathless, yearning, panting, needing more. . . 

Alas, not many get to experience, this magic. Some, get pregnant and then are stuck with baby Daddy, the  spouse, who doesn’t support, who doesn’t see you for who you are. I am here to share, that you deserve better, you are enough. Life is short, being unhappy and raising a child in an unhappy situation, will give your child endless issues and they may already need therapy and healing. So, do yourself a favour, find your own happiness, and let that steer you.

We all deserve happiness, I can’t share this enough.

We all deserve Love.

We all deserve to be treated like a Goddess, I know I am.

I am supported, I am loved, beyond words, and I honour the same magic that is bestowed upon me, Love.

This week, I was sick, I received a 4 handed love rub-massage, which left me crying, and accepting the Love, I so craved.

I reiki d myself, I used my Love mantra, to heal my body, and within 24 hours, the bacteria left my body and I was back.

I haven’t exercised for 3 days, and I can feel my body is healing.

 Sometimes you need to Halt!

Assess, where you are at, check in with yourself?

Where do I need some balance?

Having unfulfilled expectations about your partner, is recipe for disaster. You can only blame your partner, for so long. 

Sooner, or later, you need to face your shadow self and resolve/communicate, what needs addressing.

Have the courage, to attend to it, or it will grow into  a volcano.

To thyself be true, first. 







Maturing, an uncomfortable truth :-( (reiki baby no #30)

When I was tiny toddler, adults used to tell me, how becoming an adult is hard, how you begin to see aspects of life, the good and the bad, and you loose the innocence of naivety. I can sadly, say, that this has become true, for me. 

I want to stay young at heart, I want to be pleased easily, I want to enjoy all of the aspects of life.

Sometimes, learning is hard, sometimes growing is uncomfortable, growing into maturity, I can feel the scales of naivety falling away.

I want to keep believing in magic, in Reiki, in healing the broken, in an ideal world, I wish to be a fairy godmother to every woman, because, we deserve to feel magic, feel loved, feel completely whole.

I can feel within myself, a new chapter is unfolding. I believe, its now more important to keep the BALANCE, for myself, no extremes, balance between my male and female side. Balance of living my purpose, of listening deeper to my Ancestors, acting on my Intuition. The world is moving into a more chaotic state, imbalances and instants are the norm of the day.

I seek to help those that need healing, not everyone wants to heal, people find love in their pain.

Sometimes we need one healing session, sometimes, we need many. I needed many, and I am still uncovering the aspects of my childhood, that I hid from myself, because they were hard to digest, hard to see the truth, hard to face the fact and the brutally of it. Healing, my dear, takes a braVe soul, and that is what we are.

I journey between the world of the living, embracing the world of the dead, where a different set of rules, reside. I feel the presence of new life being created, pure, sacred, new life, as baby, no #30. I feel the love that baby no 30 already has from her/his parents, and it is magical.

I believe, there is always a BALANCE. Life is never just the SHIT SPLAT! but what led to the shit splat. A choice, a decision, a consequence.

So, I always ask myself :

How did I get here?

What decision, did I make?

Did I learn, from it?

When faced with hard truths, we tend to want deny it, hide from it, run from it, but eventually, all we can do is surrender to it.

Surrender to Life. Surrender to our Purpose. Surrender to What we need to learn.

Living this journey, takes a box of tissues, chocolate as a comfort, a gentle heart, to embrace yourself with love. 







Im a bad vegetarian! (Reiki attunement #56 In Sheffield)

I ventured down the path of religions, I did home cleansing armed with holy water and rosary, casting things from darkness into light. I Baptised and saved many as a Christian. I had the broken drug addicts live in my home, ILL-equipped to help them heal. A journey, a lesson, a deep soul purpose that is never quenched.

The broken, seek the light, in any form, they cling to what doesn’t serve, deeply seeking love, from their aching heart.

I too once walked that road, seeking, yearning, now having found who I am, and loving me. I tried to conform, only to be rejected by those that are Linked by Blood, they don’t know me, the only understanding of me, is that I was a bastard, ill, sickly child, my saving grace, the fair skin and green eyes, the look of a exotic foreigner. They say apartheid is dead, but looking at the latest family wedding, shows me, its deeply alive, linked with the status of bottomless money, which is actual debt.

I am different, I know. I am happy with little. I CAN sleep on a thin mattress, just as comfortable, as a cloud 9 mattress. I don’t need alot of clothes, it makes me uncomfortable having no space in my cupboard, I throw things out. I wear 2nd hand clothing, because I have nothing to proof to anyone.

I am, who I am. I do what, I do.

Eight days ago, I did a Reiki Attunement, the ancestor spirits, filled my home, I spoke strangely, I am going through the motions of healing someones karma, their ANCESTORS befriended mine, there is Connection.

My male side is in full swing, walked more, worked more, working more, like trying to outrun a ghost of the past. Trying to know me more, sifting through my own fake fascade of me. Do I like dresses no, I feel unsafe. Do I like woman shoes no, I love boots. I haven’t worn a real bra in 5 years, sport bras are me. I try to find what makes me feel beautiful, but nothing on the outside fulfills, there is always someone thinner, looking fab, and I hate that comparison.

I did the adult thing and went to purchase cleanser, toner and moisturiser for me, and not just facewash. I take the time to massage the moisturiser into my skin at night, and observe my moments of beauty. When I don’t feel shy, and I can show my dimples, when I can just be, in that moment, there is Love completely.

I think of the moment, that I feel whole, its serving someone, helping someone heal, the human body on my table. The mother and baby connecting. Feeling the new life, I help create, baby no #30. I have no words, only tears of joy. As this new mom becomes a mother, vessel of light. How I wish this for everyone.

This attunement has challenged my eating habits, and I was drawn to eat biltong, I know, I am a bad vegetarian, after not eating meat for 12 years.  So, here is my process of buying DRIED BILTONG.

I check that it is DRY DRY DRY!

I BRING IT HOME, AND say a prayer and send healing to the Animal spirit in the Universe.

I honour the animal, by not wasting any of it.

I accept that this is part of balancing me, eating dried blessed biltong for now.

I am grateful, for this process.

My path has taught me, that balance is far more important, than extreme measures. Judgment is less important, Love is the priority, to flow into it with kindness, grace, acceptance and mostly  surrender. I am walking my path, just as you are, sometimes, I can feel the changes coming, sometimes, I too need to accept what is happening in the present moment.

Keep the balance, honour my needs as a Human being, this is the KEY, to growing, learning, and adapting fast.

This is my journey so far, Reiki attunement #56 and Assisting with Reiki #30 babies later.






Taste, Pleasure, Life

While walking about the Hout bay market yesterday, a thought came to me, why, don’t I write about my keys to happiness and living, so here I am . . .

These are some changes, I have implemented in my life, and the last 7 months, in Cape Town, sometimes, I get it spot on, other times, I still battle with some issues relating to these new guidelines for my life, then I have to reflect, have a stiff talking to myself and then continue my journey of life. . . .

Being OPEN :
I want to say, I am open, all the time, but this would be a lie. The truth is, I have had many many absolutes, based on my upbringing, of one side German, and other side Indian, my Grandfather, was very OPEN, to life, he lived by his rules, whereby my grandmother, was very absolute in her belief systems, she read the bible, she had Jehovah witness friends, she believed in the religion and practised it, her way. She was also very open to woo woo, and instilled a good “churchly” upbringing in me, right or wrong, that was it. My grandfather, lived by a different rule book, he loved, he lived, he was the boss of his life, you could tell by his own style. Italian leather shoes, an engraved belt with his name on it, specific Lee jeans, his leather gold watch, his diamond ring, you can see the trend, his sleek brill creamed hair, he was a ladies man, he smelled of old spice and his gold tooth, shone in the light, he was well travelled and lived. His scent was mixed with old spice and whisky, his tattoos emphasised his strong chest and forearms, he was the man. So, in order to combine the two worlds, and the 3 religions, I have journeyed through, I am now at the stage, where everyday, I am deciding to be OPEN. TO BE OPEN : to the magic of Life, to be open in accepting every aspect of it, and then accepting myself, as being different, complex and a bit of a alien, in this world.

Be less judgy, choose happiness

Exploring my own psyche is very interesting, when there is JUDGMENT, there is no LOVE, THERE IS also no room for happiness, only DOOM AND GLOOM and a nasty inner critic of a fault finding monster. This is certainly, NOT, what life is about. I have been journeying through this world, to the underworld, and the UPPERWORLD, and I have found NO HEAVEN OR NOR HELL, I have found a well spring – I SHALL CALL IT THE TREE OF LIFE, from where everything springs forth. I feel that when we are not living our true self, we are in hell. Practising NON judgment is an everyday practise, not being hard on myself, means looking at myself with a big dose of LOVE AND FORGIVENESS, so I can choose happiness everyday. I choose to heal, I choose happiness, everyday. I may not feel happiness, but when I choose it, I feel better, like a warm fuzzy blanket has covered my being, and I unsubscribe from the judging monster, so I can tune into my happiness more.

Live, Eat, Laugh, Love – Have more sex – Sanitising your life from pleasure :
For many years, I have just existed, sanitising my life from LIVING IN THE REAL WORLD, because I felt, that this is what it meant to be SPIRITUAL. BAM!!! It is surely, not so.
I shut pleasure from my life, I stopped eating meat, then being judgy to others, who do = VERY TOXIC approach.
I was very strict on my diet, eating programs, shutting out all the pleasures of eating = Unhealthy approach.
I scheduled having sex – like on my phone, like once a week was enough, seeing it as a chore = Also another unhealthy approach.

So, you can see, these absolutes, were not serving my spirit and I was in constant battle with my male and female self, a real ANGRY MotherFucker!

My female self WANTED to live more, to eat well, to laugh, to have more sex and pleasure, where my male side was controlling and such a bully.
These scenarios, played out for about 8 years, I can happily say, that moving to CAPE TOWN, has changed this pattern.

Everyday, I am choosing to live more, walking up mountains, swimming in the ocean, exploring markets, tasting new foods and dishes, I am definitely, having MORE SEX, than I had in my 20’s, so sanitising your life from pleasure, is not the answer. LOVING YOUR LIFE, eating well, loving yourself, and your partner, opens life to a healthy balance, of mind, body, spirit, this is the option, you want.

Live in Gratitude and Acts of love and kindness
For most people living in the system of having a job, a 5th sensory, existence exist, you work, you earn a salary, you pay bills, and this literally, carries on for years to come. You miss out on living your life, you miss out on a free life. Upon waking up in the morning, your first task is to get to work on time, work, then drive home, embrace the traffic, the SHEEP PEOPLE, way of life. Leaving no space to live your spirit or live in gratitude.

I am grateful each day for my life, for living my true purpose as a healer, so I can help others do the same. I show my appreciation to the universe, by giving away 10% of what I make each day, I also do random acts of Kindness for strangers, I give of myself to others, as well, and living from a space of LOVE and Fulfillment, leaves no time for self doubt or self pity, you are living your magic, so by the time, you hit your pillow, you have spent who you are and feel fulfilled, nothing tops that.

FEAR, DOUBT and the naysayers . . .
Yes, I have fear and doubt, but then I do it anyway! Because, that’s just how I roll. I step into the fear, I feel it, I cry and then I do what I need to do, it’s the rebel in me, you see, I haven’t listened to the NAYSAYERS in my life, or the liars who told me, I wouldn’t amount to MUCH! For the simple reason, I know it to be untrue!
Each part of my journey, has brought me to HERE! NOW!~
IF, ONE part of my journey was left out, I would not be me, or the Healer/Therapist, I am today, so thank you Fear, Thank you doubt, thank you naysayers! You have helped me shape me.

LOVE YOUR LIFE. Have more orgasms, eat the pasta, drink the wine, do the yoga, have a therapist, go for massages, learn reiki, learn to love more, learn to heal deeper, but MOST OF ALL,



If, you need healing help: +27846030604,

with Love  XXX Col



A day of Flow



Friday, 15 March  2019

Its Friday, the entire vibe of the suburb and city changes, the zombies who have been working Monday to Friday, awaken, drive faster, work harder, it’s the weekend baby! The sirens and helicopters are rushing by, more traffic on the road, people are buzzing, the beach is fuller, people are happy, for their own time and space, to do whatever, they want.

Today, in my reality, was one of those victorious days. I met a client from Russia, we spoke Russ-English, and we ended up connecting and sharing our art. She is a hairdresser, she fell in love with a South African, and moved here. We spoke about Russia, and growing up in Russia. She is a total empath, and her life story, is colourful, brave and courageous.

I had a snooze on the couch, after her session and off we went to the beach, I walked on Jaggers walk, I danced with the waves. I decided to browse Fish hoek some more, I browsed the Book store, I ate springrolls, from the Chinese corner shop, I watched a You tube movie while on my Colleen date.

I ventured into Pick and Pay, bought myself a yogisip and did some tikum olum, and paid for someone’s lunch. I observed people, entering and leaving Pick and Pay, the vibe, the atmosphere, the unspoken body language, I learn so much, by watching. . .

Willem arrived back from his Kinesology treatment, and off we went to play in the waves, and it was oh so delicious. Sun-kissed skin, wild curly hair, wind blown, a lovely mess, to be tamed later.  We met Nathan, who is a mixed martial arts trainer, he has one of Willems first tattoo’s on his forearm, he really wanted a Reiki session, so I said, what do you do? He explained, and I was super keen to have a training session with him, so we exchanged telephone numbers and it was set for a session, next week and Tuesday 8am. (Turned out, that I am a natural, I love it, as a beginner, my teacher was super impressed!  Next session tomorrow.)

I received my new tattoo on Sunday, named “WABI SABI”, filling in all the cracks of my body shame, with Reiki Love.  It has been an amazing journey, I feel whole, I feel complete, I am working on my self love.

This was just one day of flow, it has been 5 days later, and so much has happened already, I can’t keep track of it, days flow into days, nights are just to short for me.

I tell myself, tomorrow, I will blog and share, this amazing day, and bam, its 3 or 4 days later, city life is busy, there are people everywhere, I miss the silence of the Midlands.

The noise is always on going, the road workers, the dogs, the cars, the buzzing, and this is a quiet neighbourhood. I know, I will adjust, its part of the process, grow where you are planted. 


BE OPEN = Wabi Sabi, Martial Arts, Living


It feels like my life here, in the city has speeded up!  I have had the most amazing 3 days, doing what I have only day dreamed about. It started on Sunday, I decided, it was time for my new tattoo, called  WABI SABI, this is a Japanese word, translated into Elvish language, imprinted on my arm, I cried when having my tattoo, not because of the tattoo pain, no because, I was closing off the body shame, I have experienced by others, and myself, closing a chapter, and opening a new one, filled with OPENNESS.

WASI SABI, it is a Japanese tradition of filling in the cracks, in ceramic cups and bowls with gold paint, which adds more value to the item, because of its brokenness. For me, reiki was my golden paint, filling in all the broken cracks, and now, I am entering a new phase of me, a phase of OPENNESS, less self doubt and criticism, more self love and softness within.  I love my body and I love my spirit.

After my tattoo, we visited Klaas, in Cape Town central, and he took us to the most amazing place, called EASTERN FOOD BAZAAR, I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEED it. I had my favourite dosa and enjoyed all the treats and the experience.

On Monday, I went to a Hairdresser, called ANNA, I was very anxious, as I had not had a haircut since 2007, and I was scared, because usually, my hair is mistreated, Anna was kind and gentle and I received a head massage, how amazing for me, I nearly cried, my heart out. I kept my composure and just let the LOVE IN.

On Tuesday morning, my Mixed Martial Arts, trainer arrived, Nathan, we met at the beach, and we agreed, to swop our arts, he wanted Reiki and I wanted to be trained in Martial Arts.  What you didn’t know is that my dear Dad, the sperm donour, was a black belt karate person, and this madness, is in my blood. I took to it, like duck to water, and I was a natural, jabs, blocks, punches, foot work, body language, breathe, I LOVED IT. So, guess, what I will be doing on Tuesday morning. I also arranged with Nathan, to be his sport massage fixing therapist, and I agreed to attend his fights in exchange for the experience. I am super super super excited, as I will be meeting different people and entering into a completely different, universe, to serve others. Whoop Whoop!

I made a big decision for myself, to be OPEN TO LIFE and Living more.
I enjoy the feeling of living, being free, and just being in the FLOW OF MAGIC.

I love my life and I have been waiting to live, this exact moment.

I want to hug strangers, I want to serve more, I want to scream from the mountain tops,

I M SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Till our next adventure, all my love, Col


ps. This blog is just one aspect of me, to really know me, you will need to come have tea with me and chat, and laugh and just be who you are! 




Alive : Awakened : Empath

Sjoe, its been a long time, since, I wrote a blog, about life. Life has been super busy, we are finding our way, in terms of timing, traffic, and city life. We had the Argus cycle tour infest the entire neighbourhood, I can happily say, the south peninsula residents, do not like cyclist. We attended a theatre performance, at the Masque theatre in Muizenberg. We arrived early for the performance, to overhear the actors, practise and warm up.  The show was called,”One liners” like, “Whose Line is it anyway”, from television,  before the show started, we were asked to contribute, one line sentences, to the show. I observed many things, first off, actors, are Empaths, they channel the energy of the character, and can chop and change, at a drop of a hat. We laughed, so much, it was a very chilled evening of good vibes, and good clean fun, on a Sunday evening. 

I am definitely going to be a theatre, going person, now. (There is a theatre workshop, who knows, I may just attend.)

On Saturday evening, I decided, we needed to go out, as we were starting to get CABIN fever. Our neighbours, were having a rip roaring party, with bottles clinging, dogs barking, drunken people, trying to talk, but it all sounds like a “blurred” language, mixed with beer, brandy, and no english.  So, out we went, to a bar called The Striped House in Muizenberg, the place is “bar like” with art, surfboards, a Mother Mary sacred Statue, 2 kiddies play horses (one pink & one red) in each window, and stuffed animal heads on the walls. The bathrooms, are normal grotty looking bathrooms, you know they have been cleaned but the smell, still lingers. We had one drink and a bite of junk food, consisting of fries and a seafood basket with crumbed mushrooms, it was yummy, and within 2 hours, we were home again, peace and quiet restored, as the party next door, had died down, either by a fight or onwards to another venue.

The seasons are changing, I have been making rain, whenever, we venture to the ocean, calling forth more water, it has rained for 3 days solid, the ground is wet, the tar is wet, our tank is overflowing and all is well. The first sign of cold weather, and boots, beanies, scarfs, are already out, in full force, I wonder what people will wear, when its really winter.  I am loving all of it,  the heat, the cold, the rain, the everything.

I read a book called “Be your own shaman” , some aspects of the book, really touched my inner core, like I had died and been awakened. Deborah King speaks of how we suppress things, so we deny it, until we acknowledge it and then the healing of the event, can take place.  I had a melt down, last week, where I cried for 4 hours solid, going deeper into myself, going through, every painful event of my life, going through each chakra, because I could no longer, just work on the surface of me, I had to feel the PAIN, I had absorbed, suppressed, subdued, I needed to honour my body and spirit, by feeling the feelings, and then allowing the Reiki and the Love in.

Four hours of crying, leaves you raw on the inside, like a steam roller, had reversed over your body and soul, but by day 3, I started returning to myself, feeling brave and courageous, for entering my darkness, to find my light.

I wish, I could say, I had a loving family, I wish, I could say, I had a perfect life, I wish, I could say, I had loving parents, but alas, I did not. My life has been hard, every experience, has shaped, the Healer, wife, mentor, life coach, light worker, massage therapist, I am, and I discovered, that I am exactly, what I need to be. 

We are not broken, we have been conditioned, to fit a roll, that no longer satisfies.

We have been moulded into a square, but we are triangles.

We are free spirits. We are intuitive, we are empath’s being awakened. 



Cleansing Rituals – Empaths : Yogis, therapist, Reiki Masters, Massage Therapist



If you serve others, you need to cleanse, your body, mind, spirit often, daily …

Earthing / grounding – standing on grass barefeet, visualise growing roots, to the earth, including your base “red” chakra, get well rooted.  This helps, you stay in your own SKIN, and become a NON-ABSORBING EMPATH.

BURNING : I often write down my anger, against others, or myself, I am a fiery personality, so its important, that I release it. I can go outside, behind my knees and elbows and say H A A A A A A ! which gets the toxin out, but sometimes, it lingers, so I need PEN and Paper, to write down my emotions, I BURN THE PAGE, saying, a Prayer of release : I forgive and bless them, and me, I CHOOSE TO MOVE FORWARD.

BURYING :I recently, done a 3 day, disconnecting process, writing down a persons that can no longer be part of my reality, I placed my name in a salt circle, and buried it in the ground, on the 4th Day.

Clay : I used white clay, covered my entire body, soaked up the sun, and then SWAM IN THE OCEAN, it was so releasing and refreshing.

DRINK : Purging : if you feel you have ingested someone’s emotions, drink salt water and purge = Vomit it out.

Each chapter of your life is sacred, there are so many cleansing rituals, which are personal to my journey of healing.

So, if you stuck, emails me : or whats app +27846030604, open your mind and spirit, and let the healing begin.



Six months in Cape Town – Fish Hoek valley, South Peninsula


We have been in Cape Town, for 6 months, it feels just like yesterday, we were packing up, in the Midlands, to move down, to Fish Hoek.

Fish Hoek, is a very chilled suburb, people wake up at 6am, drive to work by 6.30am, I can feel the TRAFFIC buzz and human energy panic and rush, to get to work. This is my normal walking time, to admire the rabbits in the next road, to inhale ocean air, and ingest the magical views of the mountains and clouds.

The vibe in the city is different, depending on the date and day of the month. There is  a build up of desperation energy, in the middle of the month, more sirens, more ambulances buzzing around, and helicopter fly by, at this time. People are more aggressive, when broke, until the penultimate day of the 25th of the Month, then everything calms down, and resets. Traffic is chaotic on the 25th of the month.

The air of desperation, is thick on some days, strange people, canvas the neighbourhood, looking for work / loose items to take their new homes. Dogs bark more viciously, and things are just thick in the air. Weekends, are bliss days, no rush for work, beaches are packed like little ants on a ice cream cone, every inch of the beachfront is used, kids howling, parents screaming, shark sirens going off, lifesavers herding people out of the ocean, to protect them from sharks.

When we have a free moment, we are at the beach, either swimming or walking or just inhaling the ocean breeze, connecting with Ocean Spirit, with prayer, with meditation, being alive in this moment, filling our heart chakra with Love for Living.

I have observed many things here, nothing is what it seems, the picture, is not the real thing, you need all your senses, to perceive TRUTH, I am so glad, I use my intuition.

Fuel, Electricity, fresh fruit and vegetables are really affordable here, rental and property prices, escalate everyday, as if we have ingested a can of beans, and you know the HOT air, will be flowing later. . . .

I am connecting more with Aquarians! our wifi router, broke on 28 January, the lady, Lyndi, who I met 12 years ago, came to repair it, and we chatted like old friends, about our journeys, and how we got here, back to Fish Hoek.

Like Auroville, wherever, we venture to, we hear accents from a different land, American, Swedish, Dutch, English, Cape Town is a melting pot of tourist, enjoying the tropical utopic space, of having sunshine, until 8pm at night.

My internal clock, wakes me at 3.40am, and I then reiki myself, until I snooze, until 5.30am or 6am. It is now 7.13pm, the sun is still out, and a helicopters flies overhead, traffic is slower, people are cooking dinner, pets are being fed, dogs are being walked and all  is flowing, as per usual.

I learnt some valuable lessons while living in Auroville, I call it my utopia, it is a Energy amplifying space, whatever, you can imagine, it will happen, within 5 minutes, the same can be said for Cape Town/ Fish Hoek. The energy from the mountain/ ocean amplifies whatever you feel, if you feel lack : you will acquire more debt and chaos.

If you live from a space of Love, Abundance, grounded approach, this will grow.  Every time, I pray for rain, it comes, I am grateful and appreciate, this journey.

We are living the best life ever, I feel like a tourist, in my own city, as I now have time to explore, all the adventures, not taken, all the fun to be had, all the living to explore.

It is also 6 weeks, after the Reiki Attunement process and I am slowly returning to myself. I have been reading a book, called, being your OWN shaman, by Deborah King, and I love and resonate with her frequency. Words like energy field, outside your body, inner womb child issues, have been shown to me, healing is so important when we are in our adult bodies, fully connected to our 8th Chakra, our Higher self, tuned into our Ancestors, wisdom.

This week, I had reflexology and 2 massages in 2 weeks, I am feeling, more me, I also snoozed more, giving my body the time and space, to just be. I walked and did yoga, focusing more within myself.

Last week, I completed a deep intense healing session for 7 days, for a young lady, who was taught Reiki, in her teens, the process, I believe, it has changed her life.

City life, is scary sometimes, when all the drivers are anxiously pushing into lanes, I then keep our car in a blue bubble of reiki, and speed up the traffic. I do the same, with queues, at the bank, Pick and Pay, Food lovers, Checkers hyper, waiting for the perfect moment, to jump in the queue, and be helped, speedily. I am so happy, I have reiki, as I feel, one can go mad, if you had to stay in queues, all the time.

I have also the witnessed, “tik” addicts, using in the Kalk bay area, the users, are ordinary people, having families, who need them, there is no happy ending, their addiction, will harm them and those around them.

Whenever, I am in public or walking at the beach, I practise, my energy force field, I emit my vibration : “Move out the way, I’m coming through, without saying a word, my hubbie, says, its my Warrior face, in the same way, I can, lock my aura away, and be seen as a completely normal, human being, Shape shifting, to blend in, I am enjoying my adventure, of playing with my auric energy field.

Its a beautiful day, in the mother city, sunshine, blue skies, no wind, everyone is out jogging, cycling, squeezing, every droplet of pleasure out, of this day, because its weekend, tomorrow, it all starts again. . . . . .rat race, for the normal folks.

For me, its venturing down the rabbit hole of meditation and deep contemplation.




Rescue from Anxiety and Depression, ptsd, overthinking, disconnected spirit

The deeper, I dig into my own spiritual journey, of choosing to heal, the more, I discover new realizations of healing.

I started a distance healing session, last week, my Ancestors and Higher self prompted me to venture deeper into the soul, to where, it all began, the Inner womb child.

A space where, we are created, birthed from, upon feeling the foetus, I could connect to the energy field and Aura of the mother, the child accepts the Aura of the mother, as their first footprint of living.

If, the mother has depression, anxiety, ptsd, overthinking, unwanted pregnancy, and a disconnected Spirit from the child, this will be the childs default Aura and chakra setting.

I was in shock at this deep realization. I started reiki ing the foetus, venturing to the toddler, adolescent and adult self, growing the different stages of life, into wholeness of reiki.

The effects were a complete different Person, whole.

I then journeyed to reiki, their Ancestors, which impacts every Empath Human being, and once completed, the person was free, to just be.

I then looked outside the body feeling deeper into the energy field of the person, removing trauma, pain, energy blocks, which also healed the Aura.

After, healing the inner womb child, the adult self, connecting you to the Ancestors, remove what no longer serves, the Spirit, is whole, unique, and healed.

I am in awe of this magic of healing, reiki, the love of the universe.


If you’d like to experience, this joy of being whole, contact me for distance healing, +27846030604, you deserve to be happy. 

Addicted to Pain

Addicted to Emotion :

If you have experienced, depression, anxiety, trauma, a pattern is created, in your neuro network, you become familiar with this pain and start to “find” fault with everything, in order to grt your ‘Pain’ fix.

The pain can be :
Heart break
Unfulfilled expectations
Bad decisions
Bad consequences
Leading to self pity
Lack of self worth
Lack confidence
Lack of self love

You hold the keys to breaking the pattern. It takes 21 days to break a habit, to rewire your brain.

Reiki can assist your healing process, on every level of you.

You can choose to heal.

#heal #reiki #selflove #worth #confidence #addiction #emotion #depression #anxiety

Ass kicking, by the Universe


They say age brings wisdom and knowledge, so I turned 43 today, I am fitter, rollyer, I exercise, pray, do yoga and I am no lighter, my Higher self, knocked at my Intuition, saying, you do realize, your entire life has been traumatic until 2008, and it is sitting in your energy field still, so deep rooted inner child pain, more reiki work is needed and healing, will keep you updated, as I go deeper, into my own rabbit hole of healing.

I talk to people, all the time, I love what I do and I am passionate about the human body and spirit and mind.

I asked people, if they are happy? Happiness is important to me, more and more, as is I grow older and wiser.

I pride myself to not conforming to society, but rather consciously growing into my True Self.

I ask peoples views and opinions re: bonds and debt and most people are unhappy about debt, but they keep at it, believing that, there light at the end of their tunnel, is selling their home one day and having a profit, like thats their rainbow and pot of gold.

Willem and I, also talked about strong believe systems, and how people with them, aren’t really happy. I said, I quit having absolutes, as in strong belief systems,as each time, the Universe kicked my ass…

When I was christian and a Jesus fan, I became Jewish. (Aha)

When I thought my belief in religion was the best, I watched a hindu pray, and I had to accept the Oneness, of all. (Aha)

When I was anti gayness, arranged my  gay-friends wedding in Bethlehem, (as he was Pakistani and would be killed upon, arrival, so I suggested a wedding, instead and arranged it.)   and attended the first same sex wedding in a synagogue, in Cape Town. (Aha)

When I knew nothing about reiki and thought it was woo woo shit, became a reiki master myself. (Aha)

You see the pattern, so I just decided to be Human and Live from a space of Loving life and being who I am, to laugh, to love, to have fun, to eat the cake, to swim in the ocean and do my bit to reduce my carbon footprint, pick up litter where I see it, change toilet rolls in the mall toilet dispenser, and carry on.

Why, because Surrender is all one can do, its not like, I plan anymore, I have a purpose, I serve, thats it, everything else, well its out of my control now.

Buy the pink teabag tea infuser baby, lets enjoy the ride, called my life.

Love live be you.

Love you


Ship steering in Intuitive? #Empath

Intuition : Empath feeling used in…..

Did you know, that steering a ship, uses, feeling and Intuition ?

I just worked on a guy, who steers, them using his intuition /training /empath powers to do this.

How amazing🧞‍♀️🧚‍♂️🎉🧘‍♀️

Meeting more and more empaths, we are everywhere!

T r i b e 🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️

#empath #energy #warriors #soldiers

Your intuition radar / higher sense perception

Empath Intuition is your radar.

Radar / Higher sense perception empaths.

Today, I met a radio and radar technician from the local Navy.

We talked about how he can feel patterns, waves, energy from objects under water, in a submarine, and I shared about how I have a Higher sense perception in the human body.

It was amazing to connect and find a like minded empath, who uses his skills to save lives, on a different level.

How magnificent!

We are everywhere, us, Empaths.



Mary Crumpton Polygamous story. = Lgbt = Bisexual

MOST mornings Mary Crumpton wakes up in the same house – but not always with the same man.

Mary lives with her husband, Tim, 43, and her 53-year-old ‘second husband’, John Hulls.


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Mary Crumpton with husband Tim, centre, and her second ‘husband’ John

But it doesn’t stop there.

Her two boyfriends — Michael, 63, and 73-year-old James — live just down the road.

Mary proudly declares: “I’m in love with them all.”

Her polyamory — the practice of having several relationships at once — has led to her being dubbed Mrs Crumpet.


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Mary at her non-legal wedding to John earlier this year

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Mary and husband Tim, 43, on their wedding day in 2013 at Manchester Museum under the Tyrannosaurus Rex

But the 44-year-old life coach says she is the happiest she has ever been.

Every day of the week she has her pick of her four very different fellas.

Now, Mary is calling for a change in the law to allow people to be be legally married to more than one person at any one time.

She told the Manchester Evening News: “There are plenty of people in my situation who have more than one partner they would like to commit to for life, be it same sex or different sex.

“We’ve got a lot of Muslims in our country now and I don’t quite know how it works if they bring their wives here, maybe they have to pick one to be their legal wife and I don’t think that’s fair.

“And if I want to have two husbands, then I’d like that to be respected in law as well and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be.”

Mary previously told Fabulous about her varied sex life.

She said: “Some of them are more sexual than others, let’s put it that way.”

There are plenty of people in my situation who have more than one partner they would like to commit to for life, be it same sex or different sex.

Mary Crumpton, 44

“They get on great. There isn’t an alpha male in the group. That’s very important to me because I don’t want any stress.

“There’s never been any jealousy because I make sure they all know how important they are to me.”

Mary met Tim, an aeroplane engineer, in 2004 and they married in 2013.

Two years before they wed she also began dating civil servant John, who later moved into their home in Manchester.

They ‘married’ in a non-legal ceremony earlier in Chorlton Unitarian Church earlier this year – with Tim walking her down the aisle.

Mary explained both John and Tim vowed to “honour and respect” Mary’s commitment to the other men.

But Mary would like her second ‘marriage’ to be formally recognised.


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Mary down the pub with one of her two boyfriends Michael, 63

“Tim was totally fine with it,” says Mary. “I told him I met a guy I liked and he said, ‘Great — I’d like to meet him’.”

Mary had realised that polyamory was for her when, aged 29, she was inspired by a woman she met in a pub.

She says: “I’d been in relationships where I’d had feelings for other people but never acted on it.

“Society teaches you to have only one man.

“But when I met someone who was polyamorous it opened my mind.”

In 2015 Mary began dating Michael and a year later also struck up a relationship with elderly James.

The former teacher tries to split her time equally between her four fellas.

She explains: “I live with Tim and John. We’ve each got our own bedrooms.

“Some nights I’ll sleep with my husband, some nights I’ll sleep with John and other nights I might go to James’ house or Michael’s flat and sleep with them.”

If I want to have two husbands, then I’d like that to be respected in law as well, and I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be

Mary Crumpton44

“I like to make sure I have a date night with each of them once a week.”

Thanks to their different interests, Mary finds herself doing a wide array of activities.

Michael is a keen darts player, James is an Arsenal fan, Tim loves the theatre and John is always up for a laugh.

She says: “Tim is the quiet, intelligent type. John is loving and considerate — he would do anything for anybody.

“Michael is happy-go-lucky. He’s a joker and always makes me laugh.

“And James is witty, confident and very self-assured. I spend the least time with him.

“He’s 73 so doesn’t want a big, intense thing. I see him every week but I only stay over about once a month.

“There’s no pressure on one person to satisfy all your needs. None of them have to be all things to me and I don’t have to be to them.

“I’ve been with Tim the longest so you could say I know him the best. But I can’t say I love one more than the other.

“I don’t compare them just as a parent wouldn’t compare their kids. I don’t have a favourite child, so to speak.

“I’m someone who likes variety in life.”


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The 43-year-old life coach gets to have her pick of one of her four men each day of the week

Mary’s family have been accepting of her lifestyle.

She says: “My sister’s children refer to us as auntie Mary, uncle Tim and uncle John.

Ex-husband Darren Capel, who she was married to for seven years, is also supportive and has even taken up the polyamorous lifestyle himself since they split in 2001.

Darren, 46, said: “Her new husband Tim came round mine at the weekend. We all get on.”

“Our marriage wasn’t so good at the end for various reasons. But we weren’t poly at the time so it was nothing to do with that.

“I’ve remained great friends with Mary and I think we are now happier living the poly lifestyle.”

But even though she has had a positive reaction from Darren and her family, others have criticised her lifestyle.

So Mary has decided to speak out about her polyamory to help others who are in a similar position.


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Mary’s ex-husband, Darren Capel ,is supportive of her and has even leads a polyamorous life himself

She admits: “Some people say ‘good on you’ but some people call me a slag.

“I’m like, whatever. It used to upset me but it doesn’t anymore. It’s their problem.

“We live in a society that teaches us to be monogamous and commit for life. But most people, if they’re honest, will know what it’s like to love two people at once.

“A lot of people hide their polyamorous relationships because they’re scared of being judged.

“But that’s why I’ve decided to tell my story

“I know I’m going to get load of s*** and I can deal with that but I want to make it easier for other people to come out.

“In my case, most people can see we’re all happy and that no one’s getting hurt.”

Like normal couples, there are niggles in her relationships sometimes.

But if she is annoyed at one of her fellas she will never take it out on another.

Mary, Tim and John don’t even argue over household chores.


<img class=”i-amphtml-intrinsic-sizer” alt=”” role=”presentation” aria-hidden=”true” src=”data:image/svg+xml;charset=utf-8,” style=”width: 320px; max-width: 100%; display: block !important;”>

Mary says she hopes her story will make it easier for others to come out about their lifestyles

“It’s a bit like being a student living in a shared house,” she says. “We take turns washing up, all do the cooking and the money we earn goes in one pot and is shared between us.

“We’ll watch TV together, eat together or just hang out.”

Michael even joined the three for Christmas Day. John cooked, Mary washed up and they all went to the pub.

Mary, who is originally from south London, even fancies the idea of Michael and James moving in too but admits: “I don’t have room to accommodate them at the moment.”

As for what the future holds, Mary says she has “no desire” to raise a family — although she adds: “I see no problem with bringing children into a polyamorous set-up.”


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Mary is calling for a change in the law

But she hopes her men — none of whom have other partners — might find extra lovers as well.

Mary says: “I’d like to see them have a bit more fun. I encourage them to get people’s numbers.”

And Mary, who is standing as a candidate for the Green Party at the local elections, wouldn’t say no to adding another partner herself.

Mary says: “I’m quite happy with what I’ve got. But don’t get me wrong — if Prince Charming walks in I’ll consider it.

“Love isn’t limited but my time is.”

So how many would be too many for Mary?


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“I’m not sure,” she says. “I’ve always had a busy life. But I heard of a woman who had nine male partners and they all lived with her.
“I thought, ‘How does she manage that?’

“But whatever works for you, I suppose.”

4 handed Massage, reiki, crystal session


ntense Hands on healing : 4 handed Droolicious massage :

4 handed Hawaiian Lomi lomi / Kahuna / Reiki / crystals session

Filled to capacity with Love, completely relaxed, painfree,
Energy healing magic.

4 Hands are better than 2.

2 people healing, listening to your Inner voice and Needs to Heal.

#reiki #massage #healing #energy #medicine #hands #aura #cleanse #chakra #love #self

Burdensome childhood as a Empath

Empath child burden = Linked to weight gain = Absorbing others Pain

As a child empath, this is what the world felt like, to me.

I was the dumping ground for secrets, pain, unhappiness, healthcare, childcare, affair secrets, the giver, the helper, I was accepted for what I could do, not as a person.

I felt, like being me, was a burden to others, as if, I was not worthy of, being me.

As I unravel the filters, of my own, the reiki healing flows in, and everything changes.

I connect with my Divine source, speak my Truth, releasing what no longer serves.

I chose to heal.


Men – Need healing – He may not have a vagina, but he is not my enemy.

penis shame. body shame. sexual rape. abuse. emotionally subdued. divorced. drugs. alcohol. women. hold in your man-hormones. sterilisation. losing a child. letting go. broken soul. truth. tears. healing. shaman. healer. sweat. work. seek. ache. long. need love. intimacy. balance. connection.

Hey guys, I am sorry, I have neglected to say, I work on guys, men, children, whole families, and grannies also. I had my head, too far up, my own ass, admiring, my female self, a little bit. I am sorry.

I feel, men, have such a raw deal in life, they are forced, to live a life, in their MALE SIDE, which inevitably, leaves them, being Assholes, and out of sync with their FEMALE SIDE, the side, that needs love, connection, spirit and tribe.

(blasting Lenny Kravitz to the neighbours, as I type)

So, here are some things to remember, when dealing with your man.

He may not have a vagina, but he’s not an ENEMY! so, no man bashing.

Men, are just as sensitive, as woman, even more so, when they are in tune, with their Higher self and Spirit.

They are just as conditioned as we are as woman, they are taught by WOMAN, to be assholes, to treat woman, as a lesser, gender, and basically, we WOMAN NEED TO CHANGE THIS.

Relationships, are partnerships, work as a team. Discuss, things as a team, there is NO I AM THE MAN, bullshit.

A man is not allowed to HARM, YOU IN ANY WAY!  EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, a man, is actually, your greatest gift, he’s the one, that’s got your back, your greatest SUPPORT, helper, giver of Love.

If you are Not this kind of guy, you need to do some healing!

Lets begin, . . . .

Ask yourself, what kind of childhood, adolescent, adult life, have you had?

Did you use drugs, alcohol, women? Well then, your aura, is as dirty, as the laundry, on laundry day.

Change, is a decision away!

  1. Clean up your diet, stick to vegetables and fruit, water, clean organic chicken/meat.
  2. No alcohol, or caffeine, for a while.
  3. Read a book, no tv.
  4. Put your phone off, no porn, for a while.
  5. Start a journal, write about your day, feel.
  6. Clear out your wallet, clean up your living space.
  7. Detox  – from “bad” vibe friends.
  8. Smudge – buy sage and blow smoke throughout your house.
  9. Meditate – Not Masturbate : Using deep breathes, to relax, your body and move the energy, through, your Chakras and Aura.
  10. Start, with Beginner Yoga, you tube, or Che Dyer or Anna Marsh, ask for Help.
  11. Go for a Healing Treatment / Massage  – (NO HAPPY ENDINGS)
  12. Being clean, sober, healthy, enhances your Spirit, you will shine, and be sexy,  AF!
  13. Water, drink it daily.
  14. Take the time, to exfoliate your skin.
  15. Buy that chinos, that makes a coin, bounce on you’re ass.
  16. Smell good, perfume, baby, can say 1000 words.
  17. Meet new people, date, but be old school, kiss and leave.
  18. Good Condoms are important, but when, you are clean, you want CONNECTION/ Intimacy and not casual sex.
  19. Move your body, learn to dance, learn.
  20. Cultivate a spirit of Joy, love for yourself, learn to know who you are.
  21. SAY NO! , YOU ARE NOT GOD, or Wonder-woman.
  22. SING in the shower, love your body.
  23. Wear a LUNGEE, this is a INDIAN SKIRT, which feels feminine, free willy!
  24. I often ask, my man, what does, having a penis feel like, and the laughter, that follows. . . . .
  25. UNPLUG yourself, from society.
  26. LIVE YOU.

men, you are not the problem!

unplug from a society, that boxes, YOU IN. 


If you are feeling brave, and would love to do a 8 day healing journey with me, or even 2 days,  –

Whats app  +27846030604, it is life changing.



Introducing Holly light, healer, life coach, magic woman.

Introducing, Holly Light!  based in the UK !

There’s a whisper in your soul…I hear it too.

Your heart is calling to you but you’re not sure if you’re ready to listen yet

Just trust, dear one, you are!

The time has come to step forward and shed all that has been holding you back so you can claim the freedom, love and peace that is rightfully yours.

  And I’m here to help you do it darling, one loving step at a time…



Coach, Energy Healer, Shifter, Uplifter

Find out more about me and how I can help you


Take Action

Ready to take the next step?

Book your free 30 minute coaching session and let’s see if we vibe



The secrets that lies, in the dark, waiting to break, the silence. (adult content)


She lies in the darkness, was it real, was it just a dream. Her bruised body, his scent, the warm wetness between her thighs, the shadow of his weight, still clings to her small broken body, shock, horror, anxiety, truth or dream, a nightmare, what just happened? who do I tell? who can I trust? No one, there doesn’t seem to be anyone, ready to hear or care, about the rape, that took place in the darkness. But as a little girl, who teaches us about rape? who warns us? about the destructive things, people do to little girls, with shiny eyes, sparkly teeth, a smile, a play, being filled with life.  She prays everyday, was it my fault? did I do something wrong? how can I avoid it, and before she knows what’s happening, it happens, more frequently, she asks her friends about these things, but they are just little girls, unaware of what is happening in her life. 

Years go by, it happens with different people, having no vocabulary or voice of her own, to name these predators, who stalk, her body, prey on her life force,  the incidents happen, until she is 8 years old.

A turning point in her life, she realized that, this is not normal, and threatens to tell her Grandmother, about her SON, who has raped her for years, stealing her childhood and inner light, the predator threatens to kill her, but she stands firm, and does not falter.

You are your greatest healer, you have the power to change your life, victim or victor! 

Here in, this moment, you decide, the best revenge in life, is a life well lived. A life of wholeness, and there is life after rape, after abuse, after emotional abuse, any kind of hurt, because, we choose to live. I am not saying that the memories, will disappear, once you have experienced this violet act, but it does fade, the filter lifts, and day by day, you begin to feel whole, feel you again.

Our deepest pain, grows into our deepest lesson, of learning, growing, healing, giving us the courage, to reach and ask for help, to allow the healing of Reiki in, because we deserve to heal, we deserve to feel good, we deserve to feel, love, joy, peace, safe.

This week, I was shown the harm that was carried from generation, to generation, which is the harm, that has been done to women, abuse, rape, sexual assault, as I start to heal, this harm, in my ancestry, so I trust, these lessons will not be carried on, to the next generation, because, it all makes sense now.

We are healers, we are empaths, we are here, to change the path, to honour, our needs as women, to be wild spiritual beings of Light, going into the darkness, because we know, the light, will bring love, wholeness, a deeper connection, within.


If you have experienced, rape, sexual abuse, trauma, do contact me : +27846030604, lets start the healing journey, you do not need to suffer, anymore. 





Reiki and Miscarriages

It is a journey to healing and wholeness, we never understand, why things happen, but, we need to just “be” in order to heal, allow the body / reiki to go within.

Reiki removes the trauma.
Reiki heals within.
Reiki heals the energy field.
Reiki discreates this trauma in the body, mind, spirit, so you can heal.

#healing #miscarriage #reiki #massage #wholeness #being #energy #trauma

Healing with Reiki and Massage

Reviews : Massage and Reiki

Review: Yesterday, I did my third session with Colleen Van Heerden. I was presently surprised by my own comfort in her presence. I was instantly relaxed and she could work much deeper. What I find even more remarkable, is that after each session, it is not only my body feeling “refreshed”, but also my mind. After every session so far, I feel happier, relaxed, and almost more content. It is difficult to explain. Who else have been to her? If not, GO! You will not regret it.

#reiki #massage #healing #body #mind #spirit

S shaped spine

S shaped Spine = Healing

A month ago, I treated a lady in her 50*s. She has had lots of injuries and scar tissues from falling down stairs, broken ankles,.etc, etc.

Using a combination of Reiki = Removing muscle memory, Kahuna massage, Ayurvedic massage, to boost and repair the body, her body has started healing itself, correcting and aligning her spine, hips and shoulders.

Today, her session was soft, gentle and fuzzy, to make her body, sing and be painfree.

#reiki #massage #healing #connect #cell #tissue #spine #pain #surrender #therapist #voice #within

Auto immune disease : Skin disorder


My client was diagnosed with a Skin disease, she experienced brown skin blotching, on her back.

After 3 sessions of massage, reiki, counselling, she returned to her doctor, querying this diagnosis, only to be informed, its a misdiagnoses.

When the body is ready to heal, the healing goes in, restores, the cells, the tissue, the entire body with reiki and massage.

Magic of reiki.


Love story, gone bad, in the UK


Her story started like any other.

Meet a guy.
Kiss a guy.
Fall in love.
Have a baby.

A year ago, she realized, that this is not her soul mate, it took courage, bravery, bucket loads of tears, to admit, they flowed no more, in love.

She decided to heal.
She decided to divorce.
She decided to find her true self again, living, loving, being filled with Happiness and Joy.

365 days later, after journeying with Reiki and Me, she is this Beautiful Spirit, filled with Love, Hope, inlove with Life,
because she chose to heal.

#reiki #healing #divorce #break #patterns #journey #truth #learn #grow

Wild Women Sexuality : LGBT – Love is Love or is it just fluid . . . .

So, for the last 10 months, I have been digging deep into my own sexuality. I was raised heterosexual, but after dating 54 guys, as in Kiss and throw away scenario, I wanted a long last love, a love that, was amazing. In my young naïve self, I made a list, I chose characteristics with prayer and intention, Willem appeared a week later, and the rest, as they say, was history, or was it. . . I still felt unfulfilled, so I explored.  

I needed answers. Books, the internet, nothing answered the desires and feelings, I experienced, so I went on a journey of the SCHOOL OF hard knocks.


My first gay experience with a woman, was 12 years ago, it ended eventually, after a lot of pain for all parties involved, resulting in growth. My second gay experience, another hard journey, filled with pain and eventually acceptance and growth. So, I was open to a 3rd experience, which turned out, that I, and every woman, in a sense, is looking for someone to take care of them, I am very sensitive to vibes and energies, and I can tell when I am being drained, so needless to say, this is my conclusion :

I don’t need you to judge me. I don’t need you to reject me. I don’t need you to condemn me, I can assure you, I have had loads of that from my family, my parents, my culture, which I am still healing from.

Everyone, can be hetero, bi, gay, pan sexual – whatever resonates with your body and soul, is your choice.

WHATEVER MAKES YOUR spirit and Soul Sing and makes you feel ALIVE, and be you’re AUTHENTIC SELF, do that.

Since the filters of my conditioning, have fallen off, two women, very close to me , have admitted to being SAPPHIC women at their core, which I love, as I love them as people, anyway.

LOVE CANNOT BE WRONG!  from either a man or a woman, if it fills your heart, and you feel loved, go for it.

I LOVE LOVE!  THATS MY CONCLUSION! I am a shaman, made of 2 spirits. 

I see so many woman, trying to DE-MALE their male partners, maybe, time to consider, another way, maybe you are bi or gay or whatever. 

It doesn’t matter, what matters, most, is that you be YOUR TRUE SELF, YOUR AUTHENTIC YOU.

My authentic self, is a gentle spirit, I give love freely, I am there for my love, I am loyal, I am, who I am.

Make no mistake, I am a feisty, kickass warrior, and I am not a force to be fucked with.

So, ladies, back to being wild women, within.

My partner Willem has taught me, to love my body, really love my body. I am not anti-men, at all, Willem has been the most instrumental person, in growing me, he wipes my tears, he is there, as I am for him. After, 20 years of growing, learning, becoming, who we are today, it is amazing, to still teach other, be present. I did a cleanse on Monday, which made me super sick, he was there, and just nurtured me. (I am doing a energy disconnection process, day 2! will share with you later.)

He actually confronted me about always writing from my male side, why don’t you share your female side, truth be told, I am scared, I have faced so much this year, that, sometimes, I just want to hide, in my cave, and not shine, because, it comes with responsibility, and my she self, is sweet, kind, vulnerable, she is always the little girl within. (tears flowing, as I write this)

I will share, I started to Connect with myself as a Woman, and my Vagina.

(if at this stage, you want to leave and unfollow me, please do!) 

First off, I meditate, on filling the LITTLE GIRL within with LOVE, I THINK OF MY TEENAGER self, and fill her with love, and ADULT SELF, as I fill her with love, I feel whole, complete.

I use yoga, to breathe deeply, as Acceptance and Love, flows in.

I Reiki the little girl in me, where she was laying in hospital, for 3 months, feeling alone and abandoned, I Reiki her where she was scolded for  “making a mess” in her pajama’s, when it was a man’s ejaculate, I comfort her and bring healing to her, daily.

I changed my wardrobe, and filled it with colour, with comfort sport bra’s and a pair cowboy boots and pantyhose.

I had my first tattoo. Affirming, love for me, UHANE, meaning SPIRIT – connecting to my tribe, and slowly slowly, they appear, I am finding more Aquarians, that are amazing, human beings, changing lives.

I write in my journal, everyday, my feelings, my lows, my highs, my life.

I started honouring my needs as a sexual woman, we need intimate love making, that rocks our world. Our wombs are a portals of intuition and pleasure, explore your needs.

As a woman, we want adventure, we want to explore, we want to meet new people, and I do!

Women are changing this world, I see it!


ALL VAGINAS are different, and that’s ok. As women, we are very unique, because, we all have different needs, but we CANNOT LIVE, disconnected from our sexual energy, or our spirituality.

Connecting with your VAGINA – place your right hand on your vagina, say, I accept you. Please your left hand on your womb, breathe, say, I embrace you. I embrace being a woman, being different, releasing life, bleeding, I am connected, I am.   Part of honouring you, is also honouring your CYCLE. When I first started menstruating, I was told, its a burden, a chore, don’t get pregnant.  That is no way to embrace yourself lovingly. 

I keep track of my cycle, I count, the days, to my cycle, 21 days, 14 days to PMS, and I ensure that I eat well. Broccoli, fish, fruit, water, rest, if I honour myself, my periods, is a breeze and  . . . .

when I enjoy my body, with lots of love making, MY PERIODS is a breeze, I have got it down, to just 2 heavy days and several light days, I don’t suffer the 7 day period hating thing. I use a moon cup, which is amazing, yet messy, but it works well.

Yes, I know, I am baring my soul today, but isn’t that what connecting with HONESTY AND AUTHENTICITY is about? Being TRUE TO WHO I AM. 

Sharing my journey with you, as my tribe, as we have journeyed together, with smiles, with tears, because like you, I long for connection, not the social media connection, but the ONE WITH YOUR HEART and Intuition, because, we are all connected, with love.

If we all come ready, to share our truth, there will be less judgment, more love.

That is what this space is all about, Be yourself, Be . . . you.







Healing Mother to child connection

REIKI distance Healing : mother to child connection

After being connected to 3 new mothers, during my Teaching of reiki, I understand, how lack of balance, sleep, fatigue, anxiety, depression, can play a role.

I designed a simple process of sending Reiki healing to Mom and Baby, bringing Union, of the 2 spirits.

Reiki will heal you on :
Intellectual level

If you are interested, in journeying with your child, into healing, do contact me.

Whats app +27846030604

5 weeks of Topups : 1 month of Support :

Reiki : intensive 2 days a week
Receive reiki daily.
During the process

Bringing forth connection, to tribe.

No time wasters, please.


Story of 3! (reiki attunements : #53,#54,#55) – mothering tips


Dear Readers and Followers,

I am apologise, for the neglect, I was not myself, for the last 3 weeks. I have been channelling, my 3 students, which has been both, a learning curve and a growth SPURT.

On the 1st of January 2019, I gave a Reiki attunement to Tanya, and once I had started the process, Tracy Lee Pautz, connected to me Telepathically, and BAM! SHE RECEIVED a Reiki  Attunement, as a Level 1 practitioner, this is NO ACCIDENT. Weeks before, we discussed her potential, as a healer, as she is a professional chef, at a very reputable company, and loves creating, amazing food there, and at our space, when she is free. We met on the 3 April 2018, and we have been connected, ever since, we click. So, I had planned for 1 Attunement, and received a hand delivery of KARMA, for 3.  

So, knowing that it does not last forever, and the greatest reward, is their growth, into their TRUE SPIRIT, I just surrendered.

I experienced fatigued, anxiety, sleepless nights, moments of depression, growliness, grumpiness and the like, which I knew was coming, I just accepted it, reiki d myself and took naps, when needed.

So, being A YOUNG mom, (both my reiki students)  is hectic, you need to ask for help often, you need to do self care, reiki, massages, fun, filling your life with living, or you are bound to get MOM BURN OUT or depression, or anxiety, post natal depression, it is INTENSE to be a new mom, and you have no tribe, to support you. New Moms – You have loads of LOVE, from me, to you. I also explored, reiki ing Mom and baby together, which ensured a GOOD NIGHTS rest!                 yay! for me.

The last 2 nights, I had the most amazing sleep and dreams, bliss filled, restful sleep.

I definitely, understand the new mom madness, and I definitely, realize the importance of staying balanced, as a mom, as your Aura and Energy, affects your baby, your partner, your life. 

I thought about some tips, to keep sanity within reach:

  1. Ask for Help. Hire a baby sitter.
  2. Make use of cousins, sisters, nieces as babysitters.
  3. Go on a date night.
  4. When your partner, reaches home after work, a bath, a glass of wine is in order.
  5. Cook wholesome meals, to feed your soul.
  6. If you are a fulltime working mom,  take a nap, under your desk, for an hour.
  7. Yoga and Meditation, is needed with sleep music.
  8. Self care : reiki/massage/ counselling – is needed, to feel you again.
  9. Dress with colour and flair, no tracksuit pants.
  10. Take every opportunity, to live who you are, with love.


If you want to learn more, Whats app me +27846030604, we all need a little magic.





Energy as Medicine


Energy as Medicine.

Reiki is in our Dna, we seek to heal within.

Teaching Reiki, is one of my passions, it is a Honour to share and Impact on my students, and watch them, and blossom.


Reiki is Energy healing, life-changing.

Bookings : +27846030604

In person 🙌
Remotely, anywhere in the 🌍


Mother to Child : You connect

I feel, I embody, I am. Little beings of light are born into this world, filled with unconditional love, hope, joy and seeking connection. This connection to Mother, is an all embracing connection, it completes the soul, it grows the spirit, and enables a wholesome relationship with Mother to Child, we create a human being that is unique, special, complete, alas, we do not live in a perfect world.

Huge pressures are placed on moms, motherhood seen as the WOMAN’s JOB and duty, but it is changing, more and more I see Men walking around, carrying baby, feeding baby, taking the time to connect with their little kids, it is growing, we are sharing parenthood, gender equality parenting, I love that. Did you know that it is vitally important that a child creates a bond with the mother from 0 to 4years, this is where all the learning begins, the mother, shares her child with the world and the community, so others can influence her child, under her protection, so that the child is exposed to the world, in increments, love is shared, from grandparents, to parents, to siblings to child, we learn love, we learn sharing, we learn to belong to our tribe, we learn connection.

We seek connection, it is what drives us, we want to be connected to our partner, in love, intimacy, in emotions, in physical passion, how we long for these needs to be fulfilled, by someone, it is the highest form of Divine connection, yet so many run and hide from themselves and their partner.

We hold the keys, to changing this world, by changing how we do things as women. When we embrace our female self, our spiritual self, reigning in our MASCULINE side, reigning in the “ I MUST, I SHOULD, I HAVE to” , when we NO LONGER CONFORM, to the book, that says, we are lesser HUMAN BEINGS, than men, we no longer, feel the need to COMPETE, we take out the fabrics of our spirit, to create, we hang colour, in our home, we decorate, we make our home, our sanctuary and take back our POWER of Being Women, leaders of life.

It is no small task, to become empowered, you need to keep BREAKING, the mold of the OLD CONDITIONING, you need to keep fighting, the fight within, to be who YOU ARE IN SPIRIT, a DIVINE GODDESS, connected to Mother Earth, the embodiment of creating NEW LIFE.

So few, accept this magic, they are still in the depths of suppression, depression, anxiety, disliking their body, subscribing to being inadequate, when just around the CORNER, their spirit awaits.


What if, you stopped, believing, what the good book says?

What if, you start following your heart?

What if, you start practising, what your intuition says?

What if, you start living YOUR SPIRIT?

What if, your partner, was your greatest Gift, and not your enemy?

What if, you honoured, your body, and had more sex, in your 30’s, instead of analysing your needs to death?

What if.  .  >


Yesterday, is gone.

Future is Unknown.

You only have, NOW.


So, book that massage appointment.

Set up, your altar, to the DIVINE.

Book your Reiki session.

Book your counselling, do start.

Stop waiting for the Right moment, because, it may never, come.











Dear Zombie Mamma’s – you are a wild woman

Dear Zombie Mamma’s, I feel your pain! I haven’t slept properly, in 3 weeks, and I can say, I don’t like it. Yesterday, I growled at my partner, like a venomous snake, ready, to attack, he barked at me, and said, who are you? I realized then, that I was fatigued, tired, grumpy, having the full moon kick my ass once again. Tired, stirred, shaken, I just surrendered, I took a moment to myself, reiki ‘d me, booked a reflexology session, (and a massage), had some good food, water, a movie and I was back to my normal self again. Self care, the most pivotal tool, you can use, so I thought, I would share my tips with you, so you can be SANE again. Every morning, I do yoga, for my own sanity. I wake up early, to journal and connect with me, I practise grounding to the Earth and spirit sky, I pray, I reiki me, I exercise, this is my grounding routine, I make a daily effort, of napping for 20minutes everyday, switching off my phone and just laying on my bed, with Himalayan salts under the mattress, to recharge, this is my time, to do meditation and connecting within.

Babies not sleeping, not cool anymore? Here is your explaination: You are an empath, whatever you feel, the baby feels, when you are running around like a hamster, chores, work, home, food, dishes, etc. All your baby wants is MOMMY TIME, connection and love, he/she will do whatever, it takes, to have that need fulfilled = staying up at night, sickness, teething, empath babies, are smart, but you are smarter. So start a sleep routine, feed them well, bath time with some salt and lavender oil, you can drink chamomile tea, to calm down, massage them with some baby oil and a drop of lavender essential oil, you can place rosequartz/hematite, in their cot or your bed, wherever they sleep, next play soothing, sleep music. Connect, be present, and assure them, “you are loved” I am here. – PLAN A. If however, plan a does not work, PLAN B : BOOK A reiki session with me : To reiki you and baby, so you can sleep.

FATIGUED, is a weird thing. I found myself, getting lost in a mall, forgetting simple things, like really odd, SO I KNOW, what it feels like. . . .

Dear moms, you are a person, you have needs, just because, you popped out a kid, does not mean, you have to have a pleasure-less, life, as in NO SEX, NO HAPPINESS, NO FUN. You are the BOSS! As a Woman, you make the Rules, the man, is not the head of you’re HOME, you are. You play the guitar strings, of your life, not your man. You are not man, you cannot live your MASCULINE side, into overdrive, you are female, you have a connection to the Earth, the Sky, the Moon, you are Spiritual, you seek intimacy, you seek pleasure, you seek a deep love. But you persist, to live as a MASCULINE person, avoiding, your female side, this is NOT healthy. We are sexual and sensual beings, we want brain rocking Orgasms, leaving us gasping for breathe, we want intimacy with telepathy, we want feeling, we want to be held, we want to cry, we want to talk, without, being interrupted, because we are WILD WOMAN. For these things to flow, you need to SURRENDER, to who you are, stop fighting it, embracing your periods, your vagina, your body, your spirit.

If you want romance? Put your partner, in a bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine, prepare dinner, nurture and support your partner. Place a love note in his lunch box/ pack his or her lunch, that’s what partners do? no? send them love text? you can text.

If you want intimacy? You got to know yourself, know your emotions, know and speak with your words, share your truth, with tears, kisses and hugs.

If you want more LOVE? Kiss your partner, a mouth watering, pelvic erecting kiss, that makes your knees buckle, that leaves you breathless, like you want to tie them to the bed and ravish them.

If you want tenderness? Touch/Massage is the most amazing gift, no words is needed, just a sharing of oil or lotion, onto the body and we all melt, read, learn, you can ask me for tips, I teach, couples massage. (just come for a massage) 

You cannot live your relationship, in a masculine space, it won’t work, we are the bringers of light, we shine, love upon on it, but first, we must give ourselves love, a empty cup, cannot give.

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Sniff of happiness

As a massage therapist, I’m hooked on making bodies Happy, it is Super rewarding.

My teacher used to say, the same hand, gives and receives.



It is well known that feelings of happiness transfer between individuals through mimicry induced by vision and hearing. The evidence is inconclusive, however, as to whether happiness can be communicated through the sense of smell via chemosignals. As chemosignals are a known medium for transferring negative emotions from a sender to a receiver, we examined whether chemosignals are also involved in the transmission of positive emotions. Positive emotions are important for overall well-being and yet relatively neglected in research on chemosignaling, arguably because of the stronger survival benefits linked with negative emotions. We observed that exposure to body odor collected from senders of chemosignals in a happy state induced a facial expression and perceptual-processing style indicative of happiness in the receivers of those signals. Our findings suggest that not only negative affect but also a positive state (happiness) can be transferred by means of odors.

MAKING HAPPY bodies, with Massage and Reiki, is hereby Proven.


30 days of healing magic


After, a hard days work,

You need a sprinkling of magic :

🎩🍭🍿🎈🎁🎀🎊🎉some evening magic sent.⚗🧹🧺

All my clients, who on a 1 month program, receive 30 days of magic.

Just IMAGINE! 🤹‍♀️🧚‍♂️ How life-changing.

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Reiki magic

Magic of Healing : Reiki

Story sharing :
I’ve walked the path of counselling for years.
I’ve done inner child healing with Shamans.
I”ve taken anti-depressants.
3 weeks ago, I was down, in a dark place.

4 weeks later, Reiki has changed everything.

SHINE your Light.

Find your path to Healing.


Healing Rape

Healing Rape with Reiki, Massage, Counselling

Over the last 8 months, I have met 3 rape victims.

1 was Kidnapped, raped, for refusing to date him.
2 was raped and fell pregnant, raised her daughter, never healed. Could never have a normal sexual relationship.
3 was raped at age 7, and was struggling to live a normal life.

Rape can be healed with a combination of :
Reiki Hands on Healing

Find a Reiki Master who can help ypu heal :
Broken energy field of the Chakra
Remove the Memory from conscious body.
Reboot Spirit
Massage to release distress.
Counselling with child psychology to heal the mind.