Life as a wave – Past, Present, Future

Life as a wave. I know, life has changed so much since the 2nd September 2018, we are still operating on the Midlands time zone, we wake up between 4am and 5am, there is no one around, no sound of dogs barking or traffic or sirens or anything, complete silence. By 6.30am the buzz of the traffic starts, the sirens are going, the helicopters flying, and people noise begin, showering, opening gates, locking gates, dogs are screamed at, “go inside” and this the normal life, for a 5th sensory person.

For us, we wake up slowly, do yoga, have tea, connect to the Earth, grounding exercises, reiki, writing, connecting within, a 6th sensory life, our routine, life in the Shire, chilled, connected, cared for.

I have no complaints, I have no worries, I am completely chilled, I am feel completely supported by the Universe, and I can see my path unfolding, each day, I am guided by my Ancestors, intuition, and gut feelings, to market, to share, to connect with others, but I must be in the moment.

I cannot plan ahead, I cannot be in the past, I cannot be in the future, I can only create in this moment, Now, so I am learning to enjoy the moments of living more.

Today, I chanted at the ocean, I danced with the waves, I flowed with mana, the high waves, the low waves, I connected with an energy source that is Ancient, Spirit ocean. I am always reminded of the prayer, my teacher taught me, AMAMA UWA NOA LELE WALE AKU LA  – it is done, you have already received the healing, I believe this for every person, that works with me, or lies on my massage bed.

There is a preparation of the ancient altar, my massage bed, as you lie down, all is revealed, while the healing hands does its magic, goes deep, fills the spaces of hurt with love as you step off the table, a new person, a layer removed, an old hurt healed, this is my prayer for every person, I treat / connect with. 

There is a choice we make everyday, to be the victim, or the victor. To become more that what we imagined, or to dim our light, with each thought, we grow stronger, with each choice, we empower ourselves and other women, men and children.  The responsibilities of woman, run far and wide, we are warriors, we are healers, we are bringers of light, so, will you keep shinning yours?






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