Empath : Self care and Your needs


As a Empath, we feel alot, part of our journey is learning to Honour, Love and Respect our Body, Mind and Spirit and to recognise what we feel. 

It is easy to feel what our Partner needs, what the home needs, what the Kids need, we jump to fulfill and fix that need, because we are aware of what it feels like, to not have our needs fulfilled, because, we neglect ourselves.

Being an empath, means we absorb alot of Negative energy from others, however, with the use of a Selfcare Routine of Yoga, Eating healthy, Exercise, Daily Reiki and throw in a Massage, and we are completely able to Heal fast and continue our Journey of Serving.

BUT!!!!!!! Empaths are stubborn, we do not want to voice our needs, we do not want to ask for what we need, we do not want to appear weak or inadequate, which is a childhood issue, relating to our Mothers. The fact that she was absent in providing what we needed, on whatever level.

We can choose to live like this or STEP INTO OUR SPACE OF SELF CARE and LOVE.

Self care which is not only resting when tired, but Nurturing you, taking breaks from your cell phone, having a LUXURIOUS BATH every night, having your partner prepare lunch for you everyday(which is what I have), someone to support you in the Hard days, not because you weak, but because You are HUMAN.

Your needs matter. Your Needs matter.

The need for an intellectual conversation.

The need for awesome laughter.

The need for dancing in the kitchen.

The need for FUN.

The need for sharing community with all, the Ubuntu Spirit.

The need for friendship.

The need to have the courage to ASK, for Help.

The need to Surrender to the tiredness and just say NO.

The need to STOP the over giving to others, and to fill the tank of you.

The need for new underwear and socks.

The need to go SLOW.

The need to be Aware of Your Inner voice, to listen and Act on it.

The need of SELF appreciation, Knowing You are magical.

The need for self recognition, I journeyed to here.

The need to Know, you are Not wrong, you are Unique.

You are here, to Change this world.

Living with a OPEN heart, this is our path.





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